That Bad Boy In Glasses

Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal.

Gage Mathews is a rich bad boy with a hot body, white fury and arrogance. What's so different about him? He is a bad boy who disguises himself as a nerd and hides the image of a fighter behind it. Why does he do that? That's his dark secret.

Violet's low-key life is threatened when this bad boy/nerd discovers her well kept secret and she discovers his!

One Bad boy. One Deal. What could possibly go wrong?


5. Screw you, Bad boy!

Violet's POV:

Secrets always come with a liability of getting exposed.

The interesting part about them is- You try to hide them skillfully and they get revealed to the world in the worst, most unimaginable way.

And that worst, unimaginable way is standing right in front of me, smirking at me. Gage Mathews a.k.a Travon Ace.

"A guy, really?" he crosses his muscled arms over his chest and smirks at me.

"An underground fighter, really?" I retort and manage to wipe the smirk off his face in a millisecond.

"Your smart mouth will get you in trouble," he frowns at me and sits on the hood of Jeremy's flashy car.

"As if I'm not in trouble," I snort and his obnoxious laugh breaks into the surrounding. His laugh is hot-even if I don't want to admit that I find myself doing just that.

"Ironic, isn't it? Instead of you, I'll be the one telling my friends your secret," he draws air quotes around the word secret.

"You can't do that," I cringe at those words when I remember doing the same to him this morning. I know I didn't have any right to reveal his secret to my friends but the feeling of sharing something new with your friends outweighed my morals.

"I'm the one who can, Landon," his brown unnerving gaze pierces through mine.

"You won't," I counter refusing to show that he's making me feel uncomfortable. He hops down from the hood and walks up to me in a leisurely pace. I find myself watching his every step and somehow I don't look up when he approaches me.

"Watch me," his minty breath falls on my cheek when he stops an inch away from me and I realize I'm still staring at the gravelly road. I look up to defy his words but fail when my eyes lock with his. Although he's got those hideous big glasses on, I can still feel the intensity radiate off of his brown gaze.

"Then you can watch me too when I reveal your Dissociative Identity disorder," I snap, feeling brave. Good, that'll keep him in check. He glares at me and I glare back.

"Oh god! Jer you're so heavy," A whiny voice breaks the tension around us and I look over Gage's shoulder to see Eddy dragging a drunken Jeremy toward us. His one arm was wound around Jeremy's and the other free hand was holding a black heel. What was the deal with that heel?

"Put this on," a sharp but light weight gets thrown at my face and I scrutinize the thing called black blazer he threw at me. Before I could utter some sort of snarky reply, another light weight in the form of my baseball cap lands again on my face. What the hell?! I give Gage my best glare and he rolls his eyes as he points his index to my chest then to my hair. Realization hits me like a freight train and I put on the blazer and cap- once again transforming Violet into Viking.

"Is he okay?" Gage asks once Eddy approaches us.

"I don't think so," Eddy sighs and pulls Gage forward by his hand and places Jeremy's arm in his hand. Gage just snorts at him. 

"Is that yours?" I point the heel in his hand to as he comes to stand by my side. My curiosity takes over me. Gage raises his eyebrow at me and Eddy just wheezes in relief as no heavy weight a.k.a Jeremy was in his vicinity.

"That's not mine, it is the girl's, who he was sucking face with," Eddy says as he drapes an arm around my shoulder and I gulp inwardly.

"He was refusing to leave and caught hold of the girl's calf when we were dragging him away," Eddy continues.

"And the girl didn't mind?" I ask and Gage snorts like he can't believe I'm spending time on something useless. Why is he such a pain?

"She was too busy sinking her claws into another guy," Eddy chuckles and I widen my eyes in horror at the statement. Wow, they did live in a different world than mine. This was normal to them but it was kind of weird to me considering I've never experienced the affluent lifestyle they dwelled in.

Maybe I would have if my dad hadn't left me and my mom for his trophy wife and her very equally bitchy daughters.

"Let's go, it's getting late, driver," Gage throws the keys at me and I frown at him. He just smirks at me when I manage to drop the keys. It was eleven O'clock and I hate to agree, he was right.

"I'm not driving you, I'm hired for Jeremy," I jut out my chin and frown at him after I pick up the car keys.

"Unfortunately Jer was our ride to this party," Eddy points out sheepishly, 

"It's kind of late so we'll be sleeping over his place for the night." Gage oh-so-irritatingly smirks at me and his lips twitch to smile in triumph.

"Why are you so wet? And why are you wearing Gage's blazer?" Eddy inquires when he takes a step to walk around me to the backseat. Gage manages to shoot an amused look in my direction and pushes an almost passed out Jeremy into back seat. Why is he sitting there? I want less trouble here and that was Eddy.

