Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


12. Wide awake

Luke's P.O.V

I lay in bed Julia curled up next to me, we had just finished watching some Disney movie, well at least I had just finished watching it, Julia fell asleep half way through it, I don't blame her she didn't sleep well last night she was tossing and turning and well she kept waking up.

I felt  so accomplished when Julia's eyes lit up as i showed her the food, i acctually managed to cook a large breakfast without burning anything and Julia enjoyed it,  i can relax now knowing that I didn't fail like i usually do.

I got up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. I turned on the shower and took off my clothes  dumping them in a pile infront of the door. The water was scalding but i welcomed the heat as it made me think about the mistakes i made when i was on tour, the boys are telling me that i need to tell Julia but i do't know how, i all have to do it soon thought because the longer i wait the more it will hurt her. I turned of the water and stood there just staring at the wall surrounded by my thoughts. I shook my head and stepped out of the shower drying my self off and got dressed again. I decided i wouldn't do anything with my hair today, i seriously could not be bothered and walked out of the bathroom. Julia was still fast asleep on the bed, she looked so beautiful when she was asleep, god i love her, i just hope that when i tell her what happened on tour she won't hate me, i mean i wouldn't blame her if she did but i guy can hope.


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