Finding Love In Jail


3. Hanging Out

Carla Alvarez

I was sitting on my bed relaxing watching tv when my phone began to ring. I picked up my phone to see David😎 calling. 

[ Phone Convo ]
Me - hello 
David😎 - whatcha doing
Me - nothing watching tv 
David😎 - well if you're not doing anything later do you maybe want to go out to the movies with me
Me - as a date and to see what 
David😎 - Lucy 
Me - I'll see
David😎 - okay bye 
Me - bye 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

' Was he really asking me out on a date rite now ' 

I don't know why but for some reason I all of a sudden feel nervous. Setting my phone aside I continued to watch what was on tv which was 22 Jump Street. 

That movie is so funny. Officer Schmidt was hanging upside down saying he's gonna die and Officer Jenko was like you're not gonna die. 

Anyways I sat there on my bed deciding on what to wear. Grabbing my phone I checked to see what time Lucy played at the movie theatre we were going to which started at 2:00 and it was 1:00. 

So I have an hour to get dressed , drive to David's house to pick him up then drive to the movies. I got out of bed and went to my closet and got dressed in a pair of high waisted black jeans , a white crochet crop top and black bamboo spike platform booties. I left my hair naturally curl then grabbed Michael Kors cross body bag putting my phone and some money inside. 

Leaving my room I headed to my car. I strapped myself in them drove to David's house. 

He gave me directions to his house last night. Anyways when arriving at David's house I got out of my car and knocked in the door. After about a few seconds later a lady answers the door.

" you must be Carla " the lady said 

" yea " I said 

" hi I'm Sarah David's mom you were in the scared straight program last month huh " Sarah said 

" yes " I said 

" would you like to come in " Sarah asked

" sure " I said and Sarah allowed me inside and I sat in the living by room. 

" would you like anything to drink " Sarah asked

" no thanks " I said 

" I'm sorry to hear about your mom " Sarah said 

" it's fine " I said and just then David walked down the stairs.

" hey Carla " David said 

" sup David the movie starts at two o'clock " I said 

" then let's go " David said 

" alright " I said and David said bye to his mom and we got to my car strapped in our seat belts then I drove off to the movies.

When at the movie theater I parked and we got out and stood in line.

Once at the front I got two tickets to Lucy. As David and I got in we went and stood in line to get popcorn and drinks in which David paid for since I paid for tickets. After getting popcorn we went to room number two and sat at the top in the middle. When the previews played I turned my phone down. What Richard did was not okay he handcuffed the briefcase to Lucy knowing she doesn't know what's in there how messed up. If it was up to me I would've killed Richard myself.

The part that had me tear up a little was when Lucy was on the phone with her mom saying how she could still feel the kisses her mom gave her when she was little. After about two hours the movie was over everyone clapped and cheered including me and David. 

All I could was it was good. When leaving the theater David decided to play the arcade games.

" want to race " David asked

" be prepared to lose " I said 

" yea rite " David said and we put a quarter in the racing game and began the race. 

At first I was in the lead but David caught up to me then I was behind him. That's when I realized David had won. 

" damn it " I cursed 

" told you " David said 

" whatever " I mumbled 

" don't be sad get glad " he said 

" shut up " I said

" are you doing anything tomorrow " David asked 

" why " I said 

" I was going to ask if you want to go to the mall " David said 

" sure and you still didn't answer my question " I said 

" what " he said 

" was this a date " I asked

" no it wasn't " David said 

" I smell suspicion " I said 

" you can smell suspicion all you want " he said 

" mmhhmm " I said and walking out to my car we got in then I drive to David's house.

" thanks for today so tomorrow at lets say two thirty " David said as he got out of the car

" okay " I said 

" bye " David said and he closed the car door and I waved at him then drove to my house and parked then got out. 

I went inside the house and closed the front door and walked to the kitchen where I see my dad was.

" where have you been " my dad asked

" I went to the movies " I said 

" with who " he asked

" a boy named David " I said 

" that David boy from the scared straight program " he said 

" yea " I said nodding my head 

" I don't want you to hang around him " my dad said 

" why " I stated

" because you've been doing good and you don't need someone like that to turn you into your old ways again " my dad said 

" you don't even know him to be judging him and oh he asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with him and I said yes " I said and I walked to the fridge and grabbed myself a gatorade then walked to my room then sat on my bed.

I unlaced my booties and took them off along with my socks. Taking out my phone I texted my best friend Nancy.

[ Text Convo ] 
Me - hey
Nancy💋💕 - sup 
Me - how you been 
Nancy💋💕 - good wbu 
Me - good I met this boy☺️
Nancy💋💕 - really tell me😮
Me - so last month I got sent to the scared straight program and I met this boy named David who also was there and we began talking but I think he like has a crush on me
Nancy💋💕 - awe how cute😍
Me - and then today we went to see Lucy  
 Nancy💋💕 - as a date?
Me - he says no but I think it was😒
Nancy💋💕 - he's probably scared to say it
Me - you think😟
Nancy💋💕 - yes 😀
Me - we get each other and understand each other 😍👍
Nancy💋💕 - sounds like you're falling for him big time 😍
Me - lol 😂 I think I am ❤️
Nancy💋💕 - lmao😂 well I'll see you at Ashleigh's party😘
Me - okay😘
[ End Of Text Convo ] 

After texting Nancy I sat there thinking could I really be falling for David when we aren't even dating. 

Laughing to myself I put on a pair of track shorts and left my shirt on then relaxed in bed.

~ Few Hours Later ~ 

I was laying in bed watching tv when I hear a knock on my door. 

" do you want anything from that burger place a block down " Annett asked

" a cheese burger and fries with coke " I said 

" okay " Annett said and she walked out my room and left.

David Moore 

Today was fun going to the movies with Carla. Rite now I was home and my friends were over and we were just talking. 

" what's her name " my friend John asked

" who " I said 

" the girl you crushin on " my friend Kevin said 

" Carla " I said 

" is she cute " my friend Eric asked

" yea " I said 

" what does she look like " Eric asked

" brunette hair light brown eyes and a nice ass " I said 

" tap that " Kevin said 

" I want to but not yet maybe some time in the future " I said 

" how did you meet her " John asked

" last at the scared straight program she was kissing the ground cause she was glad to be out and I told her that the ground was dirty " I said

" and you've been taking to her ever since " Kevin said 

" yea " I said 

" when are you asking her out " John asked 

" tomorrow at the mall " I said 

" really " Eric said 

" yea she asked me if today was a date " I said 

" what did you say " Eric asked

" no " I said 

" you should've said yes " Kevin said 

" I couldn't tell her that " I said 

" why " John said 

" what if she doesn't like me back " I said 

" from my perspective she likes you too she's probably waiting for you to say it first " Eric said 

" true that " Kevin said 

" now I'm all of a sudden nervous for tomorrow " I said 

" it's fine to be nervous " Eric said and I laughed at his remark and we all continued to talk about random things. 

Carla Alvarez 

When Annett got back she handed me my food and I sat in my bed then began to eat. Deciding to watch Netflix I went to my profile and began to watch White House Down with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. When I got finished eating I threw my stuff away and laid in bed and watched the movie until it went off.

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