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First Chapter Sneak Peek:

Where snow would fall endlessly with a place where such creatures with beautiful variety… Features that would astonish those that would look away. A bright light emitting from one, and then you have several others who could only wish for such a gift. Icy Cliffs with snow rising upwards. Several feet with a white snow-like powder sugaring over the hills. Ice sealing up the wounds in the ice cold ground. With waves of many waters just channelling underneath their nose. Once in a blue moon, a beautiful sky emits a stunning light. A light so shiny, so pretty, and always there to make one of them smile. The Northern Light tells them that the cold winters are endless. That the ice and snow will always break free from the dying sunlight.

They were like a family all huddled around a camp-fire. While the humans were so different on a certain day. A certain time on the calendar would allow them to cuddle, embrace such warmth from each other. Even them with a family- they would gather round a fireplace trying to stay warm. Outside their icy glassed windows is the beauty of Winter. Icicles that were once droplets of rain. Even snow that would melt would perish within this beautiful landscape. Once they were out of their homes- they’d see a beautiful moon that would never look away from such a frosty nightfall. Such beauty lies within their souls, their personalities, their traits just have so much difference. Nobody is the same, but similarities are to be expected in this world.

Not long ago from this particular moment was more of an ancient artefact. Something that would always bring some kind of cheer along the way. Someone that would always look at the humans, and not lose hope in the spirit that remains throughout all the years that come and go. In fact, such a beautiful landscape honours such a warm-fun-loving man. Impressed with his kindness, his dedication to such a season. The snow endlessly falls to embrace the spirit that is never seen in person. But underneath those tears- there are all kinds of goodness awakening from their slumbers. With such desire to keep a season going, the snow falls faster. Snowflakes forming, unique size with all mighty hills staggering out the ground.


~ Cover By: Luke J.R

~ Originally Written By: Luke J.R

~ I really hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek. A lot of heart went into making this story. I've really enjoyed writing the first five chapters, and I promise you that this is going to be full of the Christmas Spirit. (Xmas) There will be sadness, happiness, and all kinds of emotions going on throughout this story. A child's tale with own father. His own companion, who just happens to be different in a very special way . . .

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