That Bad Boy In Glasses

Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal.

Gage Mathews is a rich bad boy with a hot body, white fury and arrogance. What's so different about him? He is a bad boy who disguises himself as a nerd and hides the image of a fighter behind it. Why does he do that? That's his dark secret.

Violet's low-key life is threatened when this bad boy/nerd discovers her well kept secret and she discovers his!

One Bad boy. One Deal. What could possibly go wrong?


1. Shocking Revelation!

've always hated noise.

Silence was my solace. But here I am with my friends in this cluttered arena-known as the underground fighting circuit. Deafening screams were breaking through the walls. The air around us was a mixture of sweat and cigarettes. Patrons were chanting their praises for their favorite fighters. No one in this crowd was in their sane mind.

Either they were literally drunk or drunk with adrenaline. I can't believe I agreed to come here.

Standing on my tip-toes, I scan over the heads of myriads of people for a way to move but there was no place to even stand and relax. Why did I agree to this again? Because my best friend couldn't say no to her crush who's also my other best friend.

Greg dreamed about an entry in it every second from the day he came to know of its existence.

These fights were organized by the richest and influential people in the country so they were held in secrecy as they were kinda illegal and sometimes got out of hand in a way that even led to death. How they kept these unfair activities under cover was beyond my mind's reach.

Getting an entry here was difficult or most likely next to impossible but when Haden-the one who worked at the circuit invited Greg, he couldn't control his gusto. A very limited population of the school had knowledge about this and so getting invited to this blood bath was a big deal. Kayla was excited when Greg first asked all of us to come with him so she instantly agreed.

Ray and Ashley-my other two friends agreed too cause they didn't have anything better to do. The only person left was me. I wasn't exactly thrilled to be in a crowd full of people who cussed and used their fists to talk. Then how am I here? Kayla's puppy dog eyes, Ray's hopeful smile, Ashley's gleaming look and Greg's persuading gaze got me here.

What was so exciting about a bunch of people breaking each other's faces?

"Damn! We shouldn't have come," Ashley sighs from my side and I nod at her.

"Too late to say that," Ray chuckles at her and she frowns at him. A beefy looking guy shoulders past us making me stumble into Ashley and she steadies me.

"Violet, you okay?" she asks me. I nod at her.

"C'mon guys it's about to start," Greg and Kayla who were walking ahead of us or more like trying to walk turn around with excitement written all over their faces.

Blinding floodlights make it hard for me to concentrate on the surroundings but I manage to stay put and somehow squeezing through the crowd after a strenuous journey we make it to the front of the crowd. There was a circle of huge space left in the center which I suppose is the area for the fight. The bile rises in my throat at the thought of blood and violence. People were standing around the perimeter of the empty circle screeching in their loud voices. Some hefty looking guys who I guess were the bouncers were managing the crowd from running amok.

"This is so much fun!" Kayla yells from my side and I concentrate on not getting trampled by the eager crowd. This is far from fun.

The bleating sound of a bull horn grabs our attention and everyone in the circuit goes berserk at the sound of it and my hands out of reflex shut my ears unable to tolerate the sudden intrusion. I'm sure my ears are bleeding now. Looking to my side, I find my friends joining the wild crowd even Ray and Ashley now look pumped up. Seeing this, I wasn't exactly feeling intrepid and secure.

"Finally!" Greg screams over the loud crowd and deafening music as he positions himself behind me and Kayla to shield us from an out of control mob while Ray drapes an arm around Ashley's shoulder and keeps her in place.

"Welcome to the Circuit!" A short blonde guy standing in the middle of the clear space screams in a mic and the crowd roars in applaud behind him, "If you're looking for a night of fist talking, blood and lots of testosterone violence then you're in the right place! Betting ends once your fighter is on the ground on his ass. If you want to get a piece of the hot fighters try it out of the ring, no encroachment or you'll be thrown out of this place by the fighters themselves!"

"That's Hayden for you," Greg muttered from behind us.

"He's the Emcee?! He invited you?" Ray expresses his shock. Greg just grins at him. Emcee or not I want to get out of here.

"I think we've seen enough let's-," I'm cut off by Hayden's incessant yelling.

"Today's fight is between new fighter Jeremy Reynolds and any guesses?" he screams. It's my first time here buddy and I'm not interested in watching two males roll about on the ground making a pool of blood and then swim right in it.

