Sleepless Souls

Alaska, Cenri, and Ylva are all very different wolves that have never met. They all have one thing in common though; they all are searching for happiness in their lives. Will they be able to find what they are searching for? Or fail trying.


4. Chapter 4 (Ylva's POV)

The small wolf jumped from rock to rock just outside her territory in the Northern woods. She wanted to explore every cave that was nestled in her lands, every hill that reached up to provide her space to watch the morning sunrise or the last glimpses of the sun before it gives the sky a rest. Ylva loved finding all sorts of creatures, both prey and not, and observing the peacefulness they held.

Everyday she seemed to travel further and further out of her territory. The only reason she really stayed around was because of the love she had for her family. If Ylva were to leave it would crush her parents and the clan would no doubt make up rumors as to why she left when she was the only descendant of her father, the Alpha of the clan. She truthfully just loved the freedom she felt when she could go wherever she wanted.

A howl echoed through the woods now and she recognized it easily as her father's calling her back home. She sighed as she hopped down from the rocky ledge, shaking off her yellow and purple coat before running back towards the village.


Ylva shut the door behind her as she entered the house and hung up her coat on the rack. She brushed the dirt off her clothes. Though she was the Alpha’s daughter she was not the type of wolf that liked to stay inside and practice her manners or be super lady like.

“I’m home!” She called out.

“Oh! Ylva come into the dining room please!” Her mother called back to her. She did as she was told and made her way into the dining room. Her mother was sitting there, but so was two random males she had never seen before. One was obviously the father of the other as he was more poised and mature looking.

“Oh, I didn’t know we would be having guests.” Ylva stated as she smiled at them.

“It was a surprise to us too.” Ylva’s mother, Talia said. The older man stood up and the boy followed suit.

“I’m Jericho and this is my son, Vidar.” Jericho said, shaking Ylva’s hand. Vidar did the same but also kissed her hand.

“Pleased to meet you, Ylva.” Vidar smiled. She looked him over, confused. He was a fair skinned medium height boy with brown hair and deep green eyes. He was charming no doubt but Ylva was not the type to be easily swooned by really any wolf. She looked over to her mother for guidance but all she did was shrug.


Her father came into the room now and smiled as he put a strong, firm hand on Ylva’s shoulder. Coming from the Northern clan they were already bigger wolves in that they were covered with thicker pelts. Her father was normally a fairly large golden wolf with blue eyes that sparkled like a stream. She could always tell how he felt by looking at his eyes. He was muscular, like a lumberjack and had the same golden hair in his human form with his caring blue eyes and a beard.

“You came quickly, Ylva.” Her father, Kyron, said.

She nodded, “well yeah I figured it was important.”

“It is, sit down so we can all talk.” He said gesturing to a seat next to my mother. Ylva sat hesitantly as she still didn’t understand why she was here and waited for someone to speak.

“Obviously we are in a war with a new clan to the area and we need your help with the war and since we need help and Alpha Kyron wouldn’t help so we were thinking about declaring war on your clan too.” Jericho said.

“So we decided that since you’re almost eighteen years of age that you would get married to Vidar to make peace with our clans and so that we can unite our clans to be bigger.” Kyron told her. Her head spun. Was she hearing them correctly? Ylva couldn’t have been hearing them right. She had her whole life ahead of her; not getting married to some other Alpha she had ust met moments prior.

“What?!” Came out of Ylva’s mouth.

“Hun, I know this is hard to take in.” Her mother started.

“Do you? I don’t think you understand how hard this is this at all considering you didn't have this sprun on you at your age you chose to be with dad and I don’t get a choice at all.” She hissed venom at her mother.

“Ylva…” Vidar started.

“Don’t act like you are here to comfort me when you’ve only met me today.” She growled at him. Vidar withdrew into his seat.

“I need time.” She stated after calming down a little bit. She got up from the table and quickly made her way to the door. She put on her coat and, turning into her wolf form, ran out of the house swiftly.

“I can go after her.” Vidar said quietly. “She is right in saying that this is unfair but I want to get to know her. Ylva may not like me right now but just looking at her right now let me know that she was perfect to be my mate.” Vidar said. “If you’ll excuse me.” He pushed his seat in and also threw on his coat and before anyone could respond he was out the door, chasing after who he figured was his love.

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