My Life Story



My life story:

Who am I? *looks off into the distance* I'm...I'm a dork. I realized this back in 1875 when all I could do was quote from movies and books in every sentence I said. When ever I heard the words "The Walking Dead" "Tumblr" "I have food" "Bravest Warriors" I would turn around like they were my own name. Sad, but true. I went to therapy with Plankton, we both had the same probs. He wanted to steal the secret formula while I wanted to steal cheats on how to get more Gems on Hay Day. We have not found success till this very day...

On May 1, 2013(yes I was 138 years old. Mother told me I would do great things.) I found this website Movellas and made it my Head Quarters, or HQ for short, to write out my darkness- I mean dorkness in my stories. With a single chip, a penny and a used tissue, I made my way through these years(140 years old now.) embracing my weirdness and poking everything with a stick that gets in my way. I, now, spend my days on Mine Craft, reading, eating off of other people's plates, calling everyone around me Helen, and sending my cat to Harvard to study business. I also do charity work like teaching piano to fingerless orphans.

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