The forest

hej dette er min første "udgivelse" af en Engelsk tekst og håber at i vil nyde at læse den.

historien er et eventyr(fairy tale) og handler groft sagt kærlighed til familien og tillid.

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1. The forest

Once there was a little girl named Adelina. Adelina lived with her grandmother deep inside a magic forest. Adelina’s grandmother was a kindhearted woman who was always smiling. Every day the sun was shining and birds were singing loud. Adelina loved the forest and the creatures who lived there. One day, Adelina’s grandmother got very sick. Adelina was scared for her grandmother’s disorder and she would do everything to help her grandmother. Adelina did not cry because she knew that her grandmother never had wished for her to cry. Every day Adelina came with flowers and soup to her grandmother and was sitting by her grandmother’s side in several hours. One day Adelina was out picking up flowers to her grandmother. The sky was sad and the birds was not singing, It had turned darker and colder. Adelina had never seen the sky so sad before. A rat ran over to her and said, “Adelina, Adelina the sky is sad and you do not know why. It is many years since that the sky has been so sad.” Adelina looked at the rat and said” little rat, little rat why is the sky so sad?” she took the rat up in her hands and looked it in the eyes. “Adelina, Adelina the sky is sad because your grandmother soon will die.” Adelina began shaking over the bad news. She looked again at the rat and said” little rat, is there something I can do to save my grandmother and make the sky stop being so sad?” the rat looked at Adelina “I have a prize if you want me to help. Give me your beautiful green eyes and I will tell you what you shall do!” Adelina nodded, and the rat took her eyes. “If you want to help your grandmother, you need to find the guardian of the forest and kill it, the blood of the guardian have magical powers to heal.” Said the rat and ran away with Adelina’s eyes. Adelina walked all alone in the cold and dark forest.

She was getting tired and she did not know where to go. A bird was singing far from where Adelina was. Adelina was listening to the birds beautiful voice, and walked after the sound.” Little bird, little bird I am blind and I can’t find the guardian of the forest, will you help me?” sang Adelina and the bird stopped singing. The bird was sitting on Adelina’s head, and began to sing again “Adelina, Adelina your eyes have being taken by a rat and you can’t see, and this is all for your old grandmother, go home, and never come back!” Adelina was cold, and her feet was hurting, but then she sang again to the little bird “little bird please help me, I do not want to go home, and if my grandmother dies, I do not have a home.”  The bird was touch by Adelina’s sad song. “Your song is sad and beautiful, I will help you, but I have a prize. Give me your warm golden hair, so I can hold my eggs warm in the cold, and I will help you.” Adelina nodded to the bird and the bird took Adelina’s hair. “Adelina, Adelina go after the sound of the trees crying and you will find the guardian of the forest.” Sang the bird and flew away again. Adelina walked after the sound of the trees crying but the weather was getting colder. Adelina was sitting on the ground against a tree to hold the heat. Then a big fluffy tale comes over her shoulders and in front of her, a fox was suddenly sitting.” Who are you, I cannot see and I am scared and I am cold. My grandmother is dead and I do not have a home.” Adelina said. “I am a fox, and I have watched you for some time now. I am here to help you,” the fox said.

Adelina did not know what she should do, her grandmother had always said to her that she never should trust the fox, because he would always try to cheat you. “Fox, what are your prize? What do you want? I have nothing left, a rat took my eyes, a bird took my hair and the death took my grandmother.” she said and began to cry.” I do not have a prize and your grandmother is not dead, I am the guardian of the forest and I know that you are searching for me so you could kill me, but I also know that you would not kill me because you have a good soul.” The fox said. Adelina’s tears was so cold that they turned to ice when they trickled down of her cheeks. “You trusted the rat, that took your eyes and you trusted the bird that took your hair, now I am asking you will you trust me?” The fox asked her. Adelina nodded and the fox got closer to Adelina’s face, and kissed her nose. ”Adelina now you can see the world with new eyes, I have given you back what you have lost on your long travel. You shall now go home to your grandmother, she is waiting for you.” The fox said. Adelina opened her eyes and lifted her body up again. She looked at the fox and said “thank you Mr. Fox I will never forget your kindness.” She closed her eyes and hugged the fox, and when she opened her eyes, again she stood right in front of her grandmother’s house. Adelina ran inside the house and there did her grandmother sit on a little chair where she always was sitting in the kitchen.   Emma A.R. Olesen

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