Finding Love In Jail


1. Going To Jail

Carla Alvarez

Going out of my window I could hear my step-mom yelling my name I plugged in my ear phones and walked. 

I don't know where to but I just walked. I was supposed to go to this scared straight program today but I was like nope I won't go. Ever since my mom died my dads new wife thinks she can tell me what to do like bitch get the fuck out of here. 

As I was walking on the side walk on the sidewalk down the street I was listening to ' Curveball ' by Honey Cocaine I didn't realize it until my phone died and I hear their siren. 

I turned around and rolled my eyes as the two men got out of the car and walked up to me. One officer grabbed my phone out of my hands and the other put cuffs around my wrist. I then was pushed to the car and got in. 

Once we arrived at the jail the car stopped and the two officers got out , one of them came to my side and unbuckled my seatbelt and pulled me out of the car.

" you don't need to pull me like that " I said and that was when I was slammed against the car with the officers yelling at me.

" you don't tell me what to do I'm in charge around here not you " an officer yelled at me 

" so what you don't have to pull me like that " I said 

" keep your mouth shut " another officer said to me 

" I don't know who you think you're talking to like that " I said 

" we're talking to you " the officer said 

" no you're not " I said 

My name is Carla I'm eighteen and I get into trouble for fighting and disrespecting my dad and stepmom. I don't like my stepmom at all she thinks she knows me so well. About my mom she's dead she died last year and I do miss her a lot and now a few months ago my dad go married to this woman named Annett. 

Then he expects me to like her. There was this this one time I we off on her. 

| Flashback | 

I was sitting in my room just watching tv when Annett walked into my room.

" do you know how to knock " I said 

" oh sorry...can you come do the dishes " Annett asked 

" why should I " I said 

" because I asked you to come and do them " she said 

" just because you're married to my dad doesn't mean you can tell me what to do " I said 

" I get that but you do have to listen to me " she said 

" no the fuck I don't " I said 

" and there you go again always cussing " Annett said 

" because I fucking can " I said 

" not in this house you're not " she said and that's when I got mad and upset. 

" bitch you pay no bills around here my dad does and who the hell are you to think you can come up in here and tell me what to do huh " I said and I grabbed my phone and went past Annett and stormed out the house.

| End Of Flashback |

I was now inside the jail and we were walking in line to inmate intake. 

" on the blow of my whistle you will go into a cell and put on your jumpsuit " the female officer said and when she blew her whistle we all went into a cell and put on a navy green jumpsuit. 

The female officer blew her whistle again and all of us walked out. Once we were put in handcuffs we walked to an elevator. Since the male and female inmates are on separate floors us girls got on the elevator and went up to where the inmates were being held at.

When we walked inside you could hear them yelling and screaming through their cells. Suddenly there were women in all our faces including mine yelling and screaming. 

" so you like to fight hi fight me rite now " an female inmate said and I shook my head. 

" I got no reason to " I said and just then the inmate got all up in my face. 

" what about now would you fight me now " the same inmate said and I shook my head. 

" no " I said 

" keep doing the thing you're doing you gonna end up in here with me " she said 

" no I'm not " I said and the officers then told us to sit down at a table as the free inmates talked about themselves. 

" they call me baby blue I'm in here for armed robbery...I'm doing three to five years in here...and you like to fight huh " the inmate said looking at me 

Again I shook my head no. 

" why do you fight " officer Smith asked me 

I shrugged my shoulders as tears began to run down my face. 

" from the looks of what is on this piece of paper you also disrespect your dad and mom " officer Lopez said 

" she's not my mom " I mumbled 

" she's what " officer Lopez said 

 " she's not my mom my stepmom " I said louder 

" where's your real mom " officer Lopez asked

" I don't like to talk about it " I said looking down 

" what happened to her " inmate blue asked me and I sighed wiping the tears with the sleeve of my jumpsuit. 

