18-year-old Kalanie Briann, took custody of 8 and 10-year-old Maya and Maria. The detective's are investigating the murder of Maya and Maria's parents.They find an interesting clue that would lead to the worst, but what they don't know is what killed them. *nanowrimo2015*


3. Chapter three


His fingers traced my skin like porcelain. His lips moved around my neck, as I melt in his embrace. How could someone so violent, so harsh and strong be so...fragile and gentle? Who was this man? what was he doing to me? A ten year old girl.

I moaned lightly wanting him to kiss me, touch me, take me into his arms. His fingers trailed down my soft skin as clothes fell off. I felt so hypnotized, looking into his emerald green eyes. His smirk widen as he looked into mine. "Your mother was great at this" his voice, so deep and raspy. I couldn't control myself to get away nor say anything, I was under the spell of him.

He moved me closer to him, his eyes turning a darker color. His mezmerising eyes were a dark red sparkling like crystals or stars through the night. "Ug-" I wanted to say something but I was to late, his fangs came out like razors that had just been sharpened. He touches my neck with his mouth and rubs my back smooth and gentle until I felt pain i'd never felt before. Blood was dripping down my neck as i faint at the sight.

I woke up screaming help help help as aunt kalanie came running into my room. I went to her crying. She picks me up gently and coos me. She sits on my bed with me on her lap.

"What's wrong ?" Her voice was sleepy and hazed.

"Just a nightmare" I mumbled.

Her eyes widen as if she knows something. I starred at her as she shook away a though and cuddled me in bed.

"What happened in your nightmare?" She asked.

I don't know if I should tell what the dream was about if I told her she would get me to tell the detective's because it might give evidence if my mother was raped.

"I-I had- It was a-about....Can I just go back to sleep?" I asked hesitantly.

Her stare was creeping me out as if she knew I was trying to ignore her.

" Talk to me tomorrow about the nightmare, good night " She kisses my cheek and turns around to walk out my room. Maya still sound asleep in her bed that was next to mine.

I laid their in silence not doing anything until the dream repeated in my mind. The kisses, the eyes, the pain. What did it all mean?

I walked into the bathroom, the only thing that will make me forget was in my hand.

I sat on the cold floor and let the razor cut through my skin, the pain went away before I did another and another. Self harming was the only thing that kept me calm.

I don't care if they say it's bad for you but I don't need help.

Standing up to go to bed, a rush of dizziness came over me. I had put the razor in my makeup bag and clean the blood off the floor and the blood on my leg. I made it to the bed and curled up under the covers.

My eyes closed and the dizziness went away but the pain did not.

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