Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.



Julia's P.O.V

We stood there for ten minutes just staring into each others eyes, I looked down and back up smiling as I leapt into Luke's arms, I pressed my lips to his and the world fell away, it was me and Luke in that moment, nothing and no one else mattered. Luke grabbed my waist and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. My fingers found there way into his hair and tugged it gently causing him to moan, Luke started walking to the lounge room not once breaking the kiss, when we were interrupted by Michael " C'MON CALUM GET YOUR ASS IN HERE, IT DOSENT TAKE THAT FUCKING LONG TO WALK UP FIVE FUCKING MINI STAIRS" Michael yelled as he came barging into the house  "EASY FOR YOU TO SAY! YOUR NOT THE ONE WITH ALL THE FUCKING BAGS, IF YOU WOULD GET YOUR STUPID FUCKING LAZY ASS OUT HERE IT WOULDN'T TAKE SO DAMN LONG" Calum yelled back. Michael continued walking down the hallway calling out our names. he stoped outside the dining/lounge room door and looked in " you want me to go...or should I...ummm I don't know" Michael stuttered as he saw Luke and I. I pulled away from Luke unwrapping my legs from around his waist and ran over to Michael "well look who it is" I grinned as I hugged Mikey "you seem just as awkward as you were when you left" I said a smirk spreading across my lips.


A/N: ok just going to get most of the short chapters out of the way and then im going to try writing longer one, and thankyou to all that have read my book 

love you all -Julia<3 



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