That Bad Boy In Glasses

Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal.

Gage Mathews is a rich bad boy with a hot body, white fury and arrogance. What's so different about him? He is a bad boy who disguises himself as a nerd and hides the image of a fighter behind it. Why does he do that? That's his dark secret.

Violet's low-key life is threatened when this bad boy/nerd discovers her well kept secret and she discovers his!

One Bad boy. One Deal. What could possibly go wrong?


6. Shit! Shit! Shit!

Violet's POV:

Good things always follow up when bad things happen is a wrong quote-because for me-bad things are always followed up by worst things.

"What do you mean by leaving?" Ashley demands as she scowls at an impassive Ray.

"Grandma is diagnosed with blood cancer, last stage," he explains in a strained voice, "so she wants dad and her grandchildren to stay with her for the remaining of the time that is left for her."

Silence follows his reason around our cafeteria table and I chance a look at Ashley, who was on the verge of bawling her eyes out. I knew there was something between them, but now that Ray was leaving that something was soon disappearing for them.

"Good luck, Ray," Ashley pushes the tray forward on the table and stands up. Kayla and I exchange a nervous look. Greg just keeps frowning at his food. The five of us were tied to the hips since the freshman year and the thought of loosing one of us was kind of hard to swallow.

"I hope your Grandma recovers soon," Ashley croaks and strides out of the cafeteria. Ray just sighs frustratingly and runs his fingers through his hair.

"So you're transferring to one of the schools there? What about your Dad's job?" Greg asks in a grim tone. Ray and Greg were extremely close and trust me when I say boys were more sensitive than girls when friendship was into the picture. At least these two were.

"Yeah and Dad found one-he says its better than his old one," he nods and furrows his brow. I know we could keep in touch over the phone but it wouldn't be the same as spending time with each other. My life was seriously taking the 'Route of Suck' because first it was Gage Mathews and now it's my buddy leaving all of us.

"We'll miss you," Kayla smiles as she shoulder bumps Ray and he chuckles.

"Ray, Ashley and you can maintain a long distance-," Ray cuts me off with a frown.

"Don't go there, Violet, you know that can't happen," he says with a distraught look. Why?

Kayla cuts me a look that says 'Shut up before I make you' and I back down in my attempt to argue the probability of their long distance relationship. This is just plain stupid.

"When are you leaving?" I ask him and he gives me a guilty look.

"Tomorrow," he sighs and I gape in shock. Surely, the transfer takes sometime to happen and that meant Ray has been hiding this piece of important information from us.

"You're now a jerk," I frown at him and he just pulls me into a warm hug and I can't help but snuggle into his embrace. Kayla wraps her arms around us and motions for Greg to follow us, who just rolls his eyes but eventually covers us in his big, bulky arms.

Sometimes I guess we have to let go.


"Poor Violet, are you crying?" Tiffany Hill, my so called step sister, throws a sly remark in my direction. I just glance at her perfect appearance and get back to taking my books from the locker for my next class that was after this free hour.

Unfortunately, I share it with my twin stepsisters.

"I wish I had a chance with Ray before he left," Brittany, the younger twin sighs disappointingly. Ray was pretty cute and I knew Brittany 

had the hots for him but Ray always ignored her and then there was Ashley too,

"Ray doesn't think with his dick," I retort and give them a smug look. They exchange confused looks with each other and when the meaning of my words strike in their faces turn red with anger and their cheeks puff out.

"You're such a bitch!" Tiffany grits out and Brittany smirks at me. Bitch! How dare she! Their mother was the one who slept with her boss, my father behind my mother's back and destroyed my lovely family.

"I'm sorry but that title is already taken by your mother," I counter and stride out of there without waiting for them to come out of the shock I just put them in.

It's not wrong to call a spade a spade now, is it?

The bubble of pride and happiness doesn't last for long when my phone pings with a text and I dig it out of my jeans to look at it. It's from an unknown number and I frown at it as I scroll through it.

"Feisty, aren't you? Meet me in the Room 201. Incase you haven't recognized it's me-Gage."

Gage as in Gage Mathews a.k.a Travon Ace. Ugh! How did he get my number?! That stalker! Why's he so hell bent on tormenting me?

What if I ignore it and deny receiving his text?

My phone pings again as another text comes in

"If you decide to ignore me then I'll press send ;)" A winky face? Really?!

