I'm an Imaginary Girlfriend.

Cinder is an imaginary girlfriend made from the group of boys at an all boy camp, where no girls are aloud- at least, not any real girls. When camp is over, and the boys go home, Cinder is moved to the Foster Home for Imaginary Friends. This is the life of the imaginary girlfriend.


2. 2.

I feel dizzy, like I'm spinning, tipping on the verge of existence. Probably because I am. Not yet real, yet slowly getting there. That's what I'm doing. The people, males, inventing me are slowly talking out what I can make out as the characteristics I'm going to have. " I feel like she's already in the room." Say's one. " What color hair?" Ask's another. They all agree on brown, and by what I hear, I can make out that there are at least fifteen boys are in the room, deciding on what I will be stuck with for the rest of my life. " Brown eye's." Say's a boy, who seems to be younger than the others, at least by his voice. " No, blue!" Shouts one. Several agree on brown, and the rest on blue. " So brown." I hear, and by the silence I'm guessing their nodding.


" White skin. She has to be white." Say's who I have come to think of as Youngest Boy. " Hey!" Say's someone in the background, who I'm guessing is black. But they all agree on white, even him. " I want her to be an emo kid with dyed red hair." says a boy. Probably because your emo, then you want me to be too. I think. " Fine." Mumble few boys. " How old?" I hear Black Boy ask. They all agree on fourteen. Great. Considering things, I'll be raped at just fourteen. " Then we'll close are eye's, and imagine her as we've discussed." Say's a male with a thick, strong voice. I practically shiver at it. I probably would have if I could, whether I liked it or not. Which I don't. The sickly feeling makes me feel insecure. " With all the characteristics that will make her perfect."


The others make an agreeing sound in the back of their throats, and after a moment, I feel something soft pressing against my back. Then I take my first breath, sucking in air. It tasted pure, and unnatural. I hear gasps around me, then Emo Kids voice, " It worked. It worked!" He said, softly shouting the last part. " Yes!" A couple boys shout. I hear slapping sounds, probably pats on the back, and little mini cheers. I slowly move my fingers, listen to my gentle breathing, feel the rise and fall of my chest. Then, I slowly open my eyes. I'm met with piercing blue ones. 


My breath hitches and I let out a tiny shriek. A few boys chuckle, including the one hovering in front of me. I'm sitting on black and purple striped seats, and I push the sheets toward him in a mad scramble to get away from the boy. I let on another tiny shriek as I fall off the side of the bed and land on the hardwood floor of the wooden cabin. A shooting pain makes its way up my spine and I'm sure I've bruised my tailbone. A boy with blonde hair and dull blue eye's bends down and picks me up, gently placing me once again on the bed as if he feels I'm about to brake if he's any rougher. I don't blame him. I feel as if I might break myself.


" What's going on? Where am I? What am I?" I ask, and although my voice is urgent, it still sounds and feels strong and smooth. Definitely the opposite of how I feel. The boys glance at each other. " Your an imaginary girlfriend." Said a boy with fire truck red hair. " We created you." I roll my eye's. I kinda figured that out a long time ago. " So little girl, you belong to us." Say's one, and I notice he's the one with the thick, strong voice. He has brown hair, brown eye's, and a perfect build. My eye's linger on him a little longer than usual and he smirks. I look down and blush, and coo's are heard around the room. " You are our's." He said again, " And your name is Cinder."


And that's when what I'm going to call my ' feisty side' kicked in. It kind of surprised me, since I didn't really know I had one. " Oh? And what if I want my name to be Winter? Or Blizzard? Or something that's not a weather name?" I say, my voice challenging. I kind of figured out by now that I know just as much as any other fourteen year old. " What gives you the right to name me? You already decided all the characteristics that I'm going to have for the rest of my life. I should at least get to pick my own name." I've moved to sitting with my back against the headboard and my knees drawn to my chest. I notice I'm only wearing super short white shorts, a black and white crop top that seems to be more like a bra, and a tiny sparkly silver bracelet with the word ' mine' scribbled in black. I wonder which boy came up with that.


They boy I'm going call Dark Boy because of his voice just chuckles and shakes his head. " Because we created you. You wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for us." He say's. I think for a second. I guess that's true. But what if they hadn't invented me? Would I have been invented by someone else? These questions are giving me a headache. I was about to say 'I guess so' but I didn't get a chance to speak. We heard some shuffling, and then Dark Boy dived into the bed with me, pulling me down under the covers and shielding my body with his. I was about to protest, but he slammed his hand over my mouth and a second later I heard the unmistakable creak of the door opening.


" Boy's? What going on in here? It's 3:00 A.M. in the morning!" An older male voice says. " Sorry counselor. We where going to play a trick on Drake here. We're sorry." Say's Emo Kid. It takes me a second to realize he's talking about Dark Boy. So that's his name. Drake. The name causes me to shiver. Drake shoots me a knowing smirk under the covers, and slowly slide his hand up and down my thigh. " Yes well, I'm glad you opened up and told me that. I'll let you off the hook this time, but next time I see you guys fooling around or staying up late, there will be consequences." Say's the counselor, his voice sounding tired and worn. He doesn't wait for an answer, and the door bangs shut behind him. 


The boy's slowly file out to go to their own rooms, murdering goodbyes to me, and ' don't try anything without us' to Drake. And then their gone. Drake gently nips and tugs on my ear, then he softly kisses behind it. I shiver in pleasure, sending a sick feeling to my lower stomach. I squirm in discomfort. " Tomorrow, " He nips my ear again," We're going to have so much fun with you." He nuzzles close to me, and a few seconds later I hear the steady pace of labored breathing. After a few moments of trying to get out of his impossible grasp, I snuggle down and fall asleep.




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