That Bad Boy In Glasses

Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal.

Gage Mathews is a rich bad boy with a hot body, white fury and arrogance. What's so different about him? He is a bad boy who disguises himself as a nerd and hides the image of a fighter behind it. Why does he do that? That's his dark secret.

Violet's low-key life is threatened when this bad boy/nerd discovers her well kept secret and she discovers his!

One Bad boy. One Deal. What could possibly go wrong?


4. Water descends upon me.

Violet's POV:
Is it possible for our heart to beat so fast that it might feel like jumping out the very next minute?
Trust me, when I say it happens and for me it started happening when I met Gage's second face Travon Ace. I curse the day I agreed to go to this stupid fight and find out his secret. I also curse the day my mouth decided to spew his secret all over my friends. When you learn a gossip, the first that you do is sharing it with your friends and I did the same but-what do I get? I get Gage's threatening glare and promise of death. How did my oh-so-simple world take a roller coaster ride in just a few hours?
This job was my only way to get out of this sick city and I tend to make the most out of it-even if death would hover at every step I take. Gulping hardly, I push my way through the throngs of drunk, stinky crowd and finally make it inside the cluttered mansion. Tik Tok by Kesha was playing on the loud speakers.
Okay, my mission is to find Jeremy Henderson and get out.
Walking inside, I don't get a clear view of the house as it was filled with yowling people, enjoying the party like it's the one they'll attend. The makeshift bar was loud with screaming guys and almost naked females enjoying body shots. Ugh, I never understood what was so thrilling about it. I snatch my eyes away from the bar and look around for that blonde Greek god-not my words, Ashley's. Where is that fool?
Will had made it sound so easy.
"Sweetheart, just go to this party, find Jeremy Henderson, pick up the drunken lad then drop him at his house and earn a hell lot of money. Simple." It was easy- but it wasn't, what with the sneering looks and disgusted glances coming my way, I can say this was turning out to be very difficult. I had faced all of this before at other parties but this party was taking all of the insults up a notch. Can I ever get out of this place?
A heavy weight fell on my shoulder and I slowly turn my wide eyes to the side and catch a auburn guy smiling up at me through his hazy eyes.
"Dude, this is the party!" he slurred loudly in my ear and I push his head or more like him throw him off of my shoulder. He loses his balance and falls down on the floor with a loud thud. Ouch! That's going to hurt. Brushing my hands to get rid of the non existent dirt, I step forward not caring about the guy because I know he'd get back to his senses after getting trampled by the mass. In my urgency to get away I fail to look in the front and clash with a wall and before I could land on my ass, a hand pushes forward and steadies me by holding onto my upper arm in a tight grip. Phew! I'm saved from getting humiliated.
I look up to thank the person and the moment my eyes meet those haunting brown ones, the smile washes off my face in an instant. Gage Mathews was looking at me -to be exact he was frowning down at something. Curiosity got the best of me and I look in his direction to see him scrutinizing my chest that was now pressed up against his. Oh my god! Did he figure out? This loose shirt I'm wearing did nothing to protect me. I knew I should've wrapped a cloth over my 'assets' but I didn't and now I have to face this embarrassing predicament.
"Dude, you okay?" he asks me in that thick, rich voice of his.
"Uh...I-I-I-I-I'm-m-m g-g-go-," he cuts my horrible stuttering.
"Just nod, don't speak, okay," he chuckles. Did it mean he didn't find out? Am I saved then? Hurray!
I nod at him and he once again glances at my chest and walks off scratching his head muttering something along the lines of 'Was that really boobs?' I watch his tall, bulky but lean frame disappear into the crowd and sigh in relief. This is dangerous Violet, get out of here! 
Scanning over the heads of party people, I search for the blonde head. Where could this jerk be?! Once I find him and get him in my car, I'm going to give him the experience of rash driving and make him puke all over his own car. I never should've agreed to this.
"Leave me alone Jonathan!" A weeping voice of a girl reaches my ears from my right and I follow it to a dimly lit room. Walking inside, I catch none other than Arianna Wilson pushed up against a wall by a beefy guy who was trying to force a kiss on her and she was averting it by budging him away from her. But that wasn't helping much because the guy refused to move. Ugh! Typical males! Always the horny jerks!
"C'mon Baby, let's have fun!" Jonathan chuckles in her face and Arianna nods her head vehemently in disapproval.
"Get off me!" she slurs off a crying plea and he just pushes closer to her. The nerve of this guy!
I wasn't a match to him but I couldn't just stand here and watch the guy have his disgusting fantasy become reality. Looking around, I hope to find something to ward the guy off. My eyes catch a vase and with out any second thoughts I grab it and throw it over his head. The vase breaks into pieces as it clashes with his head and he growls in pain.

