Foreign Lights

Brigitte (Bridget) Emond is the new pretty exchange student coming from France. She's the one that all the guys want and is titled the "School Slut" even though she's still trying to adapt to her new home. She receives a helping hand from a new friend, but turns out it might feel more than a fake relationship?


1. Moving

I've always hated school.

I don't mean that like a normal teenage girl would mean it. I just mean it like I cant handle the stress. and my parents are like..... I don't know annoyed with having problems with our government. were moving to America quite soon. Which is rather depressing. Having to leave my friends and make new ones.

I get moving to another town or state is difficult but imagine moving to a whole different continent. Imagine not understanding a new language, some weird slang, and inside jokes off the internet that you may never even get.

I think I can get through one last day of school here though. it shouldn't be too hard. I mean I've always been told to believe in myself so I believe I can make through ONE last day of school.



Hello :)

I coulnt be more excited to be sharing this story with you. I hope this will be an amazing experience <3    


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