A girl in high school never trusts in anybody and never loved anyone.But a new kid comes into her school which rarely happens.Him and another guy fights for her,She also ends up loving both of them. who knows what will happen when all of them has precious secrets.Also who will she choose?


1. The New Kid


My name is Cindy, Cindy Blu.  I’m considered as the most alethic girl in my school and also the smartest. I’m have a GPA of 4.0 and I have been in every sport in my  school,FourSeason High is my school.Yeah, I know crazy but everyone in that school excel in at least one thing unless you are really that dumb, no one so far is like that though. Also it’s the top school in my community. I know impressive right? Well the only reason I’m there is because I grew up basically you can say on my own. No not like I don’t have parents or anything I do.  I will explain later on.                                              Tomorrow is Monday, gosh I’m going to hate it, it’s a school day as we all know everyone HATES Mondays. Unless it’s a break or whatever. Well I have my outfit ready, tights with a black and white hoodie.Im basically a jock and a nerd mixed together.                                            ‘’RINGGGG!” Ughh its time to get up.  I lazily get up and sit at the edge of my bed and stare at the ground for a couple of seconds and walk over to my bathroom.  I brush my teeth with my pink toothbrush, and brush my long brown hair.  Now I think of it my hair got longer. I put on my shoes and grab my backpack, which is full of folders and binders. I have Mr. Glean he is the best teacher ever! That still doesn’t make school better, well a bit better a teeny tiny better.                                                                                                    I walk to school at 7:15, it’s a 5 minute walk so I run and it takes about 3 to 2 minutes to actually get to school. Running to school always boost my up my day because I can actually be awake a little by then. Oh yeah, I don’t have any close friends with me maybe I can met someone new for once and I keep praying I do but there’s rarely any kids that enrolls in FourSeason .

I’m guessing it’s because everyone excel at one thing.  Whatever though, it’s not like I really care anyways.  I get to school, I look at my watch and it took me 2 minutes fastest time I got so far. I enter the lobby, the lobby is huge it has a show case of the trophies won from top athletes, artists, writers, mathematics solvers, spelling bee champs, and many more. It’s also full of orange, yellow, white and green colors.  You probably figured out by now it is my school colors. I walk to my locker and put my stuff away its study hall right now.  I got to the gymnasium and enter the girls’ locker room.                                                                                                                                      The locker room is full of athletes names and pictures, and yes I’m up there I’m top remember? Anyways it’s like a fancy bathroom it has showers with some curtains and three bathrooms. I change in to my sports bra and sweat pants, I put my hair up in a bun and I get out of there. I go into the weight room which is full of boys and only some girls. The girls that is there is basically there just to talk to the boys.  They are Kim, Sam, and Alexis they all have blonde hair and freckles, also they have brown eyes except Kim she has blue eyes, and they are at different heights. Other than that and they can pass as twins.                                                                                      I go to the bench press and start lifting after 15 of lifting I move over to the seated leg extension machine after 20 of those I rest a bit and drink some water.  “Hey.” oh boy it was Emit the guy that everyone likes except me and he was the guy that every other guy tries to compete with. He’s just not my type I mean he’s fit and everything but just not my type. “Hi.” I said back sounding horribly mean. “So you seem crabby today.” He laughed “But its fine, how are you doing?” Gosh I don’t want to start a conversation with him just because then everyone thinks that he likes me and girls will be trying to break my neck and start a fight with me.  I can feel Kim, Sam and Alexis’s eyes staring at me like daggers right now.

