Finding Love In Jail


5. Pool Party

Carla Alvarez

Today is the day of Ashleigh's pool party. I had just got done getting dressed in my mint tropical twist bandeau bikini top with white tie side bikini bottoms. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a black chiffon cover up. Putting on my white patent flip flops I put my curly hair into a bun then grabbed my phone and left downstairs.

I then sat in the couch and waited for Annett and my dad. While waiting I decided to text David.

[ Text Convo ]

Me - are you almost ready

Bæ😎💕 - for what

Me - the pool party

Bæ😎💕 - oh I'll get ready now

Me - alright love you ❤️❤️😁

Bæ😎💕 - lol😂 love you too❤️💖

[ End Of Text Convo ]

Getting up I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle and drank some out of it. When my dad and Annett came downstairs we left the house to the car and got in.

" can we go pick up David dad " I asked

" where does he live " my dad asked

" about six blocks down " I said

" okay " my dad said and he drove to David's house then I texted him saying we were outside.

A few minutes later David's front door opened and he walked out waving bye to his mo then got in the car.

" are you ready to turn up " I asked

" you're funny " David said

" you don't turn up " I asked

" all that way up " David said

" yas " I said and David laughed and soon enough we arrived at Ashleigh's house.

Cars were parked everywhere, my dad found somewhere to park and we all got out and walked to the front door where I knocked and the door opened to reveal Ashleigh's mom Elizabeth.

" welcome everyone's in the back " she said and stepped aside and we walked to the backyard and I see Ashleigh.

" Ashleigh " I yelled and she turned around and her eyes widened then I ran to her and lunged myself to her wrapping my arms and legs around her.

" best friend I missed you " Ashleigh said

" I missed you too " I said

" thank god you showed up " Ashleigh said

" I wouldn't miss it for the world " I said

" so is this him " she asked looking at David then at me.

" yup David this is Ashleigh my best friend besides Nancy " I said

" hey " David said

" sup " Ashleigh said and when my dad and Annett went over to where the other adults were Ashleigh, David and I went to where the kids were which was by the pool.

I took off my shorts and my cover up and jumped in the pool.

" get in Ashleigh " I said

" why didn't you wait for Kayla and Nancy " Ashleigh asked

" cause I thought you were getting in " I said

" Nancy and Kayla said they are pulling up " Ashleigh said and a few minutes later I look over to see Kayla and Nancy walk to the back and I got out of the pool and ran over to Nancy.

" oh so you give her a hug first " Porsha said

" shut up I see you almost everyday " I said

" hurtful " Kayla said

" get out yo feelings girl " I said

" you're so mean " Nancy said

" I see her everyday " I said

" still " Nancy said

" okay sorry cousin " I said

" I feel loved " Kayla said

" get out your feelings " I said

" so is he here " Nancy asked

" yes Ashleigh met him " I said

" what does he look like " Nancy asked

" dark hair with blue eyes and he has body " Ashleigh said

" where he at " Nancy asked

" with my cousin and some other dudes who I don't know " Ashleigh said and I followed the girls over to where Ashleigh's cousin was.

When Nancy looked at the boys she stood there quiet for a few seconds.

" which one of you is David " Nancy asked

" who's asking " David asked

" I'm asking " Nancy said

" and who are you " David asked

" Carla's best friend Nancy " Nancy said

" the one that speaks her mind " David said

" that's me " Nancy said

" what can I help you with " David asked

" nothing now I just wanted to know who David was " Nancy said

David Moore

When Carla's friend left I looked at my friends with a weird look on my face.

" what was that about " Kevin asked

" I don't know " I said and Kevin he's Ashleigh's cousin which I didn't find out until I seen him and he told me.

" who was Carla " Eric asked

" the one in the plain white bottoms " I said

" she do got a nice ass " Eric said

" aye that's my girl " I said

" you asked her out yesterday huh " Eric asked

" yea " I said

" my bad I'm sorry but damn " he said

" they're all mixed " John asked

" looks like it " I said

" Kayla the one in the white and pink flower bikini is mixed with Mexican white and black also Carla is too " Kevin said

" what about that Nancy girl " John asked

" black and white " Kevin said

" explains why they all have nice butts " John said

" aye that my cousin man " Kevin says

" sport not sorry " John says and I laughed then we got to go to the pool.

Carla Alvarez

I sat down with Nancy at the lounge chairs talking about David.

" he is too fine you always get the cute ones even in middle school " Nancy said

" no I don't what about Richard in eighth grade " I asked

" he went out wit you before he went out with me

" what about Antonio in freshman year " I asked

" I guess but still " Nancy said

" he was cute though he has some bomb ass eyes " I said

" you're taken remember " Nancy said

" I know " I said

" want to get in the jacuzzi " Nancy asked

" sure " I said then Nancy and I got up and walked to the jacuzzi and got in.

We sat back and relaxed and ended up floating to each other.

" why am I floating to you " Nancy asked

" it's a love cuzzi " I said

" David need to be in here not me " Nancy said

" no " I said

" why " Nancy asked

" because we barely started dating it's going to be weird and awkward " I said

" whatever " Nancy said and I laughed and sat up looking around and seen Kayla's ex boyfriend Isaiah walk to the backyard where we all were with his new girlfriend on his arm.

" oh my gosh look " I said pointing and Nancy sat up and looked to what I was pointing at and gasped with wide eyes.

" oh no he didn't " Nancy said

" I think he did " I said and we got out the jacuzzi and walked over to Kayla's ex boyfriend Isaiah.

" what are you doing here " I asked Isaiah

" I'm here for the party " he said

" don't lie " I said

" I'm not lying " Isaiah said and I looked over o the girl on his arm wearing a a light blue bikini.

