Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


9. The Movie

Julia's P.O.V

We all sat down with our food and started watching Paranormal Activity, i really can't handle scary movies, when i was like seven i couldn't even watch monsters inc because it scared me that much. 

I snuggled up to luke and started eating my pizza, after about ten minutes i was thinking ok i might be able to handle this and kept watching as i relaxed a bit.



"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" i screamed as a really scary part came up, i hid my face behind my hands and huddled up to Luke getting as close to him as possible. After a while i looked from between my fingers and decided it was ok to keep watching again, but it turns out i was wrong just as i went to take another piece of pizza, while holding my drink in my hand some terrifying thing showed up on screen, i screamed and jumped throwing my food and lemonade, covering everyone in food and soft drink. "JULIA" everyone yelled laughing and complaining at the same time "i am so sorry guys, i told you i couldn't watch this!" i said freaking out as i looked at everyone "maybe we should watch something else" Calum suggested looking pointedly at Michael "ok fine" Michael whined as he stood up and put SALT on, i love this movie, Angelina Jolie is amazing in this! we sat down and one after the other we all took turns going for showers, yeah i know why don't we have more than one bathroom, well i have three in my house but last time the boys were over they some how broke two of the showers so we all have to share one bathroom, it's SOOO annoying, especially because the bathroom we have to share is in mine and Luke's room, and i have called a plumber and all of those people but they aren't going to be able to fix it for another two months! 

we were in the lounge together and we were about half way through SALT when i started to get tired, it was around 11:30 pm, i lay down and rested my head in Luke's lap trying to get comfy and continued to watch the movie. 

​At some point i faintly remember being picked up and carried up stairs and being laid down on a bed and then i was out completely.



ok so just another warning i may not be able to publish anymore chapters until i'm back at school, the only reason i have today is because my mum isn't home and that means she's not on the computer so i can use it. so i'm really sorry but i will still try and update.

love you all xx


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