Show me the world

Lisa moves to London and an adventure is waiting for her.


3. The apartment

A few days have gone by and we had a good look in our new house. It's an apartment on the 5th floor of quite a big building. The apartment is not small, but it is definitely smaller than the house we had before. Today, all of our stuff will arrive and once it gets here, we can start to put things together, starting with our beds. Tonight will be the first night at the house and I hope it won't be too loud here in the middle of London. "Mom?" I ask. "Yes?" She replies. "I was wondering, when do the boxes arrive at the house?" I ask my mom. "Online it says it should be between 14:00 (2pm) and 15:00 (3pm), we should probably leave soon. Go get your stuff, I'll call a cab." She answers. I look at my phone to see what time it is. 13:22 (1:22pm) it shows. Oh darn, I really need to hurry. I start to put all my stuff back in my suitcase I brought to the hotel and when I'm done, my mom says we have to go.


The cab drops us off at the apartment building and we go inside. Whilst we are clumsily keeping the elevator doors open and trying to get all the suitcases in, 2 young men walk into the lobby. They look at us and hesitantly ask, "Ma'am, sir, do you need help?". My dad is very stubborn and says "No thank you, we can handle it." I look at them, smile and say "Sorry, my dad's very stubborn and we just moved here." They smile back and nod "Okay, then we'll just wait." They say. I get the chance to look at them and realize they look really cute. They both have pretty long hair, but the tall one has brown hair and the shorter one has black hair. One thing that really stands out is how colorful the shorter guy is clothed and how dark the other one is clothed. As I am looking at them I completely forget what we were doing and realize the elevator doors just closed and I am not in the elevator. "Shit!" I mumble to myself. I push the elevator button and wait for the darn thing to come back down. "Guess you'll have to join us in the elevator." The tall guy says. "Errr, yeah. I was lost in thoughts and I didn't realize they finally got all the suitcases in. I feel stupid." I say. Then the shorter guy says: "Oh, don't feel stupid! Things like this happen to me all the time, it's like the clumsy gods made me their favorite human to experiment with!" Then the tall guy jumps in quickly: "ANYWAY, which floor are you going to go to?" He asks me. "The 5th." His face changes. "So you are our new neighbours! Welcome! Oh I am Dan by the way and this here is Phil." "Hehe, thanks Dan, hi Phil! My name is Lisa, nice to meet you." I say as we walk into the elevator that had just opened.

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