Finding Love In Jail


2. 1 Month Later


Annett Alvarez

It's been an entire month since Carla has been to the scared straight program. All I can say is that she has changed in so many ways. She no longer fights she walks away and she no longer disrespects her dad. With me she's still trying to process the fact that I'm her stepmom. Today we're going to go visit her mother at the cemetery then her father is taking us out to lunch. 

When Carla walked downstairs I looked at her and smiled at her. 

" are you ready " I asked and she sighed.

" as I'll ever be " she said and we then left the house and got in Daniel's car.

About thirty minutes later we arrived at the cemetery and Daniel parked then we got out and walked to find Abby Alvarez's tombstone. When we found her tombstone Carla sat down a dozen roses the stood up and I could see tears fall down her face. Abigail Alvarez born 09-26-1978 - 05-07-2014. A loving mother and beloved wife and cherished by loved ones.  

" she will be missed " I said 

" she always is...all the time " Carla said 

" truly is missed " Daniel said 

" dad " Carla said 

" yea " Daniel said 

" why did she have to go " Carla asked

" I don't know baby girl I don't know " Daniel said hugging Carla and I could tell by the sight in front of me that the two of them needed a moment alone so I started to walk away but was stopped by Carla's voice.

" where are you going " Carla's voice said

" I was giving you guys family time " I said 

" your part of the family no matter how much I don't like the idea " she said and smiled at me and I smiled back at her.

Going over to Carla I wrapped my arm around her waist and we looked down at Abby's grave just smiling.

Carla Alvarez

After about an hour and a half of looking at my moms grave and talking about the good things she's done for family and people we then said goodbye and got in the car. I strapped myself in and my dad drove off. 

Arriving at the fancy restaurant we got out and walked inside and he got a table for us three. Once our table was ready we walked over and sat down then was handed out menus. 

" what do you want to eat " Annett asked me 

" I don't know yet " I said and for a few more minutes I looked over my menu and decided to get spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread.

When Annett my dad and I were ready to order our waiter came to our table and we told him what we wanted and he took our menus. 

" how about after lunch we go visit you aunt we haven't seen them since your mother passed " my dad said 

" okay " I said and finally when our food finally arrived we began to eat.

" how's your food " Annett asked 

" wonderful what about yours " I asked

" fantastic " she said and I chuckled then continued to eat my food. 

Once we were done eating my dad paid for us and we left the restaurant. Now we were on our way to my cousin Kayla's house. Once we arrived we got out and I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Seconds later my aunt Janelle answerd the door. 

" hola Carla Daniel and Annett mucho tiempo sin verte ( long time no see ) " my aunt said 

" lo sé ( I know ) " I said and smiled

My aunt is Hispanic and so was my mom but my mom was half white. I hugged my aunt an she allowed us in. 

Going into the living room and seen Kayla playing with my little cousin Michaela. Michaela looked up at me and she got a huge grin on her face. 

" CARLA !! " Michaela screamed and she got up and rand over to me and I wrapped my arms around her.

" I missed you too " I said and sat Michaela down on her feet and went and hugged Kayla who was on her phone. 

" well it's about time you come and visit us " Kayla said 

" I know and I'm sorry I got sent to the scared straight program last month " I said 

" what was it like " Kayla asked me

" stupid and scary " I said 

" why scary " she asked

" the inmates get all in your face spitting on you and stuff " I said 

" oh no I would've found someway to leave " Kayla said 

" I wish I could've left...then there as this boy who smiled at me in a situation like that " I said 

" what was his name " Kayla asked

" David and guess what " I said 

" what " she said 

" he's a white boy " I said 

" really " Kayla said 

" yea and he is cute " I said 

" I have to see him cause you don't really go for white boys " Kayla said 

" I know that's the thing and he asked for my number he seems nice " I said 

" like I said I have to see him to believe it " she said 

" I'm not kidding he has blue eyes " I said and I then followed Kayla up to her room and sat in her bed. 

" how's life with Annett in your life " Kayla asked

" tough I mean she's nice but I'm not calling her mom " I said 

" I know that rite...I wouldn't want to call some other girl mom especially Michaela " Kayla said 

" I know that's rite...while I was in the program one of the officers told me that think of what my mom would say before I fight or talk back to Annett " I said

" to learn how to control your anger "  Kayla said 

" yea " I said 

" well that's good " she said 

" I guess " I said 

" haha so yesterday I was walking from the store and I see my ex with his new girlfriend " Kayla said 

" what did you do " I asked

" walked past them and laughed his new girlfriend asked him does he know me "  Kayla said 

" what did he say " I asked

" he said no knowing damn well he does but he didn't want to tell her " Kayla said 

" wow " I laughed

" but in all honesty I think he still wants me back he's been texting me all day saying he's sorry and stuff like that " Kayla said 

" what does his new girl look like "I asked

" candida puella ( white girl ) " Kayla said 

" really " I said 

" yes black and blonde hair and brown eyes " she said 

" oh wow he just had to get a white girl " I said 

 " how much do you want to bet he wants to get back with me " she said

" he does after seeing you getting over him " I said 

" I know " Kayla said 

" are you guys going to Ashleigh's pool party " I asked

" what time " Kayla asked

" I think around one thirty " I said 

" I'll ask my mom " Kayla said 

" I know she'll say yes " I said 

" who's all going " Kayla asked

" her friends and family " I said 

" okay " Kayla said 

" I need to start back going to the gym " I said 

" me too if I want to stay on the cheer team " Kayla said 

" when is the next game " I asked

" next week " she said 

" I'm excited I'm gonna be screaming your name " I said

" what if I mess up " Kayla said 

" you're not going to " I said 

" I'm going to die of embarrassment if I do mess up everyone is going to be watching " Kayla said 

" just don't panic " I said 

" I guess " Kayla said and I laughed a and we talked for a couple of hours then my dad , Annett and I had to leave.

I said bye to Kayla and Michaela the said bye to my Aunt Janelle and Uncle Damien. Getting in the car I strapped on my seatbelt and my dad drove home. I got out the car and went up to my room and sat on my bed taking off my heels rubbing my sore ankles. 

Taking off my black blazer I turned on my tv and laid down relaxing. Later on that evening I woke up from my nap to the smell of food cooking. Getting up I went to where the smell was coming from which was the kitchen to see Annett cooking. 

" what are you cooking " I asked 

" spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread " Annett said 

" smells good " I said and when dinner was ready I made myself a plate then poured myself a cup of Hawaiian Punch.

Grabbing my food I went up to my room and began to watch tv and eat. When I was done eating I grabbed my dishes and went and put them in the dish washer. Going back to my room I changed in a pair of sweats , a tank top and a pair of socks. I didn't bother to put my hair into a bun and laid down in bed watching tv until I fell asleep.

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