Sleepless Souls

Alaska, Cenri, and Ylva are all very different wolves that have never met. They all have one thing in common though; they all are searching for happiness in their lives. Will they be able to find what they are searching for? Or fail trying.


5. Chapter 5 (Alaska's POV)

The walk to the meeting place was mostly quiet. Alaska would catch Shamuz looking over at her and when she would meet his gaze he would look away quickly. He would also ask general questions and make small talk here and there. Alaska responded with short answers. She didn’t know if she was frustrating him or what but he certainly looked uncomfortable.

“How long have you lived with that Omega?” Shamus asked.

“How did you know he was an Omega?” She said, posing him a new question.

“If I’m going to be the next Alpha I have to be able to tell what rank everyone is. Plus I can smell it on him.” He stated. This angered Alaska as she didn’t let anyone push her brother around just because of his rank as she stepped in front of Shamus and growled.

“What's that supposed to mean? You can smell it on him? Are you taking cheap shots at him just because he’s an Omega?” She growled. His eyes were wide with surprise as he answered,

“no, no, I actually just really can smell people’s ranks it's part of being Alpha. I’m sorry if I offended you.” Shamus responded quickly.  She withdrew herself from his path and began walking again.

“Good, if I find that you ever try to bully him I will make sure you can never have offspring.” Alaska threatened. There was a soft whine that came from him. They began their walk of silence again till Shamus spoke up yet again.

“Are you two mates?” Shamus asked, not realizing how inappropriate the question was. All Alaska could do was laugh hysterically and clutch her sides at his words. Shamus’ face grew red with embarrassment as he growed.

“What’s so funny? Tell me!” He barked. Alaska laughed a bit longer before she responded.

“He’s my brother, Shamus.” She answered. “My adopted brother.” His blush seemed to grow more as he looked away.

“Oh, my mistake?” He seemed to laugh with her a little bit. “Was it really that funny?” He asked and she nodded.

“It was pretty funny.” She told him. Alaska smiled as she thought it was cute at how flustered he got about so she decided to keep at it.

“Why are you inquiring about if I have a mate or not anyways? Are you trying to see if I'm available for you?” She asked.

“No! Why would you even think that?!” He barked. She shrugged and giggled.

“Just wondering but I’m glad that you don’t like me.” Alaska smiled. He went to retaliate but it was too late as they were already there all he could do was whisper, “I never said that either.” into her ear. Betas had gathered to welcome Alaska into the group, she knew some that her mother had introduced her to but others she didn’t.

“Welcome, Beta Alaska.” Alpha Nico said with a smile. He looked a lot like Shamus but with more maturity to his face. He also had black hair compared to Shamus’ dark red hair. He also had silver eyes like Shamus and stood a towering height, giving off an intimidating aura. Though knowing him since she was a pup she knew that Nico was harmless to her.

“Thank you, Alpha Nico.” She told him, bowing slightly.

“Please, you’re a Beta now. You can just call me Nico.” He winked at her. She smiled back at him in return.

“Everyone, this is Alaska. Daughter of Beta Alexis, her mother. Please make her feel welcomed and may she bring our clan much prosperity.” Nico said loudly as howls of approval echoed through the area.


After the ceremony was over it was settled that Alaska would be hunting with a new team. Her new team consisted of Indigo, Cody, and Shamus. All of them besides Shamus being Beta’s. Both of them were really nice as they told Alaska about themselves and made her feel more welcomed than her old hunting team of Subordinates she was used to hunting with. She focused at the change in tone of the wolves as a lot of them became hushed. Alaska looked around, trying to see what caused all the change. When she saw him it was already too late. Her brother, Orbit was surrounded by a group of Beta’s. Alaska knew what was to come next. Usually with any of the other clan members they would treat Orbit the same as they would any wolf but Beta’s were different. Alaska guessed that actually getting a title and a rank changed some wolves to look down on others.

“What are you doing here Omega?” One Beta growled.

“I just came to see my sister, let me pass.” Orbit said politely.

“An Omega like you wouldn’t have a sister that was a Beta, do you think we are stupid?” Another said and before he could respond and explain himself he was surrounded by other Betas that were murmuring and calling him names. Alaska wanted to run to him, to comfort and protect him as he didn’t deserve this. As she went to run to him a hand grabbed her arms and pulled her back.

As she looked behind her Shamus had a firm grip of her arm.

“Let me go.” She demanded.

“If you go out there to protect him the others will lose respect for you as a new Beta.” Shamus stated. “You need to let Orbit deal with this on his own, no matter how hard.”

As she looked away from him and back towards the crowd, Orbit was already gone. His white and cream colored wolf pelt run away and towards the woods. His black tipped ears laid back in anger. Alaska let out a long distressed whine as she watched her brother run away. She wanted to comfort him, she was always there for him.


A whine matched her own as she turned back again to see that Shamus was also whining, a look of worried was painted on his face.

“Look, let’s get out of here. You probably don’t want to be here anyways.” Shamus frowned and pulled her along with him past the others and back towards his home.

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