Finding Love In Jail


4. Will You Be Mine

Carla Alvarez

Today I am going to the mall with David just to hang out. I am actually nervous because of the short time I've know him I grew to have a crush on him and I actually do like him. I get nervous around him , he has a nice smile and he gets me and I get him. I was dressed in a pair of black leggings , a striped crop top with m leather jacket over and a pair of jordans I put my hair in a neat bun and headed to my white Range Rover. 

Getting inside I strapped myself in and adjusted my mirrors and drove to David's house. 

When I arrived at David's house I turned my car off and got out and walked to the front door. Knocking on the door three times a David's mom whose name was Sarah.

" hi is David here " I asked nicely 

" yes he is and he would not stop talking about you and yes he is " Sarah said and just then I see David come up behind his mom.

" mom seriously " David said shaking his head 

" what " his mom said 

" what you just said " David said 

" oh sorry but it's true...but anyways you two go and hang out and have fun " Sarah said and she said bye to David and the both of us got in my car.

" your mom seems nice " I said 

" when she wants to be " David said 

" you guys are fighting again " I asked 

" yea " he said 

" what happened this time " I asked

" so yesterday we got in an argument because I can home at like two in the morning then I went to my friends house and didn't come back till early this morning and she was like yelling at me saying I thought you would stop doing this " David said 

" oh wow maybe you two should go talk to someone " I said 

" I don't know...I can't take much more of her " David said

" it'll be okay you just have to grit your teeth get through it " I said 

" I guess " he said 

" what would you do if your mom just all of a sudden dies " I asked

" I don't know I probably would regret all the shit I put her through " David said

Once we arrived at the mall I parked my car and we both got out then began to walk inside. The first store we went to was a shoe store that sold Vans, Nikes, Jordan's, and Converse. 

Going inside the store I looked at the Nike Roshes I asked if they had a pair of all black ones in an six and a half then the lady went to the back and came out with the shoe box. Taking the right shoe out I took my right shoe off and tried on the shoe. The shoe fit me perfectly. 

Taking the shoe off I put my shoe back on then put the shoe back in the box. I then grabbed the box and went to the cashier. 

" did you find everything okay " the cashier asked

" yes I did " I said 

" your total will be seventy-two forty-five " the cashier said and reaching in my jacket pocket I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to the cashier.

The cash register opened and the cashier gave me twenty-seven dollars and fifty-five cents in change. Thanking the cashier I grabbed the bag that had my shoes in it and walked out the store. The next store we went to was a clothing store. Walking inside we looked around. Towards the end of looking around I had a few tips and pairs of pants. David ha a few tips and couple pairs of pants. 

" where to next " I said 

" food court " David said 

" on we go " I said and smiled and we walked to the food court where we stood in line at Chipotle.

" you eat Chipotle " David asked

" I eat anything " I said and I ordered a chicken bowl with a lot of meat and David got a teriyaki bowl. 

After I paid for mine David paid for his. Finding a table we sat down and began to eat.

David Moore

When we began to eat that one question I want to ask her but to nervous to was running through my mind. 

" can I ask you something " I asked

" yea " Carla said and I opened my mouth to say something but closed it. 

" you'll probably say no " I say nervously 

" just ask me " Carla said 

" I'm just gonna say something first...look Carla I like you a lot actually and even though we've know each other for a month and two days I feel like I've known you for a long time- " I said and was cut off by Carla

" wait are you asking me what I think you're about to ask me " I said and I laughed 

" like I was saying I feel like we've known each other for a long time, you get me and I get you " I said 

" I know " I said 

" so what I'm trying to say is would you go out with me " I asked

Carla Alvarez 

Hearing that last sentence made me jump on the inside with glee. On the outside I smiled. 

" oh my gosh uhm I - how do I say this " I said 

" say what " David said 

" I like you too like I really do I just wanted you to say it first so yes I'll go out with you " I said 

" really " David said 

" yea " I said and when I was half way done with my bowl I put the tip back on it and put it in the bag. 

Grabbing David's hand we walked to a candy store. I bout M&Ms and David bought Skittles. After getting candy David and I interlaced our fingers and walked out to my car.

Getting inside we strapped in our seat belts and I drove to David's house. Once there David got out after kissing me on the cheek. 

