Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


17. New Girl

-A/N: hey guys sorry i haven't updated in a while but I've been really busy :)

-Music is life <3

Julia's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes and was met with blinding light pouring in through the window. I looked around and realised i was in Luke's room. Why am i Luke's room? How did i get here? Why am i lying on the floor in Luke's arms? I looked around the room once more and suddenly everything came back to me. Luke cheated on me... but i heard him talking to Brianna and saying how horrible he felt and how much he loved me. I couldn't stay mad at him, hearing him say those things made me realise just how much i loved and needed him. I slowly stood up making sure i didn't wake Luke, he looked so peaceful when he slept.

I left the room and quietly made my way down stairs it was only 6am nobody was going to be up for a while, definitely not Michael he wouldn't be up until lunch time... Like usual. i walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard and stared at the food, what was i going to eat today? Not cereal because Ashton, drank all the damn milk! I can't have bacon and eggs because Calum ate the rest.... and not toast because Luke ate the last slices. So I guess is left over pizza and garlic bread. I walked over to the fridge and pulled the pizza box and garlic bread and heated it up. I love living with the boys but they can be such a pain in the ass, i have to go shopping two sometimes three times a week just so we have enough food to eat because the boys NEVER stop eating! The good thing is that they have to pay for most of the food! 

i ate my pizza and looked at the clock it was now nearly 8am yeah i eat slowly, but it also doesn't help that i have to spend like half an hour every morning trying to find food to eat because the boys have already eaten nearly all the food i bought. I walked to wards the lounge room to find a grumpy Luke sitting on the couch on his phone. "hey" i say as i sat down next to Luke "Mmmm" Luke said not looking up from his phone "what ya doing?" I ask leaning towards Luke trying to look at his phone but he turns it away from me "nothing, just looking at something" he said as he looked up at me "oh ok" i mumbled slightly annoyed that he wouldn't tell me what he was doing. i flicked through the channels until found the tv station that showed Pretty Little Liars. 


Michael's P.O.V

I looked over at my alarm clock. 8:30am "it's so early" i moaned as i slowly dragged myself out of bed. I wandered down stairs with nothing on apart from my taco boxers and plonked myself down next to Julia on the sofa. "heeeey" i sighed sleepily. "Are you feeling ok?" Julia asked. "Yes. Why?" I replied. "well your up before midday." she giggled. Julia jumped up of the sofa "OH MY GOD TOMORROWS CHRISTMAS WE HAVE TO DO THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING" she yelled grabbing Luke's hand and pulling him towards the door. "ummm bye" i said as they left slamming the door behind them. 

I couldn't wait for Christmas this year i was finally going to bring my new girlfriend over. No one has met her yet so it's gonna be a surprise. I stood up and walked over to the front door. I should probably do my Christmas shopping to.


Calum's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of a door slamming. Who's fighting now? 

I got out of bed and walked down the stairs in my black and white boxers and socks. I looked in the kitchen but no one was there. I walked over to the lounge room no Luke or Julia. Where are they? I New Luke and Julia where awake because Luke's door was open and no one was in there. I opened the front door and walked out onto the porch, Luke's and Michaels cars were gone they must have gone shopping or something. I walked back inside quietly closing the door and walked into the kitchen, there was an empty pizza box on the bench and some unfinished garlic bread. Who would do something like that, who would waste good food??? I walked over to the bench and picked up the garlic bread, it still looked ok. I shrugged my shoulders and devoured the garlic bread damn it was good. I grabbed a cup of water and walked down the hall and into the lounge room and jumped onto the sofa and turned on then tv.


Michael's P.O.V

i drove my car quickly out of the driveway and took the scenic route to the shopping centre… i needed time to think, tomorrow was Christmas and i was bring Rose over to meet everyone… rose is my girlfriend, we've been dating for a little over a month and now i decided it was time for her to meet everyone. I hope they like her.

I pulled into a parking bay as close to the front of the shop as possible and got pout of my car. i looked around but couldn't see Julia and Luke anywhere, they must have gone inside without me. i went inside and went straight to the movie section, Luke,Cal and Ash want would they want. i'll just come back for them, i walked around until i came to the lady section, ok Julia and Rose… i will get Julia some nail polish, nail polish remover, some makeup brushes and… a bath bomb… she's been complaining that she hasn't got enough of these things at her house to me EVERYDAY!! why can't she complain to Luke!

Ok now Rose… I know she loves My Chemical Romance, Unicorns, and Pretty Little Liars… so what to get her….. i will get her a MCR cd, a unicorn Onsie and two seasons of PLL … i hope she likes it...

I walked back around the shop and saw a giant Penguin teddy and suddenly thought of Luke.. yes i will get that for him, i thought and grabbed it and kept walking around now Calum, Calum, Calum, i saw a jumper it was baby blue and had a really vote dog on it… i didn't know if he would like it but i got it anyway, I'm not the best at buying presents for people. Now Ashton, he's been needing another stool for his drum kit at home… and she drumsticks guess i will just get him those. i bought all the presents and lugged them out to my car and slowly drive home 


A/N: really sorry for the slow updates :) everything has been pretty hectic lately but I'm doing the best i can.... And i would be REALLY REALLY grateful if someone would be willing to be Calum's girlfriend. Thank you :)

Hey just letting you know but I'm not sure if I'm going to continue the book. not many people are reading it, but i will give it some time...

I'm going to be setting a goal, if i can get up to 15 likes and 10/11 favourites i will continue, but if you don't want to like or favourite at least comment on the book and give me some advice, this is my first book so i don't really know what I'm doing and i need some feedback… i would seriously appreciate it

-Music is life <3


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