"We want Travon!" a scantily clad woman screams from my side and the crowd follows her chant. Soon the arena is filled with chants of 'We want Travon!'

"Travon? That's a pretty unusual name." Kayla speaks from my side.

"Now, when did fighters have something normal going for them?" I snort.

"Touché." She chuckles.

"Yes you got it right people it's none other than Travon Ace!"He hollers and everyone starts screaming in excitement. Few boos get lost in the clamor; I guess they're the supporters of other fighter, Jeremy. By the look of all this craziness, Travon Ace was everyone's favorite.

"Travon sounds hot!" Ashley remarks.

"You haven't even seen the guy," Ray snorts and high-five's me as I agree with him.

"Introducing Jeremy Reynolds!" Hayden shouts in his mic. Low cheering ensues and the crowd-standing opposite to us- parts revealing a tall, buff looking guy. His hard face was stern and alert.

"Can we leave, please?" I yell through the loud noises at my friends but they just ignore me and focus on my right. Ugh!

"Travon Ace, People!" Hayden hollers and bounces in excitement with a huge grin plastered on his face. The volume kind of explodes along with my ears and we look to our right to catch the sight of this favorite fighter people were random female from the crowd and kiss them."

"What kind of movies are you watching?" I ask her and she shrugs sheepishly before tuning in to the fight scene. Travon and Jeremy stand toe to toe with each other and slam fists against each other. Jeremy looks serious and angry where as Travon held a laid back demeanor. His face is hidden so it was kind of hard to tell what he was expressing. The men then take a few steps back and the blow horn's sound erupts.

Jeremy makes the first attack and punches Travon straight in the jaw making Travon stumble backwards. The crowd erupts in silence and I find myself getting on my tip-toes to get a better view Jeremy dashes forward to attack him but Travon dodges him and rounds in on him. The next thing happens so fast and so unexpectedly. After rounding on him Travon rams his elbow into Jeremy's back and pushes Jeremy onto the ground. My hands reflexively fly to my mouth.

The crowd erupts in loud howls.

Jeremy quickly stands up and moves in for another kill but Travon impressively throws a hard punch at his nose making blood splatter on the ground. Travon doesn't give him a chance to shake off the blow and rams his knee into his ribs making him yell out in pain and fall limply on the dusty ground on his back.

For a brief moment, the crowd falls into silence then screams of praises follow. Travon Ace is ruthless and dangerous.

How can anyone find happiness in someone's suffering? There was no explanation to this.

"I'm going back to the car," I shout in Kayla's ear not wanting to witness anymore of it.

"Okay, be careful!" she shouts back. I nod at her and shoulder my way past the crazy crowd. Elbows ram into me and I'm pushed back and forth between the enthusiastic people but I manage to get out of this frenzied crowd, alive.

Panting heavily, I look around me for an exit but my eyes come in contact with unfamiliar surroundings. Ugh! I dig out my phone and call Greg but it goes to voice mail. No one would hear me in this god awful noise. I'll have to find the way out on my own. I make my way forward and enter a dark tunnel like area then proceed to walk through it courageously.

If someone decides to attack me I know some defense moves that my uncle taught me so I can easily throw him on his ass. What if it's some fighter like Travon? Then I'll just scream and run.

A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel breaks my reverie and I sigh in relief. Finally an exit or may be not. Whatever it is I have to take it.

I step out into it and squint against the dim light which was provided by a small bulb fixed to a wall. I adjust my eyes to the surrounding and scrutinize the area. It is an empty room which resembled a cave. Clearly I'm at a wrong place and before some unwanted attention gets to me I have to walk back from where I came and call Kayla or others.

Before I turn back away for good, the click of a door whispers into the empty room and I notice a door opposite to me-which I failed to notice-open. I should've turned around and left immediately but the person that came in through the door was Travon Ace who was popping his knuckles. I know it's him because of his mask. He doesn't notice me standing and I think I should leave before he sees me but my feet stay glued to the spot and that's when Travon removes his mask and runs his hands over his face.

I gasp seeing his face. Oh. My. God!

The gasp makes him notice me and he jerks his head toward me with wide eyes.

That face should have glasses; a sweet smile and the boy next door look because I've been seeing this face since kindergarten. This face belongs to Gage Mathews, the rich silent nerd of our school.

"Shit!" he mutters and takes his step toward me.

What do I do? I bolt out of there before he could catch me


Here`s the first chapter of the brand new book hope you liked it !!!! Let me know what you think before i update the next chapter.



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