Peyton, Paige and 5SOS

Sorry but I didn't write this but my friend charzbear01 did


1. Concert Tickets

Paige's POV Hi, my name is Paige. It's my birthday today so my mum got me 5sos concert tickets, so I'm taking my friend Peyton with me. We've known each other since we were in kindergarten. The tickets say that we are in the second row in the middle, which means we can see the whole stage so that is a plus. But the bad thing is that we have to stand the whole time, oh well, as long as we're going that's okay. Right now I'm wearing black leggings, a grey NASA shirt, white vans, my hair in a pony tail and I have sunglasses sitting on top of my head. I'm just waiting for Peyton to be dropped off by her mum then we can go to the concert. "Paige, Peyton is here so get your stuff ready" my mum says poking her head inside the door. "Mkay" I reply before grabbing my bag before heading down the hallway into the kitchen where Peyton is waiting while our parents are talking about Peyton sleeping over for the night. I look at Peyton's outfit to see that she is wearing black skinny jeans, black vans, a green day shirt, a red flannel and she has her hair down like she always does. Peyton plays the drums so she brought her drumsticks so in case 5sos sign things. "Peyton your mum said that you can stay the night after you guys get back from the concert okay?" mum says towards Pey, "yeah sure thanks". "Yeah, now...LET'S GO PEOPLE!" I yell before running out the door towards mums car. My sister is staying with a friend tonight so we don't have to take her with us. "Next stop, 5sos" mum says before starting the car.
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