"Um it was raining, I was soaked so Gage lent me his blazer," I sputter and nod at him. Gage snorts a laugh from inside. What?! I could have just told him the story of the stupid fighting couple. Now, I can't mend the lie my mouth just spewed out. Even if I was nervous, it didn't give my mouth any right to sputter something rubbish.

"Oh, it's not raining anymore now," he nods then looks at the sky and frowns. Please let him be a dumb!

I sigh in relief when he moves into the back seat and doesn't probe me further with his interrogation.

Getting into the driver's seat, I thank God when the thought of escaping this messed up situation in just half an hour dawns upon me. I cant wait to get away from here and I'm never listening to Will ever again.

"Why isn't Gage wet?" Eddy runs his eyes over Gage from head to toe. Oh god!

"It-It was raining only where I was standing," I give out a nervous laugh along with a stupid reason and he just nods his head in approval like I've said the most reasonable thing.

I can tell one person who's enjoying my discomfort and that's none other than -Mr. Fighter here.

Shooting a dark glare at his amused self, I crank up the car and pull out of the driveway onto the road toward our destination. Eddy was constantly closing Jeremy's mouth that was popping open every five seconds and it was more like a game for him. It kind of amused me and his presence comforted me.

Gage was staring off into space and I was sneaking glances at him. Before you could decide that may be I've got something for him then that's total bullshit. I'm just taking precaution here-because I wanted to be on guard when he'd decide to jump on me with a knife.

"For a guy, your hands are pretty soft like a girl, Viking," Eddy says as he leans over the console and stares at the steering wheel or more precisely at my hands. Prickles rise on my skin and I can't help but wonder if he'd figured out my secret.

Five minutes into the car and I'm already imagining throwing myself out of this car.

"Tell me the secret behind it?" Eddy pokes my arm when I ignore his previous statement and grins at me. Why can't this guy take a hint that I'm not up for discussing my beauty regime?

"May be he's really a girl," Gage pipes in with a mischievous grin and Eddy guffaws loudly. I grit my teeth and shoot daggers at a smirking Gage.

"And may be he's an underground fighter then," I counter and his smirk falls down but Eddy manages to laugh out more. He obviously doesn't know about the internal feud that's going on here.

"And may be he's wearing a pink bra," Gage grits out and my eyes widen in horror. He didn't just say that. Eddy is obviously laughing in his own world, unaware of the fire we're belching out at each other.

"And may be he has washboard six pack abs," I frown at him as I tighten my hold on the wheel. What did you just say?

"Washboard six pack abs, huh?" Gage grins obviously enjoying at the expense of my stupid mouth. I choose to ignore him and sigh in relief when I come across the pristine street I was to drop Jeremy at then spot the address to his place among the other extravagant mansions. Good, now I can drop them all along with their car and get out of this potential hell.

"I'm beat," Eddy yawns after I halt the car in front of the tall iron gates that held I'm sure held some sort of high tech security system for the Henderson household. The gates slide open and I watch in awe at all the expensive surrounding. Wow! He was pretty rich.

I pull into the driveway of a beautiful glass encased mansion and can't stop myself from staring at all the money this house screams. Of course I knew Seaview Street was for the uptown people but still looking directly at the rich lifestyle was completely different, new and enticing.

Jeremy's face falls forward on the back of my seat and he just sleeps through it. It will surely hurt in the morning. Gage sighs in frustration and gets out along with Eddy.

Two guys dressed like butlers or were probably the butlers of the great household come running to the car nods a greeting to the guys and go in for the drunken Jeremy and pull him gingerly out of the car. Jeremy is still in his drunk stupor and they walk him into the house supporting his unsteady steps with their firm ones.

"It was nice meeting you, Viking," Eddy offers to give me a hug through the window on my side but Gage pulls him back and Eddy just pouts at him.

"I-It was nice meeting you too," I smile at him and briefly glare at Gage.

I step out of the car to leave it and go find a bus ride that would take me home. It was pretty late and it's a good thing I'm Viking for the night otherwise this job would cost me a lot.

"Wait, here's your pay," Eddy digs into his jeans and holds out a 100 dollar bill for me. But before I could take it, Gage grabs it and I jerk my glare at him as Eddy furrows his brow at him. I hate his arrogant look, his 'I don't give a damn about anything, I'm the ruler here' attitude.

Bottom line- I hate him!

"I need a ride, home," he dead-pans. Why is he not staying here?

"You're not drunk," I grit out as I cross my arms over my chest. I know it wasn't necessary for people to hire us only when they were drunk-but this was the only reason by which I could avoid this so called fighter boy here.

