Sleepless Souls

Alaska, Cenri, and Ylva are all very different wolves that have never met. They all have one thing in common though; they all are searching for happiness in their lives. Will they be able to find what they are searching for? Or fail trying.


2. Chapter 2 (Alaska's POV)

When Alaska awoke she had slept through a whole day into the morning of the next. She loved sleeping, she would stay in bed forever if she didn't have a job to do. The sun just started rising and she knew that Orbit would be making breakfast about now. Orbit was her practically adopted brother that her parents had taken in before she was born. His mother died shortly after he was born and before that, his father had abandoned the clan. This had made it so that Orbit was ranked as an Omega of the clan. Being about two years older than Alaska, he was now her only parent. He wouldn’t be mad at how long she had slept either because of how the death of her mother had drained her these past weeks. She got dressed and headed downstairs, still groggy from sleeping almost eighteen hours.

“Orbit?” She called out to him, making sure he was here.

“Yes?” He answered her in his deeper but friendly voice. Alaska saw that he had made a bigger breakfast than usual.

“Wow, are we feeding the whole clan this morning?” Alaska joked as she grabbed a plate and began filling it with food.

“Well I figured that since today is a big day for you, I would make sure that you got a good start to the day.” Orbit explained. She was going to start telling him about how he didn’t need to start treating her any differently just because she was a Beta now till there was a knock on the door. Orbit moved to get the door as Alaska quickly finished up her meal and tried to see was behind Orbit on the other side of the door. As Orbit moved out of the way and Shamus entered the house. He looked the same as when she had seen him a few times, same longer, dark red hair with red ears that had black tips and a creme color on the inside. He had grown since she had seen him last, being almost as tall as Orbit now with beautiful silver eyes that peered into hers deeply. Today he was wearing cut up jeans and a flannel shirt. He also had his signature bear claw necklace that he alway had on.

“You must be Alpha Nico’s son.” Alaska said as she got up to shake his hand. He shook it back with a little bit of force and as she looked into his eyes again she swore she could see an emotion close to that of desire and care in his eyes. It honestly set her off a little bit but she chose to ignore it.

“Yeah, I’m Shamus. I’m guessing you must be Beta Alaska?” Shamus said.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked after letting go of her hand. She smiled,

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She answered before she walked outside with him.

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