Brains over Beauty

"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal."

Veda isn't the girl to mess with. Especially when it came to her knowledge. But when she meets Adonis Lewis, she's in for the ride of her life.


7. Trip to the Devils Part 1

Before school, Veronica dropped Adonis and Veda off at the entrance.

"We have to go to Aunt Brenda's house after school," Veronica tells Veda. "She said she had something for you."

"I really don't want anything from her," Veda says. Their Aunt Brenda wasn't their favorite relative. She was the only relative they had in New York but wasn't the kindest. The only reason why they weren't living with her because Veronica was old enough to keep Veda and Venus.

"I know, but she said it was suppose to be yours ages ago. So after school, you have to go see her."

Veda sighed and walked inside the school.

"What she say?" Adonis asked.

"I have to go to my aunt's house after school."

"Oh cool!"

"Not really. She's not really the most, liked."


"Yea. But I have to go since she has something for me."


They walked in silence a while after.

"Hey Adonis," Veda says, breaking the silence.


"Do you think you can, uh, come with me?"

Adonis smiled.

"Yea, I can. Do you think she'd let me?"

"I really don't care. I just don't want to be there by myself."

"Veronica isn't going with you?"

"No, she has work. So I have to take a bus to go see her all the way on the other side of New York."

"I'll definitely go."

"Why?" Veda grew confused.

"Because it's a journey we get to go on. This'll be fun."

Veda smiled. 

"Yea, it will."


After school, Veda and Adonis started walking towards the bus stop.

"Hey wait!" Adonis pulled Veda's arm.

"What is it?" 

"How long does it take to get there?"

"By bus it would take 2 hours, by foot it would take 3 and a half, and by bike it would take 2 and a half."

"Of course you would memorize that by heart," Adonis says while Veda smiles. "Well, can't we take the long way?"


"I don't know, I just wanted to take the long way. Unless you wanted to get to your Aunt's house faster."

Veda raised a brow. She knew that Adonis was hiding something but couldn't put her finger on it.

"Fine. We can take the long way."

"Great! That's more time to spend with her," Adonis thought.

They walked through the city of New York. The tall buildings standing tall above them.

"Wow!" Veda stared with admiration. Adonis took this as time to really look at her. He noticed how Veda's curly brown hair wasn't fake hair (weave) and was naturally loose. How her glasses propped themselves up whenever she smiled because her cheeks bones were high enough to do that. How-

"ADONIS!" Veda yelled. Adonis snapped out of his trance.


"If you weren't too busy staring at me, you would've heard me. I asked you if you wanted to get something to eat."

"Oh, uh, yea. Where do you want to go?"

"There's a McDonald's ahead."

"Yea but I kinda wanna dine. Chill, you know? How about the Red Robins? We can get a quick bite."

"Sure, I guess that's fine."

Veda checked the time. 2:24pm. "If we take at least a half hour to eat then we'll be out by 3. That has us getting there at 6 and getting home around 8 if we take the bus."

"If you're done doing math in your head, I'd like to start walking now," Adonis said.

Veda rolled her eyes as they continued. They got to Red Robins and were seated at a small table.

"So how did you know I was doing math in my head?" Veda asked sipping on her iced tea.

"You make a certain face when you think. It's kinda cute," Adonis answers. Veda looks away. A shade of crimson appearing on her cheeks. "So, what are you getting?"

"I don't know. I don't really want to buy something big."

"We could split a burger. It's not something too big and it saves us money."

"Yea, we could do that," Veda agreed.

When the waitress came by, she took their order. Adonis had agreed to try Veda's favorite burger, the tropical burger.

"What is that anyway?" Adonis asked, handing his menu to the waitress.

"It's a regular burger with pineapples and teriyaki sauce in it. It's really good."

"Doesn't sound to good."

"Don't judge things by what they sound like. I listened to the way Romeo Santos talked and never thought he was the guy who sang really high. He sounds really good though. And so does this burger."

"Did you really compare Romeo Santos to a burger?"


Once their food came out, Veda cut it in half and handed some of it to Adonis.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" Adonis asked as he watched Veda wait for something.

"Not until you try it," Veda said. She had noticed Adonis' hesitation to eat the burger that was held in his hands.

"Fine. But if I don't like it, you're paying."

"Fine by me."

Adonis took a bite of the American Meal and began chewing.

"Mhm," He moaned. Veda smiled,

"Looks like I'm not paying."

Adonis rolled his eyes as he ate more of his meal.

"You know what's funny?" Adonis asked.

"Not you?"

"No," Adonis rolled his eyes once more, "That I got a date without making you laugh."

"This isn't a date," Veda says. "It's simply a shared meal. Plus, I eat lunch with you all time. This is no different."

"I don't know. We're splitting a burger, by ourselves, eating together. I made you blush-"

"You did not make me blush!" Veda yells a little too loud. Everyone in the resturant looks at her. "You did not make me blush," She yells a little quieter.

"I did."

"You didn't."

"But I did."

"But you didn't."

"We can do this all day."

Veda rolled her eyes.

"Fine, you made me blush," She admits quietly.

"Ha! Looks like you're not a such a tough nut to crack, huh?"

Veda laughed at his stupidity which made him smile even more.

"This can't get any better!" Adonis thought.

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