18-year-old Kalanie Briann, took custody of 8 and 10-year-old Maya and Maria. The detective's are investigating the murder of Maya and Maria's parents.They find an interesting clue that would lead to the worst, but what they don't know is what killed them. *nanowrimo2015*


1. Chapter one


Chapter one.


The floor was hard and cold. My face went pale as I looked at the two small girls and a policemen, I haven't expected this. "Kalanie Briann?" He asked. I nodded still starring at the girls. They looked like they hadn't shower in a month, they're eyes were blood shot red and had bags under they're eyes as if they hadn't slept in days. The two girls starred down at they're shoes with a duffel bag in their hand, they looked so much like their mother.

"Y-yeah?" My voice croaked.

"I hope you understand the death of ....." He looked at the small children before talking.

"You made an agreement with her about taking custody of the girls? "

I nodded my head slightly and took the two girls hand. Maya and Maria held on to me tightly as if their lives depended on it. "I'll be coming tomorrow to bring more of their stuff here " He told me before leaving my house. I turned to the kids who held onto me.

"Aunt kalanie, can we sleep with you? " the voice of the sleepy 10 year old spoke and I nodded, picking up the smaller child and holding the ten year old's hand. I needed to give them a bath and then wash their hair.

The hard wooden floor was cold as well as the living room. The air was freezing, although the weather getting colder in the middle of November. My feet tingled and I shivered, I should've wore socks.

I run the warm water in the tub and strip Maya's clothes off as Maria did herself. I put Maya into the tub and Maria climbed in.

I was in college, and I had to watch my two neices. My father died a year ago before I'd gone to college and I know how the kids feel. My best friend mysteriously dies in her back yard. I sometimes wondered was Lily Fields suicidal? Had she took her life for the safety of her kids? Did she think I could watch her kids for her while she dies? I needed to know what happened to Lily Fields, my best friend.

~ ~ ~ ~

In the morning, It was rainy and getting colder. I made the girls breakfast. They sat near the fireplace and watched the news while eating cereal, as I sat on the chair listening to what they would say or maybe say about the murderer, or what happened but reporters never talked about it.

Knock knock.

I sat up from the chair and walked my way over to the door to open it and find no other then officer Gale.

"Hello,Ms. Briann" Gale greeted sincerely.

"Hey" I replied.

Officer Gale was holding a bag full of clothes and shoes, the other officers had the kids toys, games, and other things.

"You can bring them in their room, it's down the hall and to the right" I directed them.

The policemen walked into the large room, where there was a light blue wall, two twin size beds, pink silk curtain covering the window and window seat. Carpet floor, and a large closet where the everything was set inside, a flat screen tv on the wall and a dresser for their clothes. I spent all morning working on this room.

"Thanks " I said to Officer Gale as they went into the living room.

"No problem" He tells me.

"Any luck finding Lily's murderer." I say sadly referring to the girls mother.

"Sorry, we have not found any evidence, but we will give you feedback " Officer Gale walks out of my house and I closed the door softly.

Everything is becoming so Twisted. I wondered who was the murderer? How she die?

The girls needed to take their mind off their mother. I watched as they sat there talking, they whispered, and they played with each other, but I saw sadness in their eyes. It was a sad feeling to watch them play but still have sad and depressed looks in them.

"Girls get your shoes on. " I said.

"Where are going ?" Asked Maya as she braided her hair.

"The mall." I said smiling.

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