Attack On Titan (Levi One - Shots)

Ayyyyeeee! This is my first book! I hope you enjoy it!


1. вαѕтαя∂ (1/2)

"She didn't..." Armin mumbled, his bright blue eyes widening as he starred at you in the hand to hand combat area.

"She did" Eren muttered, feeling the others stare as you sat on Levi's lap triumphantly for he had been laid upon the ground during combat.

Others around the two of you muttered, their eyes only glued to your two figures.

"Get off me, brat" Levi hissed, his cold tone not harming you anymore. It used to, before you began to actually warm up to him.

"Make me!" You chuckled with a smirk, only to be gasping as he grabbed your arm. He flipped you onto the ground, his face close to yours.

During this transition, he managed to get your calves to stick to his hips, so your groin was awfully close to his.

"U-Uh" You mumbled, a bright pink blush pulling upon your face as you heard cat calls and snickers around you.

"I told you to get off me, filthy brat" He whispered in your ear carefully, only to make your spine slightly shiver. He noticed, sending him to have a small smirk played upon his normally frowning lips.

"I-I'm sorry sir" You mumbled, breathing out in relief as he stood up. His hand opened to you, offering to help you finally get off the ground.

Doing so, you took his hand before being yanked up carefully to your feet. "Good job" Levi muttered boredly, yet there was a little something in his eye.

Had no one else seen him whisper to you, because no one seemed to recall Levi smirk?

~ Skip ~

"So, you and Corporal?" Marco asked, sitting next to you at the table as you drank your tea quietly.

"What about it?" You asked, your (e/c) orbs looking up to meet his. You always adored his freckles, and they often distracted you from hearing him speak.

"I think it can happen" Marco chuckled, turning his attention to his bread. You only glanced away from him to look at your tea, thinking about the situation.

"I don't think so, I think I would be better with her" Jean smirked as he sat down in front of you, only to make you groan.

"I agree to half of that" You mumbled, knowing Jean had grown a huge smile in thought, for you knew he thought you meant the part about him.

"What part?" He cooed to you, using his hand to make a walking like figure towards yours.

"The part about the Corporal horsey" You joked the last word, only to have Marco snort before bursting into a laughter.

Jean only frowned, pulling his hand back into his lap quietly. "Face it Jean, you aren't going to get (f/n) if the Corporal already has his eyes set on her!" Sasha screeched as she sat next to him, earning a glare from you.

"He doesn't like me" You argued, your eyes squinting in anger. You crossed your arms over your chest, waiting to argue against her even more.

"Then why is he staring at youuuuuuu~" Sasha snickered, watching as you looked over to the table Levi usually sat at. Your eyes met with his cold ones, locking. He didn't move his away, and you didn't move yours until you were tackled with a hug from behind.

"Hello Armin" You chuckled, moving your attention from the short angry man to the small innocent boy. Levi continued to stare though, eventually pulling Hanji out of her storm of words that she spilled to him, for she noticed he was distracted.

"Hey" Armin said softly, sitting on the other side of you before snuggling into your side carefully. He normally did this, and no one questioned if the two of you were anything. Thank god.

"Arlert, come here" Levi suddenly shouted, ending everyone's conversation in the room. "Y-yes sir" Armin mumbled into the silence, scurrying away from you towards the male.

Levi grabbed him by his shirt collar, bringing the side of his head to his mouth only to whisper in it. Armin's face drained of his color, quickly nodding before running off.

This made you pissed.

"What the hell?!" You shouted as you finished making your way to Levi, not caring if he punished you for your actions.

"What?" Levi snapped, not bothering to look up at you as you stood at the end of the table. "What'd you say to Armin?!" You smacked your fist on his table, making Hanji slightly jump.

"Tch. Watch your tone with me brat" He hissed, looking up from his tea to notice that you had truly been angry,

"Bastard" You cursed at him, feeling Hanji squeak at your name, for she knew that Levi would punish you for that.

Levi quickly stood up, watching as you suddenly felt small and back up a step. He grabbed your arm, pulling you out of the dining hall and into the hallway.

"I said" Levi began, pinning you to the wall outside in the hall, pushing your hands up above your head as he did so.

"Watch your tone" He grunted the rest, watching as you slightly trembled in pleasure as he pushed up against you.

"You wanna call me a bastard again brat?" He whispered in your ear, placing both of your hands in one of his and using the other to hold your hip.

"N-No sir" You mumbled, the blush reappearing once more. "You will come to my fucking office in 5 minutes or I will personally hunt you down" He whispered into your ear, placing a kiss against your neck slowly afterwards.

This left a hickey before leaving you leaned against the wall, making his way to his own office. There you stood, slightly confused yet pleased.

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