turn of life

'''''''Life Turns''''
in our regular life we got many turns of our life.
thats are some are easy and some of difficult.
but when we got we have to face all of them.
make them own our turns.
make them right on our right ways.
make them easy and whatever we wanted.
life is the name of turns.
we dont know will be good turns come in our life and we joy our life with them.
people are we called them our friends.
they are just knows by names
i learn lot of my life turns.
but everyone learn on his life.
because everyone have different life.
everyone have different life lesson .
but life turn come then when we got something new our life.
as u can see if we got a friend on our life that is also called our life new turn.
that turns will teach us lot more.
you can is also called them learn chapter of life.
chapter turn will start when we friendship chapter lesson start we can is also called
them chapter by the some name.
life best day; but u read that chapter just important those are related of li


1. Turn Of Life

Turns of Life..

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