“I am fine.” Sounding calmer now.”Hey so what are you planning to do after school?” I knew it he was going to ask me to go on a date with him, yeah the thing that I said about before that everyone thinks he likes me, well he actually does.  I just don’t really like admitting it.  “No not really.” I said. ‘’So I was thinking um… if you had time I would like to hang out with you, today after school.”  I don’t really want to go but he seems really nice so I stick with it.  “Yes, I would like that.” “Okay pick you up at 6” he said.           “Alright I have to get changing and go to class the bell is about to ring.” I said. I walked away before anyone can answer and disappear into the locker. I change and I hear the other girls come in, which I don’t want to deal with. “Ha you think you have a chance with emit?” said Kim. She is the leader of their little group by the way.                                                                  “I’m not trying to be in a relationship with him and if you’ll excuse me I have to go to class about…. right now.” I had perfect timing and the bell rung. I can hear them talking about what just happened, and I leave.  I walk straight to my biology class, right before I enter the classroom someone pulled me by my hand. Having me unprepared for such thing as that I stuttered step backwards 2 times. I turn around and see someone I never saw in this school before.”Uh excuse me but whom the heck are you?’’ I said. “Oh sorry but” I cut him off ,”But WHAT?”I know,im being rude but I just don’t like people touching me.He continued and said, “Sorry but you almost ran into the door.                                                                                           Oh my gosh I was such in a rush I didn’t even know I was going to bump into the door. I really don’t like apologizing to people but he deserved this one because I could have looked so dumb. “Sorry for being rude and thanks”. I said.”Hey no problem, but I’m new here and I’m looking for Mr.Kanon ‘s biology class.” Oh no he’s in MY class and he is also NEW.The only thing that surprised me is that he’s new.”Um you’re in this class”. As I said that I was pointing at the door.he replied, “Awesome, so is this class fun or its boring?’’ I really wasn’t in the mood to talk and I was frustrated because it was only us two at the door waiting for the teacher to come, I’m just wondering where the other people were. “It’s an okay class sometimes fun sometimes boring”. I said back. I saw the teacher walking with the rest of the class, oh so they were all in the sunroom. Sometimes Mr.Kanon goes to the sunroom and students see him and stay there until he comes back to the classroom.                                                                                                         Oh gosh I totally forgot EMIT was in my first hour with me.I can see him walking right towards me.”Hey Cindy, so who is this?” he said as he was looking at the new kid, I just noticed he didn’t tell me his name yet. “It’s someone new”.i said feeling really annoyed by now. Emit was now feeling jealous because Cindy and the “new kid” was alone TOGETHER. Cindy final said yes to my date and no one’s going to ruin it.The teacher opened the door and everyone rushed in.                                                                                            I sat down at my seat which is all the wayyy in the back. That was where no one sat. Thank goodness. I can see Mr.Kanon standing next to the new kid and was speaking to him.”Alright class settle down, we have a new student today “.Mr.Kanon said. I can hear the girls in the class whispering and saying that he’s just as good looking as Emit, which was true  he was pretty good lucking and as fit as Emit. He cleared his throat and said,”Hey I’m Ace”. “Okay ace go sit next to Cindy over there”. The teacher said as he was pointing to me.Right when he pointed all eyes was on me and I can see Emit staring right at me but I avoided looking at him straight in the eye. Mr.Kanon was a cool teacher, he is slender and tall just like a regular teacher would look like, but this was not cool.                                                        Ace was walking towards me and smiling, then he said, “I just met her she’s really nice thanks for putting me here Mr.kanon “. He really didn’t have to say that. “Okay class we will be dissecting frogs today choose only one partner”.        5 girls came rushing at ace I knew only one of them which was a girl name Jewel, she excels in art. She said,”Hey Ace do you want to be my partner”? Ace replied, “No Cindy’s my partner.” Jewel looking surprised as ever    just walked away without a word. Me on the  other hand was also surprise but I didn’t want to talk right now so I kept my mouth shut. Mr.Kanon came around with the frogs, and I was disgusted by it.I grabbed the piece of paper and wrote my name on it. I asked,”what’s your last name”?         He replied while looking at the frog, ‘’sky”. Alright that was a nice last name. “Okay you’ll look at the frog and I will right down the data okay”? He replied, “Okay that’s fine”.           It was disgusting but I didn’t show that I was disgusted.then he said,”Hey cindy do you want to touch it”?

oh no.”Don’t you dare…?” As I was saying that he was already walking towards me with his hands was already stretching out. He was chasing me by now and I was running around the class like some crazy person. I stopped at Emit’s table and ace was on the other side.  ‘’Ace don’t you dare touch me with your hands.” I said calmingly but threating. He replied saying,”oh I will.” He was laughing and I was also laughing.We continued going around the table, I stopped moving and hid behind emit.Ace was now face to face to emit .I realized I did something horrible. 