"C'mon, let's go!" I grab a shocking Arianna's hand and run out of the hideous scene with her tagging behind me. We walk to the bar and ask the guy behind the counter for a glass of water. The guy places the glass on the counter, gives her a smile and frowns at me. I agree I looked like a low life and I guess Arianna wasn't allowed to hang out with them. She takes it in a hurry and gulps it down.
By the look of her droopy blue eyes, I could tell she was drunk. 
"Thanks," she finally manages to speak and I nod at her in understanding. This was my cue to leave now.
"Wait," she grabs my arm as I start to walk out of there. I give her a perplexed look. Did she see through my façade?
"I don't even know your name," she smiles at me. My name? What is my name?! I can't just tell her 'Hey I'm Violet and I'm dressed like a guy, Aren't I cool?'
"V-V-Viking," I blurt out. Viking, Really? What the hell! What kind of name is that?!
"Viking?" she just grins through the name and I nod at her. Stupid mouth of mine is going to give me a whip lash!
"Yeah," I giggle but amend it by morphing it into a loud guffaw of laughter. She just stares at me in confusion like I'm the weirdest thing she's ever seen.

"Ari!" a concerned booming voice breaks into our weird moment and we both look up to see Gage Mathews pulling Arianna into a tight embrace.
"Are you okay? Piper saw Jonathan follow you into a room and," he rubs his hands up and down her backless spine "then she heard you screaming, she came to get me but when I came there you were gone. Then I saw you here."
"Are you okay, Ari?" he tightens his embrace and looks down at her with a worry stricken expression.
"I'm fine, Gage, Viking saved me," she smiles up at him then looks at me. Gage follows her gaze and his bespectacled eyes land upon me and his faces expression into one of recognition. Oh god! Did he see through me? 
"Thanks um-Viking," he gives me a head-nod still holding Arianna in his arms and I nod my head like a lost puppy. You can't always act so paranoid around him. He'll know there's something fishy.
"Ari-Baby!" another male voice speaks from behind Gage and in walks Eddy Dawson, fourth member of their close knit group. He wasn't there today at school, must have been caught up in a shoot. You see, he was the son of Kevin Dawson, Hollywood's golden man. Like his father, Eddy was also following his footsteps and getting into the cinematic world of fame and money.
"Are you okay?" he pulls Arianna from Gage into his muscled body and pats her head like a mother does to a child. This was sweet. His golden curls shake when he kisses the top of her head.

I can't breathe, I won't be okay, if you keep holding me like this," Arianna mutters in a strained voice.

"Oops! Sorry," he laughs and let's go of her after patting her head again.

"I told you to stay with us but you had to follow Jeremy in that horde of vulgarity," he spits out as he gazes in left direction. Following his glare, I catch Jeremy Henderson in all his blonde perfection sucking faces off with an overly enthusiastic black haired female. Disgusting!
"I'm okay, Jer had no idea I was with him," she speaks through a hurt tone. Am I missing something here? 
"Whatever, he should've taken better care of you," Eddy frowns as he pushes his hands in the pockets of his denim. He was a gorgeous guy with golden skin and mesmerizing golden streaked dark brown eyes. Add charming personality to it and he was perfection.
"It's not his fault," Arianna rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms over her chest. Did she like Jeremy?
"Stop defending him, Eddy's right," Gage pipes in and I look at his annoyed demeanor. Eddy was gorgeous but Gage behind those glasses was beyond gorgeous. Ugh! What's wrong with me?
"Okay! Fine I'll take better care of myself," Arianna lets out a frustrated sigh and there was no sign which gave way that she was drunk just a while ago.
"Hello. And who might you be?" Eddy's golden eyes land on me and he furrows his brow confoundingly.
"Sorry, my bad, where are my manners?" Arianna chuckles then introduces me, "Ed this is Viking, he saved me from that horrifying incident."

