Sleepless Souls

Alaska, Cenri, and Ylva are all very different wolves that have never met. They all have one thing in common though; they all are searching for happiness in their lives. Will they be able to find what they are searching for? Or fail trying.


3. Chapter 3 (Cenri's POV)

Cenri laughed as her friends play fought under the rocky ledge. She was part of the Shadow Keepers Clan of the Western woods, their clan mark being some sort of mark at the center of their foreheads in their wolf forms. It was easy to tell who they were though as they weren’t in their human forms that much. She had lived here since she was a pup and now she only lived with her mother, Nia and her brother, Luka. Her oldest brother had already left the house and had moved in with his girlfriend now. Cenri never really talked to her brothers except for on the rare occasion when she ran into them. As for her mother, she was close with her but they both could get on each others nerves. Cenri was closing in her final months of being a teen wolf and would become a young adult wolf.

She was dating a wolf by the name of, Echo. He was a dark chocolate brown wolf with blue eyes and a white line on the center of his forehead in his wolf form. They had been dating for a few months now. She figured she would end up moving out of her mother's house with him as he was the only wolf that had been with her this long. He laid next to her now, slightly bigger than Cenri. Cenri was happy, she really was happy she told herself. Or rather tried to convince herself of it. She had a decent family and her boyfriend never was mean to her but she always had a sense that something was missing in her life. It was a feeling that had been creeping on her for awhile now and she couldn’t place it.


Was it possibly that things had just been going too well for too long and she was getting bored? Or was it the fact that the clan had been getting more rowdy because of the war against another rival clan. She never cared much about the war, it was a stupid quarrel about land and who was the better Alpha, which Cenri wanted no part in.  She wouldn’t have to go to war with the other wolves either which was nice.

“What are you thinking about?” Echo asked. He must have stopped talking to his friends and realized that Cenri was no longer listening to what he was saying.

“Nothing.” She answered quickly. Cenri was never one to share her feelings to others that didn’t care to listen to them. Echo was one of those people that would listen to her problems but he would never think that they were a big deal at all.

“No, I can see it in your eyes, you’re thinking about something. Come on, Cenri, tell me.” Echo practically begged her.

Cenri sighed, “fine, I’m just feeling down lately.”

“Oh, it’s probably because of the war and everything. I wouldn’t worry about it if I was you.” Echo said with a smile. Cenri rolled her eyes, though she liked being with Echo he never really listened to her problems and gave her any helpful advice. He never wanted to talk about anything seriously and Cenri found herself spacing out, alone, often.

She didn’t respond to him though as she nodded and got up to leave before Echo called out to her.

“I just remembered, I needed to tell you something too. About the war.” Echo stated. Cenri knew what words were to come next. She didn’t want to hear them but she knew it was going to happen, Echo was a Beta. Of course he would be recruited.

“Since I’m of the age now and a Beta I’ve been asked to help fight in the war between us and the other clan.” Echo frowned.

Cenri didn’t want to believe him. He had been with her almost everyday since they started dating and now she wouldn’t see him or even hear from him for a while. She didn’t want to deal with this.

“So what now then?” She questioned him.

“So, I still want to be with you Cenri, obviously.” Echo told her.

“You won’t see me for months, maybe a year or longer. Why would you want to stay with me?” She growled out, her anger rising at how dumb the situation was.

“You are not leaving me over this you hear me, Cenri?” Echo growled back.

“That’s not your choice to make.” She said as she ran off, away from him and away from the situation at hand.

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