The New Brit in Town

On the first day of school, Mikayla couldn't possibly believe that her day could get any worse. But she was totally wrong. As a new kid was being introduced into her Senior English class,
She lifted her head up and felt her heart drop. It was Matthew. Her first crush, first kiss, first boyfriend, first "I love you", first person to cheat on her, first heat break, and first best friend.
After come back from England after 3 years, will Mikayla let him back into her life or push him away?


2. By the way

 As I stomped down the stairs to the kitchen, I was met by a glare from the nanny/housekeeper, Leah. 

"Uhhh, Hey Leah... Where's mom?" I asked and looked around only to see my little brothers finishing up breakfast.

"She left Ms. Weible. We will be leaving for school in 10 minutes so I suggest for you to prepare yourself," said Leah

"Hey Leah, you know you don't have to call me by my last name you know. You can just call me Jhoanna."

"Yes I know, but your mother wishes for me to address all of you by your last name."

"Umm okay?" I said as I got a granola bar from the pantry. "We'll I'll just be in my room. Call me when we're about to leave."

"Yes Ms. Weible. Oh and by the way! Ms. Weible, your mother told me to tell you that we will be attending 

Mr. and Mrs. Davenport's Halloween on Friday."

"Ugh do we have to?"

"Yes your mother said that it is mandatory. No excuses."

*sighs* "Okay fine," and went up to my room to text my best friend Andrea.

                                         (A=Andrea, J=Jhoanna)

J: Hey

A: Hey you need a ride? I just got my license. ;)

J: Sure!! If you don't kill us in an accident...

A: lol never...ill be there in 5. ily

J: kk ily


I grabbed my bag and checked in the mirror if I needed any touch ups, then went downstairs.

"Hey Leah? Andrea is going to give me a ride.. so bye guys" I gave my 3 little brothers, Ryan, Jake, and Drew a kiss on their head and yelled over my shoulders as I went out the front door, "MAKE GOOD CHOICES AND PISS OF YOUR TEACHERS AND DONT GET CAUGHT!!"


As I walked out the front door, I could here our Nanny quickly tell my brothers that it was all rubbish and not to listen to me. I chuckled and hopped into my best friend's car. "Oooo!! Fancy!!" I said with a smirk.

"Shut the fuck up okay Jo? I already had my cousins on my case about this crappy honda," said Andrea. 


I laughed. "Okay FINE! Let's just get to school before the bell rings yeah?"


"Sounds like a plan."


A/N OKAY YAYYY I FINALLY UPDATED!!! haha yes OK so I finally found the time to write *whew* anyways that's the second chapter but I need a if anyone if willing please please PLEASE kik me at: TKD_Hemmings_

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