Brains over Beauty

"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal."

Veda isn't the girl to mess with. Especially when it came to her knowledge. But when she meets Adonis Lewis, she's in for the ride of her life.


4. Stuck with you

No! This can't be happening! Not to me! Of all people in the world why does this have to happen to me?

Veda was almost near tears when she found out she had a big project due. A group project. And to her luck, Adonis was paired with her less to her liking. That meant, more time she had to spend with him, more time she had to talk to him, more time she had to waste on him and she had no more time to waste.

"Looks like we're meant for each other, DuBois," Adonis said with a smile. Veda growled and rolled her eyes.

"You shouldn't complain," Piper says. "Pageant girls don't complain."

Veda's blood boiled. She wasn't in the mood for any of Piper's comments. 

"Hey, leave her alone," Adonis said which caught Veda off guard. "What she's doing has nothing to do with you."

Piper only looked at him. She was confused and angry at the same time. Piper walked away and Veda looked at Adonis.

"Why'd you do that?" She questioned.

"She needs to leave you alone. She's kinda of annoying anyways. Had to say something to her."

Veda just gave him a look.

"So I'll see you at your house?" Adonis asked. Veda nodded. She had wrote her address on a piece of paper since she still wasn't giving Adonis her number.


At home, Veda tried to get her house together before her partner arrived.

"You're boyfriend coming over?" Venus asked her sister. 

"He is not my boyfriend," Veda says. "Not even close. He's just a classmate that has to come over to do a project."

"Does he have a little brother?" 

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing," Venus ran to another room and Veda continued cleaning. Time later, Adonis arrived with someone with him.

"My brother had work so I had to take him with me," Adonis says before I ask.

"And who is this?" Veda gives a small smiling looking at the little boy. He looked a lot like Adonis. Same light brown skin, and brown eyes. 

"Jaylen," The little boy answers. Venus walked by the door, catching Jaylen's eye. "Whose that?"

Veda turned around to see her little sister waving.

"Oh, that's my sister Venus. You two can go play if you want," Veda says and Jaylen follows Venus to the other room.

"Well that was easy," Adonis says. Veda rolls her eyes. She let's him in and he looks around. "Where are your parents?"

"I don't live with my parents."


Veda shook her head.

"Who do you live with."

"My sisters. It's just us three."

"Then where are your parents?" Adonis asked.

"That's none of your business," Veda says with a slight growl. Adonis looked at her nodding, not wanting to further anger her.

They worked put all the their stuff on the dining room table and began working. 

"Veda?" Venus calls walking into the kitchen.


"I'm hungry. Can I have a sandwich?"

"Yea, baby. I'll make you a sandwich. Go ask Jaylen if he wants one."

Venus nodded and ran to the room. Veda got up and took things out to make Venus' lunch. As she took out bread, she sighed.

"Would you like something, Adonis?" Veda asked him. Adonis gave a shocked look.

"Yea. Uh, please," Adonis says with a chuckle. Veda nodded and began making lunch.

"Veda! Phone!" Venus ran to her older sister and handed her the phone.


"Hey, V. I'm gonna be running late home," Veronica says over the phone.


"Um, work. You think you can hold down fort for a few more hours?"

"Yea, I guess."

"Thanks, sis. I owe you one."

"You owe me two," Veda reminds her, "But I'll see you when you get home."

Veda hung up.

"What did Ronnie say?" Venus asked. 

"She's gonna be out for a couple more hours."

"Aww. I wanted Ronnie to meet Jaylen," Veda gave Venus a small smile.

"It's okay," Veda says kneeling to her level. "Ronnie will be able to meet Jaylen. Now you go give Jaylen his sandwich and go watch Impractical Jokers in the living room."

Venus nodded, kissing Veda on the cheek and running to the living room.

Veda gave Adonis his sandwich and sat down. It was an awkward silence for a minute before Veda spoke.

"We don't live with our parents because our mother died and our dad left us."

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that," Adonis says. "If it makes you feel any better, the same thing kinda happened to me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, my dad died in a car accident and my mom's in jail for prostitution. It's just been my older brother Jayvon, Jaylen, and I."

"Oh," Was all Veda said. She didn't think there was someone that was kinda like her. Adonis was the closest person to feel her pain besides her own sisters.

"Hey Veda," Adonis says.


"You think we can give, at least, being friends a shot?"

Veda gave a small smile.

"Sure. We can do that."


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