" who is she " I asked

" Taylor this is Carla and Nancy " Isaiah said

" hi " Taylor said

" hey " I faked smiled at her and Nancy grabbed my hand pulling me away from Isaiah and Taylor before I could slap him in the face.

Nancy pulled me over to where Kayla and Ashleigh were sitting at.

" guess who's here " Nancy said

" who " Ashleigh said

" Isaiah and his new girlfriend Taylor " Nancy said

" why didn't you met me slap him " I asked

" cause then Taylor would've jumped in and we all would've been fighting " Nancy said

" so what at least I get to slap him across the face " I said

" Kayla wouldn't want you to do that " Ashleigh said and I looked over at Kayla who has her eyes closed with her head leaned back relaxing.

" what " she said

" would you care if I slapped Isaiah across the face " I asked

" no " Kayla said

" see she doesn't care " I said and began to walk away only to be pull back by Ashleigh.

" calm the hell down " Ashleigh said

" can we go swimming " Kayla asked

" yes " Nancy said

" yay " Kayla said and we all got up and jumped in the pool.

" let's play a game " I asked

" what game " Ashleigh asked

" what about chicken " I suggested

" Kayla's on my team " Ashleigh said quickly and went underwater and Kayla got on her shoulders then Nancy did the same thing and I got on her shoulders.

Once we got stilled Kayla and I pushed each other until one of us fell. When I couldn't get he to fall down I squeezed her left boob causing her to yelp out.

" ow Carla you cheater " Kayla said rubbing her boob and that's when I pushed her making her ode balance causing her and Ashleigh to go underwater.

" we win " I said

" that's cause you squeezed my boob and it hurt " Kayla said

" sorry " I said

" I think I have breast cancer " Kayla said

" stop over exaggerating " I said

" that hurt come here and let me squeezed you left boob " Kayla said

" nah I'm good " I said

" I'm hungry " Nancy said

" me too " Kayla said and reading all of our minds Ashleigh's mom had walked outside.

" food is ready " she said

" Ashleigh bring me a burger with cheese and ketchup " I said to Ashleigh

" okay " she said nodding her head then her, Nancy and Kayla went to go get us all food then I got out and sat down and we all began to eat.

" your mom is a good cook " I said to Ashleigh

" I know huh " Nancy said

" thank you " Ashleigh said and we sat there and ate and talked for a few minutes then waited ten minutes.

After waiting we got up and we all got in the jacuzzi.

" the is life " Kayla said

" yas " I mumbled

Kayla Jackson

As the girls and I were in the jacuzzi relaxing I could feel eyes staring at me. I turned my head to Isaiah looking straight at me as he looked up from his phone. I then turned my head to the girls.

" why is he staring so hard " I said

" who " Carla said

" Isaiah " I said

" he probably misses you " Ashleigh said

" he has been texting me saying he's sorry and he wants to get back with me " I said

" see " Ashleigh said

" why don't you go talk to him " Nancy said

" I'll talk to him later " I said and time went by and we were still in the jacuzzi relaxing.

Eventually we all got out and Friday off. I sat down on the lounge chair and began to completely dry off.

Once I was dry I began to put my clothes on and I feel someone tap my shoulder, I had looked up to see Isaiah.

" Kayla " I hear Isaiah say

" what " I asked in an annoyed tone

" can we talk " he asked

" don't you have a girlfriend " I said

" come on Kayla I really am sorry " Isaiah said

" okay " I said

" I miss you I really do " he continued

" if you don't shut up and go to your girlfriend Taylor " I said a are you kidding kind of tone then began to walk away.

" come on Kayla please I'm sorry " Isaiah said

" okay you can say sorry all you want it won't change anything so go back to your girlfriend and leaver alone " I said and I walked away from Isaiah over to where Carla, Nancy and Ashleigh were sitting at.

" so what happened " Carla asked

" he kept saying sorry like no I can't deal with a sorry " I said

" week what do you want him to say " Carla asked

" I don't know " I said

" you're so difficult " Ashleigh said

" well I can't help it what can I do with a sorry " I said

" forgive him and take him back " Nancy said

" I can't " I said

" why " Carla asked

" he's already with someone else " I said

" you know he rather be with you than her " Ashleigh said

" you guys don't get it " I said

" enlighten us " Nancy said

" once a cheater always a cheater meaning if he cheated once he'll do it again " I said

" maybe he learned his lesson and won't do it again " Carla said and I started to think maybe they're right

" I'm so frustrated over the situation " I said running my fingers through my hair

Carla Alvarez

After talking with Kayla everyone was leaving so we got up and went to the front of the house.

" Ashleigh call me so we can hang out sometime " I said

" I will maybe we can go bowling " Ashleigh said

" definitely yes " I said

" alright bye you guys drive safe " she said

" alright bye " I said

" see you " Nancy said

" I'll miss you " Kayla said

" you girls have my number so call or text me " Ashleigh said

" will do " Nancy said and I hugged Ashleigh then got in the car with my dad, Annett, and David.

My dad started the car and we drove to David's house.

" I don't think Nancy likes me " David said

" she doesn't know you to not like you " I said

" she walked up to me like she wanted to fight me " he said

" she's always like that when meeting new people " I said

" really " David asked

" yea " I said

" wow " he said and when we arrived at his I said goodbye to him and my dad drove home.

Once we got home we got out the car and I headed up to my room. I turned on the shower and got in washing the pool off of me. When I got out I dried off then put on black cotton pajama shorts, a gray just let me sleep t-shirt and slipped on my black ugg fluff flip flop slippers.

I put my wet hair in a bun then went to the kitchen and made a ham sandwich with some hot Cheetos them with a cup of fruit punch. Going back to my room I sat on my bed and began to eat. When I finished eating I threw the trash away and watched Netflix.

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