18-year-old Kalanie Briann, took custody of 8 and 10-year-old Maya and Maria. The detective's are investigating the murder of Maya and Maria's parents.They find an interesting clue that would lead to the worst, but what they don't know is what killed them. *nanowrimo2015*


2. Chapter two

Chapter Two


We walk into Gaps kids and let the girls look around. Maya was begging me to get her the outfit she held up in her hand.

"It cost too much, Minnie " Maya's nicknames was Minnie, she so small and tiny at the age of 8. Maya never like being small as Maria was being an averge height at age 10.

"Please" She begged, she poked her lips and widen her eyes. Not the puppy eyes. "Fine " I dropped the arguement and paid for four outfit they wanted.

We walked holding bags of clothes. I took them to Kelly's Hair 'n Cuts. The lady at the desk was one of my friends, Leena.

"Hey Kalie. What are you doing here? " She asked while smiling.

"Hey, I'm here to get Maya and Maria's hair done "

Leena looks down at the small girls next to me. She smiles and waves, but the girls didn't. Leena looked on her computer to find a spot for us.

" We've got a spot for you right now" Leena told us. I accepted it and lead the girls into a white leather chair where to hairstylist began to brush their hair. I sat there and scroll through twitter on my phone.

~ ~ ~ ~

Maya's hair was cut shoulder length, it was washed and curled, Shirley Timple hairstyle.

Maria's hair was left long and wavy. Her hair was dark brown and had light brown highlights.

I paid Leena 40 dollars, 20 dollars for each Maya and Maria. "Thanks for coming. " Leena tells me.

"Your welcome" I replied before walking out. 

"There food over there, can we go? " Maya ask.

"The food court? sure "

I gave them pizza and drinks. I had the same.

"You girls having fun? " I asked.

They smiled, it wasn't a fake smile, but an exciting smile. A smile you wouldn't see on a broken child that had a mother that was murdered.

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