From the corner of me eye, I could see Eddy running his hand through his disheveled hair in confusion.

"I'll pay you double," he challenges my glare and I scream in frustration-inwardly. This guy is such a jerk!

"I'm tired," I bite my lip and wait for his remark. He just scrutinizes me with his hawk like gaze and takes out his cell phone. What is he doing?

"I'm sure your boss would love it when I'll inform him that you refused his favorite client," he smirks at me. Of course he'd know Will! He very well knows my mere No would earn my agency a bad name and he would make sure it did. Ugh!

"Sure, tell me the address sir," I plaster a fake smile and look at him.

"I'll be taking Jeremy's car-will drop it tomorrow," Gage informs Eddy and Eddy just nods through his perplexed state.

I yank the door to the driver's side open in fury and plop myself into the seat. Tightening my hands on the steering wheel in an attempt to control my anger from showing, I glare at Travon Ace as he comes around and drops himself back into the passenger seat.

I pull the car out of the driveway in a rough manner. Eddy waves at us and I smile at him through my rage. Once I'm out of the aristocratic street and onto the road, I pull off my cap and press my foot down harder on the gas pedal and the car roared in response.

"Address?" I snap, without even looking at him. I might just kill him if I look at him.

"Drive to your place," he orders and my eyes widen in terror. Did his stalker and murder tendencies decide to make their presence known, now?

"I'm n-not t-telling you," I stutter as I grip the wheel and he just stares at me with that cold, aggravating eyes.

"I'm not asking you," he raises that arrogant eyebrow at me. Something tells me I shouldn't argue but my mouth makes decisions for me.

"Go to hell," I glance at the door as he shifts in his seat to frown directly at me. I can jump out of this car or attack him with my pepper spray that's safely tucked in my jeans.

"How about I send this picture to everyone at school?" he shoves his cell phone in my space and I manage to look away from the front and my eyes widen in horror when a recent drenched picture of me with my hair down in Viking's clothes screams 'You're screwed!' in my face.

"You can't do that," I sputter in fear and he just shrugs. Even my pink bra was showing in that picture. When did he even take it? This cannot be happening to me.

"Should I press the send or Are you driving to your place?" he gives me a leveled, impassive look. It's not like you've left me with any choice.

"Fine," I scowl and take the route that will take me to my home. Why does he so badly want to visit my place? If he was planning to surprise me with the intent of killing me then I'd better sleep with a knife or a pan for protection just like Rapunzel did in the movie Tangled.

Gage remains silent for the rest of the ride and I remain angry.

We finally make it to my street and I make sure to stop a distance away from my house to keep my location under wraps. The silence in the area tells me everyone is asleep and since mom isn't home I don't have to sneak in through my bedroom window.

"What do you want from me?" I ask exasperatedly and he just tilts his head to the side examining my face. His eyes are no more hidden by those hideous glasses and they are reflecting the moonlight. He was an asshat but-he was gorgeous in a twistingly rough and dark way. He was a nerd but girls at our school fawned at him just like they threw themselves at Jeremy and Eddy.

"Am I that good-looking?" he grins when he notices me checking him out. Crimson color creeps into my cheeks and I jerk my head away from his captivating brown gaze.

"I want you," his thick voice drops an octave and I blanch at the bold statement. What the hell?!

"What?" I grit out as I scowl at him.

"Sorry-that came out wrong," he chuckles and scratches his dark head in amusement.

"I meant- I want you to cover me up when I'm out for the fights," he says and I just stare at him as if he's grown two heads. Who does he think he is?!

"What if I deny?" I cross my arms over my chest and he just grins reminding me that I've got no other choice left.

"I'm not asking you Landon-you say no and I'll press send," he motions to his cell phone and I nibble my bottom lip thoughtfully. His eyes move down to my lips and something dark crosses his face- something I can't name.

"You're an A-hole," I glare at him and get out of the car. Screw him and his split personality!

"Is that a yes?" he brushes his finger over his full bottom lip and smirks at me before holding out the money for me.

"Yes," I grit out then snatch my earned amount from his hands.

"Good girl," he winks at me as he moves to the driver's seat and cranks up the car after sparing me another one of his insufferable grins.

"Bad boy," I mumble and turn around to walk to my solace- my home but not before he leaves. I cannot let out my

"By the way, I know where you live," he chuckles from behind me and before I could scream in frustration, his car races past me along with his detestable laughter.

Did I say I hate him? If yes, I'm still gonna say-I hate Gage Mathews from every fiber of my being. Ugh!


No problem:·)

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