That Bad Boy In Glasses

Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal.

Gage Mathews is a rich bad boy with a hot body, white fury and arrogance. What's so different about him? He is a bad boy who disguises himself as a nerd and hides the image of a fighter behind it. Why does he do that? That's his dark secret.

Violet's low-key life is threatened when this bad boy/nerd discovers her well kept secret and she discovers his!

One Bad boy. One Deal. What could possibly go wrong?


3. Trouble comes knocking!

Violet's POV:
I've never given much thought to how I would die.
And I've never thought there would come a time when I'd quote Bella Swan.
I'm doing all of the above as I stare into his steel like cold gaze. Pathetic I know. I wish he would at least let me say goodbye to my loved ones before leaving this world. But I guess that'd be a bad idea as my mouth would spill out his secret instead of good bye.
"What do you want?" I demand as I squirm in his strong hold. I try to maintain my composure and not let my fear give away although I'm shivering like a leaf on the inside.
"That is something I should ask," he chuckled. What?
"I don't want to die so please don't kill me," I sputter and he becomes silent. I can't gauge his reaction thanks to the darkness this alley is providing us with. The moonlight wasn't doing anything good but only highlighting our presence.
"Why are you so quiet?" I ask him and gulp audibly. His calmness was more frightening than his fear laced words.
"No one plans a murder out loud," he says with a serious tone to his words. My eyes widen in shock and the fear escalates further and I'm just about to plead him to leave me when he guffaws in laughter without loosening his hold on me. The sound echoes in the empty darkness. I feel stupid but more than stupid I feel scared shitless now.
His laughter dies down after a while and he grins at me. Should I grin back? That'd be stupid so I frown harder.
"If you tell anyone I'm Travon Ace, I swear I'll give you a painful death," he threatens, in a cold, hard tone. The thing that scared me the most was the coldness spilling out of his glistening grey eyes. A chill runs down my spine at his intense gaze.

"Why do you fight?" I blurt out without thinking and chastise myself for this slip of tongue.
"Haven't you heard curiosity killed the cat?" he moves closer and I could feel his breath fan my lips and my eyes move to his full lips that was highlighted by the moonlight. I shouldn't have stayed back this late to help Kayla out with her science club. I hate myself for not accepting her ride.
"But satisfaction brought it back," I retort as his gaze lingers on my eyes and he freaking grins at me.
"Cute," he chuckles.
"Smart not cute," I frown. There's nothing cute about this situation.
"As much as I'd like to stay here and threaten you, I gotta go," he winks at me and steps back, keeping his steely look on me.
"I'll miss you," I pout sarcastically and rub my arms to get the blood running that was blocked by his strong hold. I'm being dramatic, but what can I say my life is a drama.
"See you, good girl," he gives me a two finger salute.
"I hope never bad nerd," I glare at him and he gives out a full body laugh and walks away. I look up at the sky to see if God is seeing all of this. Of course he is seeing all of it and enjoying it too.
My divine meeting is interrupted when my cell phone starts blaring 'Diamonds' by Rihanna. I dig it out and Will's name

flashes on the screen. Good, some money will get me back in my happy mood.
"Hey Will," I answer chirpily. I never act this chirpy I hope he doesn't notice this.
"You look more than normal, are you alright?" he chuckles. He noticed it.
"Any ride for me?" I ask ignoring his question.
"Spark Avenue 13th street, Jeremy Henderson, some high school party," Will informs me and I come to a halt mid-step. What! Jeremy Henderson, player extraordinaire who was the friend of nerd extraordinaire. Double trouble.
"No! - I mean what?!" I sputter, shock and the fear of getting revealed taking over me. I can't do this, it'd be a risk.
"You'll get a lot of pay, they're rich and excellent tippers," he explains, "You'll not be caught, just do it." The words excellent tippers fill me with determination. I can do it without letting out my secret. I'll be disguised like a guy so I'll be okay.
"Fine," I agree, "What time?"
"At about 10 tonight," he informs, "I'll send you a message with all the deets, See ya." The line goes dead and I feel my hope going dead too. Did I do a wrong thing by agreeing to it? I'd have to sneak out again. I hate lying to Mom but she wouldn't like me working late into night as a replacement driver for inebriated people with murder like tendencies. I have no other option but to lie.
I step into the driveway of our small but chic like house and come across Mom stepping out through the front door. She smiles upon seeing me and I walk up to her. My mom was gorgeous with long blonde hair and lively green eyes. I was more on my dad's side with brunette hair, brown eyes and tall personality. Sometimes I felt like a giant but mom says it complimented my petite but busty personality. Sure, whatever mothers say.

"Sorry sweetie, I've got a night shift at the hospital," she gives me a sorry look and I grin at her. It won't be a problem for my secret work then. She was a nurse at Lifeline Hospital so night shifts were a common thing.
"It's okay, you don't have to cook today and I don't have to eat, lucky me," I chuckle and she swats my arm. Mom was a horrible cook and I had to take care of everything in the kitchen. That was also something I inherited from my dad's side.
"Lock the doors and sleep tight, love ya, goodbye," she pecks my forehead and walks away to her Cadillac. She loved that car; it was a gift from dad.
"Love you back, drive safe," I holler as she gets into the car. One more thing that was good about mom other than the fact that she loved me a lot was that she never doubted me. I'm the innocent, sweet, A+ kid in her eyes. I hated lying to her but I was doing it for both of us. For our future.
I climb up the stairs to my room. I glance at my watch. It was 8 0'clock so I had two hours to spare before going to my job. Lot of time was there and I can take a bath, finish my homework and rest a little before shifting into my guy side. That kind of side was necessary to escape potential rapists and stalkers.
I spend those two hours feeding my hungry stomach and do everything as I planned above. Now it was time to face the debacle. I dress into loose baggy pants and a loose top that could fit 3 more people like me into it. Covering my eyes with big, round nerdy glasses, I tie my waist length hair in a bun and cover it with a baseball cap.
I look hideous and admire myself in the mirror then pat myself for disguising my real identity so well. I couldn't recognize it was me and there'd be no one who can point me out. The point was to look like an ugly duckling. I also have to keep a thick boy accent and I was an expert at that.
I hope trouble doesn't come looking for me tonight.
The bus ride felt so short, I never wanted it to end but I guess it had to. Sometimes I feel like why did I take this job but then none of the other jobs had such high pay. I follow the deafening music and reach a mansion like house bursting with music and people. Some excited people walk past me ready to get drunk and loud. Judging by the appearance of the party people this was some college party filled horny males and their equally horny females.
I lose my footing when someone pushes into my back but my clumsy self doesn't show up and I catch myself from falling. Whoever it is will have to get ready to get an earful.
"Dude, Watch it!" I turn around and glare at the person. My glare soon melts into a frightened look when I see Gage Mathews staring at me. He was a nerd now with those same nerd glasses and good boy look. His signature black baseball cap was perched on his head hiding his grey eyes from everyone. Looking closely, I find those grey eyes replaced with brown. Was he using lenses?
"I'm sorry dude," he apologizes and puckers his brows. I swallow the fear audibly and manage to nod.
"It's alright, buddy," I bump his shoulder with my fist and he looks at it with a raised brow. Uh-oh! Did I do something wrong? He nods at me and then walks off through the main gate along with the other crowd toward the party.
I bite my nails and chide for hoping that trouble wouldn't come knocking at my door but the trouble just walked inside in the form of Travon/Gage.


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