                         “Leave her alone”. Emit said angrily . Ace didn’t say anything and just walked right behind him, I was startled so I tripped and was already falling. I closed my eyes which seem stupid but when I’m scared I close my eyes just because I don’t want people to see the fear in my eyes. Right when I was about to hit the floor. I felt strong arms go around my waist. I finally open my eyes and see ace pulling me up. Really surprised and embarrassed because being the most athletic girl to be that clumsy, yeah not great you know, well you actually wouldn’t know. “Thank you ace” I said. We were face to face now and at the corner of my eye I can see Mr.Kanon walking towards us, oh boy we were in trouble. ”Mr. Sky, thank you.” He said very calmingly. This was really suspicious because he usually blows the top of his head off if we fool around in his class. Ace replied”um what did I do.” Now all eyes were locked on us. “First time Cindy laughed in a very long time and she seems to be having fun.” Said Mr.Kanon. Well that was true, but I don’t like how he pointed it out. I was walking towards our seats by now, but ace was still standing by Emit’s table.                                                             Ace said,”Im going back to my seat now to continue on our lab and you’re welcome I guess. ”Ok so after all that crisis it was lunch time. I  grabbed  my lunch and sat down at the white circled  table with no one sitting there. I was at peace or so I thought. After a couple of minutes Ace and Emit came and sat with me, so did jewel and Kim. Oh brother trouble again. Kim said, “Hi ace, emit, jewel and Cindy”. Gosh she hated my guts and I also hated her guts. Everyone said hi except me and emit.                                                        Emit was too angry about this morning to talk to Kim right now. So he ignored her and was going to talk to Cindy. I said “Cindy can I talk to you in private after you are done eating?” Cindy just nodded and continued to eat. Jewel asked Ace if he wanted to go to the art room with her but he denied and said he was staying and wanted to talk with ME. Which I hated his guts for catching Cindy this morning which is what I could have done if only he didn’t step past me. Kim asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with her but I declined quickly. , “Emit are you athletic?” Ace asked me. I answered him “yeah, um I will talk to you later I have to talk to Cindy.”                                                                                                                                                          Now Cindy was really anxious. I’m hoping he won’t talk about this morning          .Emit and I was walking to the media center now. I offered Ace to come too because It didn’t feel right just leaving him behind. He came along and when we all entered at the same time. Emit and I went to sit at a table all the way in the back so no one can disturb us and ace went to look for a book. Emit asked “do you like that guy?” I replied, “Yes as a friend I do he’s really nice.” That was the first time I ever called anyone my friend right out of my own mouth. Ace was trying to not listen to their conversation but he couldn’t resist. I can hear everything they were saying, I had a tracking device on them which of course they didn’t know, and I know that I don’t like Emit. Cindy is really nice though.                                                                                                       “Ok, well um can’t wait for tonight“ said Emit.” Yeah where are we going?” I asked. He responded, “It’s a surprise.” I can see ace coming and I just nod to what Emit just said.” Hey um have one of you guys read this book yet?” ace asked. ”Yeah” emit and I said at the same time. I’m surprised and turn around to look at Emit with a look that say really?       Emit was laughing and said, “surprising but yeah I like books that have romance in there.” Ace responded,”Hey me too, it always turns out to have a twist to the ending.” “Yeah that’s what I love about those books too. “We all ended up talking about all the stuff we like. We all liked sports, weight training, writing poems, and the best thing we all have in common is thinking about what some things really mean to us what it means to ourselves, we like going to the depth of stuff. That was the best thing.                                                               Before I knew it the bell rung, it was time to go home but I stay after school to go to the weight room, even though I have a date I will work out before it was time to leave. I see Ace talking to jewel. I guess he is getting along with others also. I walk past him but he stops me and ask where I am going.”To the weight room.” I said. I continued walking the hallways were tightly packed with people but it cleared up a bit and I’m noticing the green and orange halls intersecting actually matches well. ”HEY!” someone yelled.                                                                                                                         