"Riptide", the group of terrorists invades a small country called sed.


1. Invaded

 "Hey, why don't you go get your shirt out of the dryer sweety." A mother says to her three almost four year old son. He runs over to the dryer with stomping feet only to shy away in complete terror.

" There's a monster outside mommy." He stares still, unable to move at a black figure glaring through the window at night. 

" There's no moster sweety, turn on the light." He turns on the light and gasps. Then as he see's the man with tattoo satanic symbols running up his kneck, a huge, black gun that's bigger than both his muscular arms combined, and eyebrows that symbolize anger and defiance. A window is broke and the mom stampedes through the living room to see what happens. A gun goes off and a son watches his mother die in her own pool of blood, oblivious but terrified about what was going on. 

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