Foreign Lights

Brigitte (Bridget) Emond is the new pretty exchange student coming from France. She's the one that all the guys want and is titled the "School Slut" even though she's still trying to adapt to her new home. She receives a helping hand from a new friend, but turns out it might feel more than a fake relationship?


2. Breakfast with Bern

My mother woke me up this morning, late.

"Brige, honey wake up! Brigitte you're going to be late, sweetie." My mom nudged me, and I woke up easlily, since I got a little extra time to sleep. Unfortunately I live pretty far away from my school. The drive is a pain.

I grab a quick breakfast on my way out the door.

"revoir, mere!" I say walking out the door.

the cold winter air hits my face as I hurry to my car. Unfortunately, its cold in there too. As I'm struggling to put my things in the passenger seat I get a text from my best friend, Bernadette.

B ern

Last day on a Friday! what do you want to do for free period?  

Reading the text I totally forgot free period was today. Luckily, Bern and I can take first period off for a REAL breakfast.

To: Bern

M eet me at Spacings in 10 for breakfast. :)

Spacings is a classic coffee shop/café closer to downtown Fluoresce where Bern and I live. I had my first date there. It was with a nice guy. But he ended up cheating on me, and it didn't end well.

I was driving through a little bit of snow, and in the faint distance I could see a small outline of the Eiffel tower. I actually had my first kiss in a park close to the Eiffel tower. I think Bern had gotten a picture of it. It was planned between her and our other bestfriend who actually turned out to like me. It was a pretty genuine and magical moment if I do say so myself.

I arrived at Spacings and prepared myself for the cold when I step out of my safe warm car. I flip my hood on and pull my scarf up over my nose. I squint my eyes running to the building. As I release my jacket and scarf off I'm attacked by a body of energy. Bern, of course.

"I'm gonna miss you so much please don't go let me move with you ill hid in your suitcase just don't leave please I love you I love youiloveyouiloveyou." She's straddling me as I try to untangle from her big bear hug.

"Don't worry. I'll be able to talk to you a bunch after I've unpacked. Plus were only a year away from graduation. It's best I leave now." we sit down at a table in the corner and I hang my jacket on the back of the chair.

"But you're probably never coming back."

I reach over and hit her arm. "Nonsense. did you say you wanted to go traveling after high school? all of your life savings were going into traveling the world, right?" She nods her head. A nice lady with light brown hair up in a pony tail walked up to us and gave us our food. As she walked away, I couldn't help but notice how big her butt was. I was jealous. But I mean I got the genes for a flat butt so I guess it is what it is.   

After a half hour of talking, laughing, and me getting my phone blown up, we decide to make our way to school. We walk our separate ways and agree o meet up in the courtyard at school. When I sit down in the drivers seat, I look at the lockscreen on my phone with multiple unknown numbers saying that they're sad I'm leaving and will miss me. Cant say I miss them if I don't know them.


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