Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


11. So Perfect

Julia's P.O.V

 I was sleeping and about to wake up, I rolled over and grabbed a pillow trying to get comfortable again, I faintly heard someone come into the room and place something on the table next to the bed. Someone gently shook my shoulder "Julia" they whispered, I recognised the voice as Luke  "wake up I've got something for you" he whispered a little louder shaking my shoulder again a little bit harder "mmmhhmm" she mumbled as I rolled over my eyes still closed. "yeah" I said as i opened my eyes squinting in the light as i looked up at look who was nealing next to the bed, "I made breakfast for my babygirl" Luke said smiling as he turned around and picked up at tray pilled with food. My eyes nearly  popped out of my head causing Luke to laugh a bit, as thhe tray came closer to me ,my mount began to water as i realised how hungry i was. I grabbed the tray and placed it on my lap and dug in. I had forgotten that Luke liked to cook, i mean he wasnt always very good and nearly burnt down the house numerous times but it never stopped him and today he successfully made French toast, bacon, eggs and cooked toast in the toaster without without turning it to ash (well that's a first).

After ten minutes i finished my breakfast and slumped back onto my pillows "well that would have to be the best thing you have ever made for me" i said a huge smile spreading across my face "well that would be becasue i have never actaully managed to give you somthing that is completely edible" Luke said laughing as he remembered the countless times he brought me breakfast that was so burnt it couldn't be eaten. "wanna watch a movie babe?" Luke asked looking down at me "sure thing, what to watch though" i replied thoughtfully "ANCHORMAN!!!!" Luke shouted hands in the air "noooo we watch that all the time" i said pouting "fine what do you want to watch" Luke asked as he suddenly crossed his legs and looked at my excitedly "Peter Pan" I said as i happily looked at look as his face went from happy to confused "but Peter Pan is for little kids like really little kids" luke said face full of confusion "i know but ever since i first watched Peter Pan it became my favourite movie like ever PETER PAN IS AMAZING!!!!" i said starting of talking normally and finished of shouting as i flopped back onto my bed again arms spread abouve my head "ok then we will watch Peter Pan" Luke decided and walked  over to the tv and set up the movie, he walked back to me and grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him and we just lay there watching the movie, i'm not sure how many movies we watched that day but i felt my eyelids begin to get heavy and i fell asleep.

A/N sorry for the extra crappy chapter although all of my chapters are probably really shit, so im sorry i just don't have much time to updat coz i cant really do it at home and the only other place i can is at school and i don't get to use computers all that much. so i apologise. I will try and update as much as possible though :)

- julia<3

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