"Thanks man," Eddy holds out his hand for me to shake and I look down at his waiting greeting. Do I shake or just touch and retract back?
"No problem, I'm glad she's safe," I go with the former and take his hand. He caresses my hand with his thumb and sighs.
"Your hands are so soft, just like a girl," he gazes at my hand all the while caressing it. I look up to see Arianna stifling her smile and Gage frowning at Eddy's motion. Uh-Oh!
"Yeah," I say nervously and retract my hand from his just before he could kiss it. Not that he would, but it looked like he was going to.
"What are you doing here?" Gage straight out asks me and Arianna elbows his stomach sharply and grits his teeth in pain.
"Don't mind his arrogant self, he's born like that," Eddy chimes in and laughs along with me and Arianna. Gage just curls his mouth in disdain and I find it very irritating. What was with this guy?
"He meant who you with are," Arianna speaks as she comes up by my side and wounds her arm around mine. Gage and Eddy exchange a look with each other and I just stare at her arm. She asked me something, didn't she?
"Um I'm here for your friend Jeremy Henderson, I'm his replacement driver for tonight," I say still looking at the arm wrapped around mine. Okay, it's time to get out.
"Oh," the three of them widen their eyes in shock.
"I'll get him, why don't you wait outside?" Eddy says as he makes his way toward a cackling Jeremy. He doesn't give me a chance to reply to him.

"Ben's here too, I'm leaving. There's school tomorrow," Arianna glances at her watch and stands on her tip toes to kiss Gage's cheek and he wipes it off.
"Stop that. I told you not to do that," Gage snaps playfully. I could see a tinge of red covering his cheeks. Was he blushing? Arianna just laughs at him and turns to me.
"Thanks again Viking," she steps closer to me and pecks my cheek. It wouldn't have felt weird if I was a guy.
"Wow, Eddy was right. You do have a soft skin," she chuckles and waves good bye at me and Gage then walks off. A guy who looked like a bouncer followed her and that must've been Ben. When did he come? I didn't even notice him come.
I chance a look at Gage and find him watching her leave.
"I'll wait outside," I inform him in a boyish tone that I'd been using since I came here.
"I'm coming with Jeremy too," he replies and moves to follow me out. What?!
"NO!" I reply too quickly and he raises his brow at me. Stupid thing to do Violet!
"I mean s-sure," I nod at him and turn around with a huge sigh of relief. He'll be the death of me.
We walk in silence outside past the conked out crowd and I thank god for silence because tonight wasn't my night. The mouth I held pride upon keeps betraying me. Gage doesn't looks at me and keeps walking forward without sparing a glance. It's not like I want him to look at me. I'll be crazy to want that to happen. 
"There's Jer's car," Gage points to a red Porsche parked amidst the other flashy cars in the parking zone and I just nod at him as I walk past him to the car. I just stand there and lean against the driver's side because he hasn't given me the key and as badly as I wanted to get away from him, I couldn't let myself in the car and away from him by breaking the door. That would seem lunatic. I chuckle at the thought and he turns his piercing eyes to me.

"What?" he raises his eyebrow.
"Nothing," I reply as I turn away from his pointed stare.
"Haven't hit your growth spurt yet?" he asks and I could detect the hint of amusement in his tone. Was he mocking me?
"Why do you care?" I snap at him and he leans against the other side of the car. Freaking double-faced jerk!
"Geez, just asking dude, no need to get so testy," he chuckles and his dimples appear charmingly on his flawless face. Why didn't I notice them at first?
"DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE, YOU CHEATER!" A girl screeches from the front and we both look up to see a guy running toward us in hurry. Huh? A blonde female was staggering after him holding a red bucket that sloshed water from its sides.
"SHUT UP!" The guy shouts at her and stops right in front of me with his back on me. The woman just stops a foot away from us and grinds her teeth giving the guy a glassy, furious look. The guy frowns at her and she suddenly throws the bucket full of water at him but he ducks in the nick of time and the water splashes on my face. The girl screams in embarrassment runs away in the opposite direction and the guy takes this as an opportunity and hurries past us.
She threw the water at him but why am I the one shivering? Because the water is dripping down my frame and I frown in confusion at a baseball cap lying on the ground.
It was similar, where have I seen it? Just then to answer my question, an obnoxious laugh follows and I look up at a guffawing Gage Mathews. What is he doing acting like a madman? After getting his laughter under control, he looks up at me with a wolfish grin.
It wasn't just any grin-there was something sinister about it.
"Nice Bra," he smirks at me and I just stare at him in confusion. What is he talking about? He motions with his eyes to my chest and I look at it. Shit! The white shirt was sticking to my body like a second skin and my pink bra was showing through the see-through shirt. Horror pervades my senses.
Widening my eyes in terror, I figure out that the baseball cap lying on the ground was once on my head and now it was not. My wet hair was cascading down my back and I looked every bit the girl. No way! This is not happening!
"Is the Cat out of the bag, Violet Landon?"
Time to Bite the dust!


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