Stomping up all the way to the Room 201 in my rage, I imagine a thousand ways to kill him. I could just choke him by thrusting chalks down his throat or I could surprise him by shoving my pencils in his back. I shudder at all those violent murderous thoughts and chide my thinking. See what you did to my poor innocent brain, Travon Ace.

I stop outside the oak door that had '201' engraved on it. What could he possibly want from me in a room that has not been used for a long time? Did he finally plan to get rid of me? Oh god! Run away Violet! 

But if I ignore him, he'll press send and ruin my well planned life. What do I do? 

"You'll die!" I imagine him roaring with a sinister laugh before piercing a knife through my chest.

Shuddering at that horrifying image, I grab my pencil as a form of defense and tentatively turn the door knob and push the door open. It opens with a creak and I step into the room with hesitant steps. My eyes widen at the darkness that has absorbed this room. The only light in the room is the light of the hallway pouring in through the door I kept open behind me.

"Close the door!" A low, thick voice snaps at me from the darkness and I narrow my eyes to take in anything that I can get out of this darkness and catch a tall silhouette of a male leaning by the old table in the vacant room. I glance between the door and him and consider not listening to him.

Before I could deny him, a large amount of light surrounds the room making the darkness vanish to a large extent. Looking up, I see Gage standing by a broad, tall dusty window and a black curtain was pulled aside for the sunlight to creep in. I guess nobody used this room because there was only one window.

"I'm not going to kill you so shut the door," he rolls his eyes and I frown at him but eventually close the door and lean my back against it with my arms crossed against my chest. This room looked like it was an old classroom by the looks of the dusty, broken seats that were strewn about. Some sort of Math equation was also residing on the green board reminding me how much I don't love Math.

"Good," he grins as he unbuttons his shirt. My jaw drops open in shock and I pivot on my heels away from his unabashed behavior and direct my gaze to the door.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I exclaim in fear that he might try something inappropriate with me.

"Relax, you're not that pretty to do something to," he chuckles and I bite my tongue from growling at his disturbing statement. I wasn't like Arianna or one of his female fans but still I knew I wasn't ugly.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," I reply sarcastically and he laughs once through a shuffling motion. Tell me he isn't undressing behind me.

"I've got a fight in an hour and you're covering up for me," he says and the shock of his words makes me turn around to give him a glare. But instead- I brazenly stare at his naked six packed, cut, chiseled torso and my mouth goes dry. Why did this A-hole have to look like a Greek god? Thank god, he's not totally nude; at least he's wearing his jeans-jeans that were hung low on his lean hips. 

Keep your head sane, Violet!

"You like it?" he grins smugly as he pushes his nerdy clothes in his back pack.

"I've seen better," I roll my eyes and notice his now grey eyes. What the hell? They were brown until yesterday. Even if he was wearing contacts, what was his actual eye color?

"Tell Jeremy, I passed out in the hallway so you dropped me at home," he throws a white half sleeved t-shirt over his upper body.

"Why don't you tell him yourself that you're sick and leaving?" I ask as he groans lowly.

"Arianna will insist Jeremy on driving me home since we ride together everyday to school and since she's just that good," he explains, "I don't have time and they don't know about this fight thing and I want you to give them a reason behind my random act of disappearance so they wouldn't check on me."

"Wouldn't he doubt about my sudden act of humanity?" I frown as he pulls a black blazer over his t-shirt drowning himself in that total bad boy look.

"Just speak wisely and that won't happen," he walks up to the window and slides the glass aside, opening the window. Is he going to jump through it?

"You'll kill yourself," I dead-pan and he just gives me that hot grin.

"Its not that high and I've been doing this for four years," he winks at me as he slings his backpack over his shoulder. I walk up beside him to peer at the ground he was about to crash on. He was right; it wasn't that high but it wasn't safe either.

"Why don't you save yourself like you've been doing for four years?" I bite my lip and that grabs his heated attention and I frown at him.

"I want to try your skills," he speaks in a low voice and straddles the window before he swiftly jumps down and lands a neat fall without breaking any of himself. Dusting himself off, he looks up at me and motions to his intact form.

"Break a leg, Landon," he hollers and runs off toward the backyard of the school.

Skills in what? Lying?


"Constipation?" Jeremy asks as I approach him at his Soccer practice on the field.

After practicing for a full thirty minutes in the girl's bathroom as to how I was going to approach his gang and lie to them about Gage's sudden disappearance. Gage told me to give them a wise reason and all that came up in my head was that word.

Constipation? That wasn't wise but that'd do it.

