I'm an Imaginary Girlfriend.

Cinder is an imaginary girlfriend made from the group of boys at an all boy camp, where no girls are aloud- at least, not any real girls. When camp is over, and the boys go home, Cinder is moved to the Foster Home for Imaginary Friends. This is the life of the imaginary girlfriend.


1. 1.

My name is Cinder, and I'm an Imaginary Girlfriend, created by the group of boys that where attending a boys only summer camp. During my time there, where the boys never let me escape, I was used for many things, including ( you guessed it) sex. One boy even got the idea of imagining me into a werewolf, so now I can speak with my wolf in my head, and turn into a large white wolf. Too large, if you ask me. After camp ended and the boys went home, I was taken to Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, where I was fed, given a room, and put up for adoption. Who knows what could happen next in the life of an imaginary girlfriend. . .



This is me:



My wolf:



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