Girl of the Guardians


1. Princesses of the Moon {Author's Note}

“Once upon a time, there lived a princess on the moon. She was a very beautiful princess and all who gazed upon her fell in love with her at once being male or female. The princess of the moon had the sweetest of hearts as well as the fairest of beautiful. Her hair was golden-like silver and that was natural for the royals of the moon. It flowed around like it was made of water. She was quite a sight indeed. Even her name blew the greatest of feelings to all who heard it. It was a name of pureness and beauty. 

"In the near kingdom was a different princess. She was also very beautiful, but there was no one to admire her beauty for her kingdom was in the darkness of the new moon. Her complexions were darker than that of the full moon princess, but she was fairly beautiful as well. Her name was as dark as herself and her kingdom. her personality was as well the same, but she was nice despite her manners. Though she refused to show it to other people."

"The two princesses didn’t get along very well. Just as light and darkness can’t be one but are always fighting, there’s never one day when the two princess never fought mentally. Their thoughts were always traveling back and forth through the spaces and back and neither ever gave up trying to win over the other.”

“'Your highness, you have a message from your mother, the queen.'”

"he New Moon princess sat up from her throne of thorn black roses and listened to the message that was from her mother. She smirked when the maid finished relaying the message and stood up. Her princess black lace gown flowed around her legs like water as she moved down the stairs of her throne and made her way to the nearest door and went inside."

“'So,' she said looking inside the mirror at her dark reflection, 'its time already.'”

“'Your highness, I believe the time for admiring yourself is up,' a voice spoke from the mirror. The princess stared and smirked as the mirror fogged up and soon revealed a handsome face with one dark green eye and a light blue eyes. His hair was marvelously black and he was quite handsome for even the princess herself thought so. Though she refused to say so."

“'Jason,' she said. 'What a lovely time to come by.'”

“'Yes indeed.' The mirror boy smiled and the princess’s expression softened.'"

"'What brings you here?” she asked. “Could it be the... meeting that has gotten to you?'”

“‘Precisely. I’m using my brother’s mirror. I was wondering if you’d like to share a little secret with me.' He smiled his all so very smooth smile that always seemed to drive the ladies nuts. It actually annoyed the New Princess that the fairest of all princes she’s ever met was so admired by other females other than herself. Sometimes she wanted really badly to capture him from his own kingdom of Destruction and confine him so that he was never gazed upon again by another woman except herself. But, she was *too nice* to do that."

 “'And what secret would that be?' she asked with hidden darkness."

“'You know exactly what secrets I’m talking about, princess of the new moon.' The prince smiled again and his eyes seemed to bore into the princess like sharp nails. She shuddered with amusement. It was indeed something she wanted to feel more of. She decided to tease him even more. She was going to ensnare into her web until there was no getting out. She smirked at her own idea without meaning to."

“'Something amuse you, princess?' the prince asked. He smirked the same and narrowed his different colored eyes slightly. The princess shuddered again at his gaze. It was amazing, the feeling. She wanted to feel it more often."

"'So tell me, princess. '"

"'I'm afraid I have no reason to tell you anything, dear prince Jason.' the princess smiled and licked her lips and smiled seductively. The prince grinned seductively back and his image vanished from the mirror and the princess turned to her servant. Her servant bowed as she understood what needed to be done and left the area."

"Hours later, the New Moon and Visible Moon Princesses were standing side by side in front of their parents the queens and kings of the new and  visible moon. They were about to start in a journey that would last them the rest of their lives."

"'Daughter of the Visible Moon, please step forth and pick your new home planet,' the New Moon Queen said to the Visible Moon princess." 

"The ever so vibrant moon princess smiled and curtsied before she placed her hands under the planet of her choice. The New Moon princes glared darkly at her but softened her gaze as she remembered she was in the presence of the entire Space Kingdom. She knew that no one really expected much from her since she was of the new moon, which was rumored to be the evil phase. She wasn't evil. At least, she didn't think she was."

"Daughter of New Moon, please step up and pick the planet of your choice.' The Queen of the Visible Moon said. She smiled gently, but instead of smiling back, the new moon princess curtsied and went to join the other princess at the Earth. They stared at each other each willing the other to take a new planet, but before they had a chance to change planets, the Earth model began glowing intensely."

"Before long, the two princesses were hibernating in crystal orbs of different colors. Their parents used all the magic that they could muster and sent them to the future. The two princesses were unaware that behind them, their lives had been saved by their parents. They would be expected to find the answers and more."

RavenAnd they all lived happily ever after. The end. 

You really thought I'd end there? Please. This is the story of the Princess of the new and visible moon. I'm not gonna stop my story there. Jump in next time when I tell you the actual beginning. Next time! Raven and the Boy Next Door I'm joking there. Oh heck I said once upon a time... that was a joke by the way.






Author's Note: The one who was narrating was Raven. Raven is also the main character as well as other surprising characteristics she has. At the end of some chapters, there's going to be some extras.

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