Tear In My Heart

Tyler likes Josh. Tyler has Valerie, is that not enough? Tyler could never tell his secret. What will he say/think/do? Will he share mutual feelings? Or will he leave Tyler stressed out, with a tear in his heart, and a heavy dirty soul?


2. C2: Holding On To You



You are surrounding, all my surroundings

Sounding down the mountain range of my left-side brain

You are surrounding, all my surroundings

Twisting the kaleidoscope, behind both of my eyes

And I'll be holding on to you.

And I'll be holding on to you.

(Tyler's POV)

I'm at the drive through at McDonald's. I'm getting myself breakfast and coffee since I didn't have time to make myself anything at home. I got myself a sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle with a hot coffee. As I was eating it while driving, I got off the highway onto the empty road on a cliff that leads toward the studio.

The studio is now in sight. Suddenly, a deer jumps out onto the road out of the trees. I hit a pothole, losing control of the car. 

"SHIT!" I swerve to the left, panicking. I hit the guard rail, hoping to god that it stops my car from going off the cliff. I hit the guard rail. Just as I expected, I broke it. I see myself falling, I see blood, and then I see nothing...

I'm driving here I sit,

Cursing my government,

For not using my taxes to fill the holes with more cement.

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