Sleepless Souls

Alaska, Cenri, and Ylva are all very different wolves that have never met. They all have one thing in common though; they all are searching for happiness in their lives. Will they be able to find what they are searching for? Or fail trying.


6. Chapter 6 (Cenri's POV)

Cenri ran till her legs were sore and the tears that were in her eyes had dried on her fur. She only really came to her senses when she heard the faint sound of whining what wasn’t her own. Coming out of the brush to a rock formation she usually came to when she was upset there seemed to be another wolf occupying her spot. He was cream colored with white markings on his feet and neck as well as his face. The thing that let her know that he was not of her clan was the black tips he had on the top of his ears. She got closer and the male shot up and looked directly at her.

    “Who are you?” The male wolf growled. Tears were prominent on his fur.

    “Cenri, I’m from the Eastern clan.” She explained to him calmly “Who are you?”. His growl subsided and he laid his head back down.

    “I’m Orbit from the Western clan, what do you want?” He asked her.

    “From you? Nothing, I heard you whining and I usually come to this spot when I want to be alone.” She admitted to him.

    “Same here.” Orbit sighed. She decided to level with the wolf as he was clearly not in a mood to do anything to her and she didn’t like seeing anyone upset.

    “Mind if I stay here with you?” Cenri asked.

    “Sure, go for it, though not many would want to hang around me.” He whined. She had no idea what he meant by that but decided that it was best not to pry into his life in case he got upset at her over it.

    “Well there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you other than the fact that you’re moping is enough to make even the happiest wolf, utterly depressed.” She told him. That seemed to bring a smile to his face as he laughed softly.

    “Thanks,” He said, “I never got to actually ask you because of my ‘utterly depressed’ nature, why are you here anyways?” He questioned her. There were those words she heard often but what followed after them was what Cenri really dreaded as no one seemed to help her in the way she wanted to.

    “Just running away from my problems I guess.” She said quickly. Cenri waited for the constant reassurance that nothing was wrong and that she was fine like everyone else would tell her but his eyes softened and his full attention was on her now. This was new to her as his look let her know that he was actually caring about what he had to say.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” Orbit asked.

    Cenri laughed sarcastically and looked up at him, “are you kidding?” She asked. He looked at her with confusion on his face before he spoke.

    “No? Why wouldn’t I want to help someone who needs it?” Orbit told her, a seriousness in his tone.

    He began telling her about his problems too, talking about his younger sister who he was protective of and how now he couldn’t protect her as much now that she was a Beta. He also told her about why he was an Omega and how he hated it. This began to make her more comfortable around him.

    Cenri was cautious at first but she eventually opened up to him, telling him about the problems she had at the moment but then opening up more and more about problems that she didn’t even know were bothering her until now. He listened calmly and offered his input here and there which were all helpful. He made her happy she realized and she promised herself that she would befriend him as he was the only wolf that seemed to be there for her. Even though she had only known him just today and he was an Omega.

    “That all sounds tough. It’s really a shame that you don’t have anyone to tell this to before. Do you even have a place to stay tonight?” Orbit asked.

    She thought it over for a moment. Cenri did have a place to stay but that was with her mother. Which, Echo also lived with her mom. She didn’t want to go home and deal with Echo or what he would corner her with. They were over, she reminded herself. What was the point in staying with him now that he would be long for who knows how long and he never listened to her anyways?

    “No, I don’t have a place to stay. I figured I would just stayed here tonight.” She told him. He shook his head and got up.

    “No, it’s going to be too cold tonight to stay out here to sleep. I won’t allow you to stay here and get sick. You can come home with me.” Orbit stated seriously.

    “Seriously?” Cenri asked with doubt.

    “Yes, I wouldn’t joke about helping someone out that needs it. Especially if you are planning on sleeping out here in the cold.” Orbit smiled, nudging her up from her laying position.

    “So what do you say? Stay the night at my place, I’ll be here for you as long as you want me to be.” He smiled and Cenri swore that even through his fur she could see a slight blush. She thought it over before nodding and responding.

    “Yeah, I’d love to.” Cenri smiled as they both began to make their trek back to his house.

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