Loving My Step- Bro

When Tiffany’s dad get’s married to a pretty woman with a 17 year old son, she becomes afraid as she develops strange feelings for her new step brother, concluding in her usually hidden shyness coming out, and her cheeks burning. She had feelings for them. So they found ways to hide from their parents and will their parents give in, will they still be in love, will they last forever. Will their parents find out and wreck their relationship or will they stay together. WIll love be all they care about or will its just be back to the siblings they are. With one thing after another they find out new things. What mysteries lie ahead.


2. Chapter two - He's calling me his

Weeks go by and he keeps whispering 'mine' in my ears. I dont like it sometimes but still it scares me how he thinks I want him to. I do but I cant hes my brother. We talk more we get to know each other but im not pretty what does he see in me. He looks at me like im a hot peice of candy but im not trust me. I wish he could leave me alone but no. Time goes by and he starts to kiss my neck. Not around our parents but all together. It scares me that they might see. Im scared he might leave marks. I think I might love him though. His kisses to my neck spark butterflys in me. Its insain. I sometimes want the erge to kiss his soft lips. I look at them sometimes and wonder. What would I feel if I kissed him.

So one day I did.

That day we were alone in my room talking about I dont know what then out of no where I kissed him. I had to it just bugged me that I havent. I felt a million shocks go throw me. I was suprised how powerful the kiss was. He slowly pushed me on the bed to lie down. We didnt take it far I had to stop him. Our parents were home and we wouldnt want to explain that. Its to much to deal with. We kissed more often but sercratly after that. We both really liked each other.



Sorry if this was short or bad if you didnt like it just comment and Ill fix it im tired and thought I should update sence so many are reading my storys this is way better than wattpad I LOVE IT... I get more views than wattpad and qoutev conbind ITS PERFECT... Anyways... back to what i was saying i wanted to upsate sence you guys are reading and nobody liked it so i had to do something to get you to like well hope you like it now so please like and if you dont like it comment and ill change what you want so you you like it  love you all - Stephanie <3

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