Blood in Time- Bad Blood

Velvet Harmony is a secret spy, and a werewolf, working with her former boyfriend and roommate from Ultimate's Spy College, Jack Brunt. Her signature is Bad Blood, as well as her pass code and registration account. She is sent on a mission against time, trying to prevent a possible bomb explosion that may destroy the whole human population, created by vampires. She is instructed to perform the mission, despite her protests, with Jack, who is now a backstabbing liar. Will she fall in love with him again? Will she complete the mission before it's too late? Or will the human population and her entire love life be destroyed?


2. 2.

I stare at the blue piece of paper in my trembling hands, biting my lip and shifting from one foot to the other. The human race. Destroyed. Gone.Vanished. All because of vampires. We can't let that happen. As werewolves, we have the responsibility to take care of and protect the humans in this world. I gulp, and slowly look up at my boss. " So how-" I pause to clear my throat, " How exactly are the vampire planning to, in a word, destroy the human race?" I ask him, my voice shaky. He looks down, taking off his glasses, wipes his brow, and places his glasses back on, heaving a big sigh. 


" With a bomb."  He says, his voice sounding tired. I peer at him closely. " How did they get their hands on equipment like that?" I ask, my voice steady now, yet suspicious. Maybe the vampires where lying, just to get our nerves. They are forever doing things like that. Annoying us has become like a game to them, just for fun. " They used human slaves. If the humans tried to escape, or rebel, the men would be whipped and hanged. At least from our last report. They used to be shot." I noticed how he only said 'men'. " And the women?" I ask, almost afraid to know. Although I'm afraid I already do. " Raped. Then killed. Shot. Or hanged." He said. I took in a sharp intake of breath, letting it out shakily, and nodded. That could have been me. Although I'm sure I'm in for something much worse.


What can be worse than being a human?' My wolf asks. I don't answer. My boss takes a piece of paper out of his pocket, sighing. " Here is the latest report. The vampires sent a letter to us werewolves. They have given us exactly two weeks to figure out a puzzle, and uncover a key that will give us a clue to the answer of the riddle locking the bomb. The time runs out, and all the humans are destroyed. Since this is your one of your first missions, and a very, very important one, I'm going to have you partnered. You will be working with Jack Brunt." And with that one sentence, my life was about to change forever. 


Wow. That sounded a bit drastic, didn't it? With the situation I'm in, not really.



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