Show me the world

Lisa moves to London and an adventure is waiting for her.


2. Moving!

So, yep. Today is the day. Yesterday, we sent the last boxes with stuff in the mail to our new address and today we are getting on the plane to London. I am a excited to go to London, but also a bit nervous. It's my first time flying and luckily it's only an hour from Amsterdam to London.

Right now I am waiting at the gate, I am surprised we found it on time, because Schiphol (Amsterdam's airport) is pretty big. We were also a little late, because of all the goodbyes. Especially me and my best friend took a long time to say goodbye. After tons of 'you'll come visit me soon, right?' and 'We will Skype and FaceTime and text everyday', my parents were finally able to separate us and drag me to customs.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will now start boarding flight 2309BA to London. Please look at the screen to see when you have to get in line." I look at the screen and then at my boarding pass. Me and parents have to get in the first line and after a while we are finally on the plane. Once it's taken off I close my eyes and before I know it, we are back on the ground.

We took a cab to a hotel close to our new home and now I am sitting in my bed. We are getting the keys to our house tomorrow and once all of our stuff arrives we can move into our new home. I am really excited to decorate my new room with some fun DIYs from Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube. But for now, I am going to sleep and wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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