" she died last year " I said 

" how " officer Smith asked

" car a drunk driver...she was coming to pick me up from a friends house and I feel like it's my fault " I said 

" don't take credit for someone else's mistake it not your fault it's the other persons fault " officer Smith said 

" and a few months after her funeral my dad gets married again and expects me to be nice her " I said 

" you feel like no one can take her place " inmate blue said and I nodded my head 

" do you think your mom wild want you to disrespect your stepmom " officer Lopez asked

" no she tought me better than that " I said 

" then why do it " officer Lopez asked

" I guess because I was angry about her death then getting someone else to call mom it made me turn into a different person " I said

" you have to learn to not let things upset you...just think of what would my mother say " officer Smith said 

" think about that before you say something back to your stepmom or before you get into a fight and walk away " officer Lopez said and I nodded my head and thanked the inmates and they went inside their cells.

Getting up we then walked to an empty cell block and sat at a table that had a pencil and a piece of paper. 

" what I want you to do now is write down why you should go home " officer Lopez said and after she said that I picked up the pencil and began writing.

When some time was over officer Lopez had us stand up and get in line and we walked to where our parents were at. As we were walking I could feel eyes on the back of my head.

I had turned my head to see a boy who had greenish blue eyes with brown hair. He smiled at me in a situation like this but I wasn't complaining but he did have a cute smile. Once we got to where our parents were the first person went and told everyone why they should go home then the next then the fourth and now it was my turn.

" dear dad & Annett I'm sorry for the trouble I put you through. I guess it was because I was still getting over the fact my mom was dead. Then when Annett came into our lives I didn't like the idea of calling someone else mom. If I go home today I promise I'll change not just for me but for my mom " I said 

" I'm sorry Carla " my dad said and he opened his arms and I went inside his arms and my dad pulled me into a hug. 

Pulling away I followed officer Lopez to where we got dressed at and took off the jumpsuit. 

" how are you feeling " officer Lopez asked

" good I guess now that they know how I feel " I said and once out the jumpsuit I folded it up and say it on the cell bed.

I walked out and followed officer Lopez back to where everyone was. Finally when everyone was allowed to go home we got up and walked out the jail.

 David Moore 

When I got up and walked out with my parents I couldn't stop thinking about that girl. Once outside I see the girl drop to her knees and kiss the ground. 

" thank go I'm out of here " the girl said 

" you know the ground is dirty " I said and the girl looked up at me.

" I know but I'm just glad to be out of here " the girl said 

" what's your name " I asked

" Carla you " the girl said 

" David " I said 

" so Carla would it be a bad idea to ask for your number " I asked and Carla smiled at me and laughed.

" I guess...can I have your phone " Carla asked and I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone then did my passcode and handed it to her and she put her number in my phone.

When Carla was done she handed me my phone back. 

" thanks " I said 

" text me in like twenty-five minutes " Carla said 

" okay " I said and Carla walked away to her car and got in.

Carla Alvarez 

After getting in the car my dad started it up and drive home. Once there I got out and went inside and up to my room and ran myself a shower. Getting inside I washed my hair and from the neck down. Once I was clean I stepped out of the shower and dried off then went to my room and got dressed in cotton chambray shorts , a white strappy tank top and black zebra print boots. I tied my hair into a bun then I went downstairs and made myself a cup cup of noodles. When it was done I grabbed myself a fork and headed back up to my room. Grabbing my zebra print blanket I grabbed my phone and went on to the sky deck and David texted me.

[ Text Convo ]
David😎 - hey it's me David
Me - hey what's up 
David😎 - just getting
Me - eating while watching the sunset🌄
David😎 - must be nice😁
Me - it is I can get a piece of mind 😁💁😌
David😎 - I know that's rite to have no one bothering you 😌😊
Me - yup...what did you get sent for 
David😎 - for smoking weed drinking and running away
Me - why running away 
David😎 - I get into heated arguments with my and I won't come back for a couple of days 
Me - where do you go 
David😎 - to my friends house 
Me - do you ever get caught 
David😎 - a few times 
Me - do you ever get scared 
David😎 - a little bit...well I have to go so bye 
Me - bye 
[ End Of Text Convo ] 

After texting David I had finished my cup of noodle and headed back to my room. I threw my cup of noodle away and laid in bed and watched tv until I fell asleep.

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