Blood in Time- Bad Blood

Velvet Harmony is a secret spy, and a werewolf, working with her former boyfriend and roommate from Ultimate's Spy College, Jack Brunt. Her signature is Bad Blood, as well as her pass code and registration account. She is sent on a mission against time, trying to prevent a possible bomb explosion that may destroy the whole human population, created by vampires. She is instructed to perform the mission, despite her protests, with Jack, who is now a backstabbing liar. Will she fall in love with him again? Will she complete the mission before it's too late? Or will the human population and her entire love life be destroyed?


3. 3.

I groan and check the time on my phone again. It's been ten minutes. I've been waiting in front of Jack's flat door for exactly ten minutes, and he still hasn't answered the door. I lean on the doorbell again, and shift from foot to foot. Then the door opened. " Come on in." jack said, and led me into the living room. " I'll be right back." He said, and left the room. I make my way over to the black leather couch and sit down, folding my hands in my lap uncomfortably. I haven't been to Jack's flat for nine months, when we graduated from Ultimate's Spy College. We had just finished receiving our diploma's when Jack decided to carry me to his flat. . .


I drew in a deep breath. Finally, three years at Ultimate Spy College was about to pay off, as I had just received my diploma and my first job as an agent. Stepping off the stage, diploma in hand, I made my way over to where our backpacks where gathered. The crowd buzzed around me, and a few people came up to me with congratulations as I stuffed my diploma and graduation hat into my silver and black backpack, making sure not to crush my stuff as I zipped the bag closed. I followed some of my friends into the bathrooms, where I checked my make up in the large mirror. A few of my friends threw compliments at me about my dress, which shimmered in the light. 


It was black with one off shoulder strap, a big bow at the waist, the bottom only halfway up my thighs. My best friend, Hannah Surrey had chosen it for me, and she clapped her hands in delight as I did a little spin in front the bathroom mirror. She was wearing a red dress with no straps that went to her knees, little pink and red sequins in the front. I laughed and told her her outfit looked great and, arms linked, went over to the punch table. We drank some lemonade and punch for a few minutes before Jack made his way over to us.


"May I speak with the lovely lady for a bit?" He ask's Hannah. I growl loudly, my wolf not liking the warm feeling pooling in my lower stomach at the sight of his messed up hair, his dark eyes glowing black in the dim lights. " Well certainly." She say's, playing along. She gives him a tiny curtsy, shoots me a small smile, and walks off. Jack smirks at her retreating figure for a bit, then snaps his hard gaze towards me. I jump a bit as he scans my body, then licks his lips. " Done eye raping me?" I ask sassily after a few minutes, wiggling my hips a bit. He shakes his head. " No were near." He say's, his voice husky. I practically melt inside. ' Don't you dare!' My wolf snaps. ' He's a player and you know it!' 


And I do. So I turn around and walk out into the night, throwing my cup in the trash along the way. I make it my car before I'm swept up and pressed against someones chest. Jack smirks down at me as he carry's me over to his car bridal style. " And what do you think your doing?" I ask as he fumbles for his car keys and pushes it into the lock. " Taking you home, my sweet doll." He says, throwing me into the car. I land in the passenger seat with a thump. ' Don't let him do this!' Cries my wolf, trying to take over. But I'm frozen. At least until he gets into the car. 


He leans over and buckles my seat belt, patting my head as if I were a dog. I growl under my breath, but he doesn't notice. There's something extra dark in his eye's. I gulp. " What about my car?" I ask, my voice shaky. ' Nice going. Now he know's your scared. How are we supposed to say no now?' Ask's my wolf. I ignore her. " I'll drive it home for you tomorrow." He say's, his voice smooth and se- ' No! Stop!' Shouts my wolf. I sigh and lean back. " Fine." I say, but we're already on the road. We make it to his flat in complete silence and he carries me inside. Kicking the door shut behind him he carries me into the living room and-


"Are you okay?" I'm startled out of the memory by Jack coming and sitting down next to me, a little too close for comfort. I edge away from him, unsettled by his presence. ' Good.' Say's my wolf. I ignore her. ' Oh? And how did that work out for you last time, huh?! We got raped! RAPED!' She say's. Yes, it's true. Jack raped me that night. I tried to escape. But I couldn't. I just couldn't. . . A hand waves in front my face, causing me to jump back. Jack chuckles. " You where spacing out again." He say's. " Yeah. I kind of figured that out already." I say, my voice hard and cold. I have to say that I've grown up quite a bit in the past nine months. A lot actually.


" Okay, I already read the papers, and I expect you did too." I pause to look at him. He nods. " So right now we just need a plan." I say, bringing the papers out of the backpack I brought and organizing them on the coffee table. He seems to notice it's the same black and silver backpack from when we were in Ultimate's Spy College and comments that I don't seem to have changed at all. Oh, that's where your wrong buddy. Way wrong. I thought. My wolf lets out a purr in agreement.


Over the next half hour, we planned out who we want to help us, and what route we're going to take towards where the bomb is supposed to have been planted. We also worked out a few things on what to do if we're attacked. Jack kept glancing at me and running his eye's over my body, making it a little ( okay, super) hard to concentrate. He must have scooted closer to me, like, ten times. By the time we were done, I was teetering on the edge of the couch. I have to admit that by the time I left, I was shaking like a leaf.


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