I turn around, but only to startle me even more I bump into someone, then hitting someone right behind me. The person behind me had caught me. I look up to see the person I got startled by, it was Ace. ”Sorry Ace and thank you for catching me Emit.” Emit was looking at me confused. Emit asked, “Cindy how did you know I was the one that caught you without you even turning around?” I...I...I just guessed. I’m thinking something was up with Cindy she was in perfect balance and she hadn’t even get up to straighten herself out also she knew I was behind her. ”Hey emit and Cindy lets go to the weight room before they won’t let us in anymore.” I noticed everything but and I know Cindy’s secret, Emit of course was very confused but Cindy and he would find out about everything later.                                                                                                                                             I got out of the locker room and I can see Ace and Emit already working out. Ace was using the leg extensions so I went to work on my biceps. Now I can see ace and emit much better without much clothing, ace was a little more fit than emit. He finally got off the leg extensions, so I stopped working on my biceps and moved over to the leg extensions. He had been lifting 80lbs that was impressive. I can only do 50lbs. Emit came right next to me and worked on his biceps. ”Hey you are pretty strong you know for a girl. ”Emit said chuckling. ”And what is that supposed to mean?” I said back in a teasing way. He responded ,”I mean like not most girls as strong as you.” “Of course you would know.’’ I said giggling. “No not like that, I don’t stalk girls it’s just that I have seen all the athletic girls in the weight room but they aren’t as strong as you.” He said laughing. Now we were both laughing really hard and everyone was staring at us. ”Hey ace and Emit I’m leaving now, see you in a bit Emit.” I really  wanted to know what Cindy meant but I  couldn’t figure it out even emit said something like that to her in the media center.                                                                                                                    It was 5:30 I have to get ready now. I curled my hair, after that I went to look at my clothes. I choose a white t-shirt, a black cardigan and a ripped jean. I am hoping we don’t go anywhere fancy. I then went to put on mascara and some eyeliner but that’s it no more than that. I’m on my way to pick up Cindy; I hope she doesn’t cancel the last minute. I pull up on her driveway and before I go in I chew some gum really quick and spit it out. I ring the doorbell, and a guy came. I am pretty sure it’s her dad. ”Hello, you can sit down right here and I will go get Cindy.” He said. “Oh yeah I’m her father just letting you know.” He said bluntly. He then yelled Cindy to come down, she replied “coming.” I looked at myself at the mirror one more time then I ran downstairs to see Emit sitting on the couch looking nervous and all. After all who wouldn’t be? My dad is 6”6 has hazel eyes, and reddish-orange hair. We had nothing in common except hazel eyes.                                                            Emit was wearing a black t-shirt under a white buttoned shirt with black jeans. Thank goodness because I can tell we weren’t going to a fancy place. He said “Ready to go?” I answered “mhmm lets go.” He opened the door for me and I walked outside first and the coldness washed over me, it was an icy night, I can see my breath.I hear him shut the door and walking up behind me. Then he runs up to his car and opens the door for me also. He had a silver dodge, which was a pretty nice car. I entered and he closed it. He gets in looking very cold, but I don’t say anything.                                                “Hey you have to buckle up.” He said as he went over me and grabbed my seat belt and clicked it in.”Okay lets go.” He said while the car roared. Off we go.It was silent the whole time and we arrived to Kat’s Koffee my favorite place to get coffe. We walked in “Alright tell me what you want.” I replied, ”I’m a regular here they will know what I want.” “Oh ok.” He said. I see Jim come and he says,”Hi Cindy.” “Hi jim and um the usaual,please.” Emit says,”The Usual also Jim.” Im really surprised that emit knows jim and he said “the usual” so that must means he is a regular here too.”I’m also a regular here.”Emit said smiling.Jim came back with both of our drinks and he said it’ll be free today since Emit and I was on a date, then that bastard winked at emit ,I guess  Emit already told Jim about this.Even though jim is 17,which he is only 1 year younger than me but he is immature.I was going to stop and sit down at a table but emit said,”Come on lets go,we aren’t drinking here I got to show you something.” I nodded and we got back in the car then it was a 15 minute drive until he stopped his car.                                                                                                                                                            “ok let’s get out.” he said while getting out already.” I got out after him. ”Come here. ”He said. “Okay.” I replied. He was standing on a hill, and I notice that I have never seen this place before.I got up the hill then we both sat down I started to drink my expresso.”This is my favorite place.” We can see the whole town up on this hill, which is now I can tell is going to be my favorite place also because I love this view,

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