Loving My Step- Bro

When Tiffany’s dad get’s married to a pretty woman with a 17 year old son, she becomes afraid as she develops strange feelings for her new step brother, concluding in her usually hidden shyness coming out, and her cheeks burning. She had feelings for them. So they found ways to hide from their parents and will their parents give in, will they still be in love, will they last forever. Will their parents find out and wreck their relationship or will they stay together. WIll love be all they care about or will its just be back to the siblings they are. With one thing after another they find out new things. What mysteries lie ahead.


5. Chapter five - wedding

Today my father is getting married to his mother. I look at him in his toux then i turn around and bite my lip and walk of. I feel him staring at me. I know it. He always does. I walk to the bathroom and fix my makeup without anybody intrupting my consitration. I quick plyed a layer of foundation on my neck then turned around and jumped "what are you doing in her" i whispered yelled. 

"watching" he smirked.

"this is the ladys room not the mens damit and if our parents saw they would kill us." He just smirked then smashed his lips to mine. Roughly though "why did you do that" 

"its been forever sence I got to feel you beautiful lips thats all" I blushed to what he said

"oh" then i pointed to the door "OUT" I yelled this time. He did as told.

The wedding happend they said there I dos and me and him looked at eachother knowing we're going to hate not rejecting. I almost did I put my hand to my heart looked at him across the ille and he shock his head to a no. I sighed and put my hand down. The wedding was over and we're at the party and me and him had to dance together I dont know why but we did. I hate that there forcing this on us.

"why do they have to do this to us" I whispered to him

"I dont know sweety"

"I hate it" He sighed and hugged me.

"I'm sorry"

*then I was back to reality* 

"hello? awnser me! Is there something going on between you to"

"no" I lied

"you sure" I nodded my head to a yes then he left and I sighed laying my head down again falling asleep.



Two updates today welcome i know im mean i totally just made you get confused haha well i hope you liked it


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