Loving My Step- Bro

When Tiffany’s dad get’s married to a pretty woman with a 17 year old son, she becomes afraid as she develops strange feelings for her new step brother, concluding in her usually hidden shyness coming out, and her cheeks burning. She had feelings for them. So they found ways to hide from their parents and will their parents give in, will they still be in love, will they last forever. Will their parents find out and wreck their relationship or will they stay together. WIll love be all they care about or will its just be back to the siblings they are. With one thing after another they find out new things. What mysteries lie ahead.


3. Chapter three - Do you like me ore no

He came in my room one day. "tiffany" 

"yeah" i looked at him shyly hoping he wouldnt do anything stupid.

"why you always so shy around me when our parents are around and when we are around you let me do whatever" He smirked

"i... i dont know"

"so do you like me cause i like you" He he asked me if i like him I tryed to say yes i do but instead I nodded my head then started to bite my lip he let out a grunt and pulled me closer to him. "dont do that please"

"why" i looked at him confuesed

"it turns me on do that infront of our parents and were dead" I started to bite my lip again and had a 'oh' reaction. Then he attacked my neck but instead of kissing it he started to bite on it and suck on it letting me let out little moans. He then pulled away and smirked "my work is done" he pointed to the mirror for me to look and i saw a hickey "a love bite" he whispered in my ear sweetly 

"now there for sure going to kill us" he shock his head and pulled out my makeup

"cover it"



Um i hope you like this part I know the story sucks but im trying my hardest im bad at sister and brother storys. But i like to write smut but im horable at it so thats why there is none sorry um like if you like comment if you dont and tell me what to change please and thanks

Love you all 

XOX xxlostgirl

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