18-year-old Kalanie Briann, took custody of 8 and 10-year-old Maya and Maria. The detective's are investigating the murder of Maya and Maria's parents.They find an interesting clue that would lead to the worst, but what they don't know is what killed them. *nanowrimo2015*


4. Chapter Four



I woke up knowing I'd have to fix breakfast. I rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. I grabbed the toothbrush and brushed my teeth and washed my face, then walked out of my room in jeans and a black shirt while I wore converse shoes.

The girls were sitting on the chair watching tv. Maria didn't look at me when I walked her way, she kept her head down and listened to Disney Channel. I knew she did that to avoid the question I was going to ask her. We had no eggs so I got the bread and waffle mix to make waffles and toast. My mother was coming over to see the kids, mom was a cheerful, interesting lady that had long dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. She seems to be mysterious in her own ways and never told where my father went, she'd ignore that question every time I'd ask or talk about the situation. I'm starting to think she has something to do with Lily's disappearance. Mom never liked her, she thought the girl was a bad influence on me, but lily never done anything wrong.

"Maya and Maria!" I called to them. They come down the hall to me. Maya smile but Maria sat at the table. I handed them their plate of food and sat with them.

"Aunt Kalanie?"

I looked up to see Maya starring at me.

"Aren't you going to eat?" She said curiously.

My throat ran dry and I felt my eyes going red.

I shook my head, hurriedly walking to my room. I thought it went  away,but the real me came back.

I looked in the mirror seeing my red eyes and pale skin. I can't let the girls see me like this.

Sitting here for a while made me calm down. "Kalanie?" Maria came in nervously walking to me. I could feel her scaredness and the eerie feeling of what she's going go say. I have a feeling that this is bad.

"Yes, Maria?" I questioned her back.

She sat on my bed with weird expression on her face.

"Maria?what do you have to tell me"I said impatient. I knew her dream,after last night she was terrified and I'm suppose to keep them safe, from the real world and surreal. 
"I-i had a nightmare. He, kissed me and I didn't know what was happening,until.....I-I saw something scary"I starred at her as she  looked out my window.

"Do you remember what he looks like?"I said in a soft voice.

She turned to me with tears in her eyes,her cheeks we're red.

"H-his eyes....they we're glowing green and mesmorizing that I couldn't control myself."

Just as I was about say something, Maya came in."someone is at the door"she tells me.

Looking at Maria,she held her head down with sadness written all over her.

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