Waving bye to David I drove home. 

Going inside the house I went to my room setting my stuff down. I took off leather jacket and walked to the sky deck and sat down then began to text Kayla. 

[ Text Convo ] 
Me - omg guess what😊
Kayla💕💐 - what😳
Me - remember that boy I told you about the bite boy👦🏼
Kayla💕💐- yea what about him
Me - he asked me out😍
Kayla💕💐 - when😮😳
Me - today at the mall
Kayla💕💐 - do I get to meet him tomorrow
Me - yea 
Kayla💕💐 - I'm so excited 
Me - me too 
Kayla💕💐 - we're on our way to your house 
Me - why
Kayla💕💐 - my mom wants to talk with Annett 
Me - what happened😳
Kayla💕💐 - nothing
Me - oh okay see you 
[ End Of Text Convo ]

After texting Kayla I went back to my room and turned on the tv. 

Minutes later I hear my front door bell ring, I had got up and walked downstairs to see Kayla, Michaela, my aunt Janelle and uncle Damien. 

Kayla and Michaela came over to me.

" so I need help on choosing what bikini to wear or can I borrow one of yours " Kayla asked

" I'm pretty sure we're not the same size " I said 

" or come with me to buy one " Kayla said 

" you have plenty at home don't you " I said 

" I need a cute one " Kayla said

" is your ex going " I asked 

" I don't know your boyfriend going " Kayla asked 

" yea and Nancy is going too " I said

" really " Kayla said 

" yea she told me she's going to see me there " I said 

" it's gonna be hell of turnt up " Kayla said 

" heck yea " I said and by that time Michaela, Kayla and I were in my room sitting on my bed. 

" tomorrow is going be like project x but with our parents there " Kayla said 

" sort of " I said picking up my phone and I called Ashleigh's number then added Nancy in a two way call. 

[ Phone Convo ] 
Ashleigh💖💋 - sup best friend 
Me - I out you guys in a two way call 
Nancy💋💕 - so is everything ready for tomorrow 
Ashleigh💖💋 - yes I got the dj caterer and jumper for the kids 
Me - guys guess what
Nancy💋💕 - what 
Ashleigh💖💋 - who got into a fight
Me - nobody got into a fight by anyways guess who's not single anymore 
Nancy💋💕 - wait that boy asked you out 
Ashleigh💖💋 - what boy 
Kayla - a boy she met at the scared straight program last month 
Ashleigh💖💋 - when did he ask you out 
Me - today while we were at the mall
Ashleigh💖💋 - what's his name 
Me - David 
Nancy💋💕 - is he the same age as you 
Me - yea
Ashleigh💖💋 - is he coming tomorrow 
Me - yes
Ashleigh💖💋 - I can't wait 
Me - don't be mean 
Nancy💋💕 - we're not mean
Me - just don't scare him off 
Nancy💋💕 - whatever you say 
Me - please for me 
Ashleigh💖💋 - okay fine
Me - thanks guys love you 
Nancy💋💕 - love you back
Ashleigh💖💋 - love you too
[ End Of Phone Convo ] 

" what bikini are you wearing " Kayla asked me as I hung up 

" I don't know but I'll find one in my bikini drawer " I said 

" now thinking about it maybe I left one here " Kayla said 

" go look " I said and Kayla got up and went to my dresser and opened  my bikini drawer and began to look through it. 

" isn't this mine " Kayla said and I looked over to her holding up a white brazilian print bikini.

" looks like it " I said 

" cause I remember when I spent the night one time I left it here " Kayla said 

" then wear it " I said 

" yes ma'am " Kayla said saluting me 

" shut up " I said laughing and for a few hours Kayla and I sat in my room talking and watching Netflix until she went home. 

As I was getting ready for bed from my bathroom I hear my phone ding. I went over to it to see David texted me. 

[ Text Convo ] 
Bæ😎💕 - are you sleep😊
Me - no😐
Bæ😎💕 - okay what are you doing😁
Me - nothing watching Netflix👌
Bæ😎💕 - what movie
Me - a haunted house✌️
Bæ😎💕 - oh just wanted say goodnight 💤 beautiful 😍🌹
Me - awe goodnight to you too😘
[ End Of Text Convo ] 

Laughing at David's text I turned off my lights and laid in bed.

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