"Is he okay?" Arianna asks in a concerned voice. She always came up to Jeremy's Soccer practice as they rode together to school. Thinking about his gang, where is Eddy?

"I dropped him at home after he passed out due to intense pain in his stomach," I reason and hope for them to believe it. Its constipation Violet, not labor pains, doesn't have to be this dramatic.

"Let me call and check up on him," Arianna says as she takes out her phone from her branded clutch and begins to dial. Do something, Violet!

"No!" I manage to scream-yes scream- and both of them look up at me with confounding expressions.

"I mean he said he'll be sleeping most of the time so not to disturb him," I give out a rushed reply and they nod in understanding after a long pause. Phew! My secret is safe because if Gage gets in trouble, I'm in trouble too. It's like we're tied by the same Thread of Life like in the movie Hercules I saw when I was a little kid.

"I've also informed his next class' professor Mr. Reynolds," I add when I remember what Gage might do if something went wrong. I did inform Mr. Reynolds. He just gave me a confused look asking me whether someone passes out due to constipation. I just shrugged him off with a nervous smile and walked away.

"Okay, thanks um-," Arianna runs her head for some recognition. Don't try it girl, you don't know me.

"Violet," Jeremy offers and I stare at him astonishment. He remembers me.

"You remember me?" I ask him with wide eyes and he chuckles as his blue eyes search my brown ones.

"How can I forget the girl who tried to kill me with that Bunsen burner?" he grins and I know he's just playing with me. Out of the corner of me eye, I see Arianna getting uncomfortable as she begins fiddling with her thumbs.

"You deserved it," I reply and take a step back as he grins at me. What a jerk!

"I gotta go, Kayla's waiting for me, she's my ride back home," I point to th exit of the field and turn around after I wave them good bye.

"Hey Violet, just so you know, the offer still stands," Jeremy hollers loudly from behind me.

"You're in my biology lab, right? Just so you know, it'll be a scalpel this time," I holler back and his guffaw penetrates into the thin air behind me.

Stupid jocks and their equally stupid flirting habits.


"What, you can't be serious, Mom?"

When I reached home, Mom opened the door for me before I could even knock and pulled me inside then into her arms. She took my back pack off my shoulder and threw it on the couch. It was strange because she never acted this way.

Pushing me into the kitchen, she served me a slice of my favorite cheese cake which I'm sure wasn't baked by her.

Somehow all of this scared me to death.

But when she opened her mouth and told me that she was selected to represent her hospital at the National Nurse Conference that was going to be held in Ohio this year. I couldn't contain my happiness and hugged her congratulating her on her success. She even performed a little jig for me and I couldn't stop from laughing at her.

Who says good things don't happen?

But when she opened her mouth and told me that she was going to be away for 2 weeks, it didn't bother me much. If she was away, I could take up more rides for Will and earn a hell lot of money. If she was away, I don't have to sneak in through my bedroom with the fear of getting caught by her.

I was going to be a free bird.

Who says best tings can't happen?

Until she opened her mouth and told me she cannot leave me alone at home. I decided to argue with her on this but she cut me off with those torturous words that held the power of bleeding my ears to death.

"You asked your friend to let me stay with them for 2 weeks?" I all but scowl and she just smiles at me, hoping she'd avoid my anger.

Who says worst can't squash the best things to death?

"C'mon Violet, I'll be restless knowing that you're home all alone," she reasons with a pout, "I can't help but imagine a burglar thrashing in-ugh-bad thoughts!"

"Mom, I'll be fine-," she cuts me off with that 'you-better listen-to me-otherwise-you'll have to face my-wrath' look that all the mothers give when it gets pretty serious. I want to argue but I can't when she's giving me a pointed glare.

"Fine," I sigh dejectedly and she grins as she engulfs me in a breath taking hug.

"Who's that friend of yours?" I ask as I gobble a huge bite of the cake and she gets back to her slice os the delicious cake.

"Maria Mathews, she's my high school friend," she says as I nod at her and shivers in response when the realization of the word Mathews crawls up my spine trailing chills all the way up along its path.

"Her nephew studies at your school-what was his name," Mom furrows her brow thoughtfully as she wracks her head for a name. Please don't be what I'm thinking. 

Please god, please- I won't ask you for anything ever again.

"I remember," she chirps as she snaps her fingers, "Gage Mathews."

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Save me the horror!




Well thats it for tonight i hope you liked it as much as i did, don't forget to follow me and let me know what you think:·)


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