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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 19 Nov 2015
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I was dared to try my hand at poetry, so please enjoy my attempt at it. I have no idea if I did right, I have no idea if it makes sense to anyone but myself, but here it is.


1. Music

Have you ever listened to music? 

Not just listened, but listened?

Have you felt the beat of the music in your core?

Have you forgotten everything else around you?

Has the music taken you to that place that only music can take you? 

The moment you have truly listen to music,

Is the moment when you can hear every single instrument, 

Every tempo, 

Every beat. 

When all you can hear is the music,

And all you can feel is the music.

When the music is so powerful, that tears course down your cheeks,

When you feel a rush at a peak in the music,

And when the music ends,

You take in a heaving breath,

Because experiencing music, 

Is as close to magic, you will ever get. 



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