Sleepless Souls

Alaska, Cenri, and Ylva are all very different wolves that have never met. They all have one thing in common though; they all are searching for happiness in their lives. Will they be able to find what they are searching for? Or fail trying.


8. Chapter 8 (Ylva's POV)

She ran till she felt she was for enough out of her territory. She had been crying most of the way. She didn’t even know where she was now as she looked around. It had been early morning when she left the house but now it was closing in on night.

She knew she should eat soon but she was too emotionally drained and tired to hunt for anything. She couldn’t fathom why her parents would do this to her. What she thought was going to be just another normal day turned out to be her getting betrothed to some other random Alpha wolf that she had never even met before. A snap sounded in the woods and she snarled, turning to the noise.

“Who is there? Show yourself.” She demanded.

A wolf emerged from the brush of the woods and as it saw her, it’s tail wagged with excitement. He was a mostly purple wolf except for some black that ran from his back to his tail and around by his muzzle. She realized that he was not of her clan as there was a black diamond on the center of his head. This let Ylva know that the wolf standing before her now was the same boy that she had talked to earlier. The same wolf who she was betrothed to.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, still standing her ground.

“I was worried about you.” Vidar told her with a softness in his eyes. He was too much of a lover to ever appeal to Ylva. Too soft. Too vulnerable. She laughed and rolled her eyes at him.

“Please, you don’t even know me Vidar. We only met today, you can’t worry about me.” Ylva scolded him.

“But, I was worried about you!” Vidar exclaimed. “Look, I get you don’t know me,” Vidar paused, “or like me but I want to show you that you can trust me and like me.” Vidar told him with a small smile.

“Doubtful. You are too soft for me to like you.” Ylva stated flatly.

“Ylva, come on please. Give me a chance and I’ll prove to you I’m worth it.” He pleaded. She was annoyed with him now as he would not take no for an answer. She only wanted to be left alone how did he not see that?

“You don’t get it do you? I don’t want a mate I want to explore the land and be able to do whatever I want and not worry about anything I just like to be alone.” Ylva growled. “Which means I’ll never like you.”

Vidar seemed to withdraw from his previous stance and whined quietly. Ylva shook her head. She was screaming at him and all he was doing was being nice to her. This was not how she was, Ylva reminded herself.  She frowned and sighed, looking up at him.

“I’m sorry, that was out of line.” Ylva told him. His ears were laid back in sadness as the ice they stood on began to crack.

Neither of them had time to react as the ledge they stood on gave out from underneath them. With distressed barks they both fell down through the ice and into an underground cave of ice. This sent them sliding down the ice, fast. Taking quick turns Ylva tried to remain calm as her paws couldn’t grab hold of anything. She tried to remember how to get back so that when they reached the bottom it wouldn’t be hard to get back home. She was knocked out cold though, when she hit her head hard against ice.

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